May 9 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Yes. But you cannot run and hide from it. It is in the cities everywhere. These cities are soon “smart cities” - the cities for the coming New World Order. I do think that 5G is to control and harm people. But I also want to encourage everyone not to get frightened about these news.

We have a place in heaven :heart:

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The cyberattack and the escalation of conflicts in Jerusalem are being reported on our local news. Nothing is being reported about the natural disasters.

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I’ll just throw this out there.
Cyberattack on Pipeline. The MOST critical Pipeline in the US. Coincidental? Not hardly. No coincidences. This was to get everyone ready for July 9th “simulation” which won’t be a simulation but an actual shutdown if I had to guess.
Gas shortages=higher prices
Higher prices=less money to make ends meet
By Design? Of course! Your Government wants to be your Daddy.
Think it will end here? No way!

Thankful I know who my Heavenly Father is and it’s all under control

Just as a point of reference…I live in Florida…there are already gas stations out of gas and long lines at those waiting.


I think they are linked as well…cyberattack on the pipeline and July 9th


There are no coincidences in my humble opinion.
Just as they (WEF,CDC,WHO) shut down the world for a man made virus, this ransomware attack was planned in advance and I’ll be surprised if it’s not homegrown when it all comes down to it.
Shutting down or crippling the US economy is part of the plan.

So when July 9th rolls around, they can all “feign” shock and dismay of what has happened. Shut the US down, no gas = no way to work.
Get everyone panicked enough to stay home again.

I could write a book about the supposed “coincidences” around this planet…oh wait, there is already a well known one…that is pure Truth! The Bible and it foretold these things!


Done and done! I trust God explicitly…but many of my family don’t know Jesus as their Savior and I figure if I can at least leave them enough provisions to give them time to get saved then they’ll know I truly loved them and why I bugged them about being saved.


It will definitely put a kink in travel to, in, or from southern States.

For anyone that remembers the Canadian Report posted here.

– Projected supply chain break downs, inventory shortages, large economic instability. Expected late Q2 2021.

JD mentioned this for July 9th


Already has, we had to cancel a trip because the state we were going to has declared a State of Emergency from price gouging.
As it is my husband just paid $3.49 Premium (which we never buy) a gallon at our local station.

It’s pushing $4 here in Susquehanna Valley PA–that’s up 0.20 overnight. The local news was telling people not to worry, prices wouldn’t be affected, and not to hoard. Whether gas prices have gone up because of the market (up to $65/barrel last week), gouging, or from the pipeline shutdown, or a bit of all three, I think the powers will make sure we have a different kind of lockdown for the summer.


This is goooooood!


The left in the White House IS a crime syndicate, that’s not name calling, that’s just a truthful description… :slight_smile: To be clear, I have LOVED JD’s prophecy update for the last year and a half since I was pointed to it by a Calvary friend of mine. My comment in support of the Canadian Polish born pastor I still maintain, perhaps he could have been a bit more delicate, but he knows that today while there is “still light” (so we don’t fall into a ditch), we can rebuke these officers who are “Just doing their job”. Once the window closes more, being silent will not be of any use. Even though we all have our faith in the coming Kingdom, we still have to live down here. It is even more unbelievable the wielding of state force in Canada than here in the US. None of this is about the virus, it’s about control. And those who are just “following orders” need to wake up.



I live in northern Ireland part of UK , talks now about vaccine passports here too plus if not vaccinated may have to pay for covid tests around £80 if want to travel in own country …
Looks like it’s all closing in quicker than expected … So now won’t be going on any holidays at home or away plus no social gatherings but hey more time to read my Bible :pray::pray::ok_hand:



Just thinking today about the “coincidence” of ten years ago, when the Census obtained GPS readings for every doorstep in America. Hmmmm.

Hypothetical scenario:

Fast forward to the 2021 Summer lockdown:

“Papers please.”

“Oh, no papers? No V certificate?”
“Here is a lien and court date for the extermination stimulus check, and mandatory V appointment. Your own nothing now.
Your cars are impounded.
You have ten days to get out. Have a nice day!”

Two days later, …the rapture occurs. PTL!!.

A faint voice is heard over the parched landscape…

“You can have it all sweetcheekslll!!! Bub-bye Have a nice day!”

Maranatha!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

(Just musing…please don’t bite me. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :joy:)


:joy: faint voice, huh?

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at the beginning of the scamdemic, I remember them assuring us that toilet paper was not going to run out, and that we should not hoard it. I had like 5 rolls left and normally wouldn’t buy more immediately, so even though I’d had the inclination to buy a pack because of my newfound uncertainty, I took their advice and didn’t buy it early.

well a couple weeks later, I found that no one had the tp brands that I’m willing to buy. it took a few months to finally see my brands on the shelf again. I was kinda annoyed with myself for taking their advice. never again! not that this situation on its own got me to feel that way, but that was one piece of it.


I hope to be awake when it happens, too… but also I have to sleep with my bedroom door closed so I don’t wake up every time one of the dogs takes a drink of water down the hall in the kitchen.


@Redeemed777 I am really digging your comments! Wow. Spot on.

I know it’s smart to prep, and I would but hubby thinks I’m full of beans and that everything is fine.

WELL, guess that means I have to rely more heavily on the Lord, guess that’s okay! :smiley:

Things are getting really weird out there, and I know there is a reason, and like you said(in another comment), it’s all in our Bibles, amen to that.