Miracle healing for my dad

I don’t know what else to ask for, as the hospital mandates out there are firm. please pray for a miracle healing for my dad so he won’t be subject to a covid test, etc.

my whole family, sans my husband and dad, have given in to getting a covid test at one point, and all that are currently “eligible” have gotten the jab as well. only the children are safe from the jab, but they did get tested for covid.

my dad doesn’t think the tests, masks, or jab are a big deal, BUT he hates shots, so he is avoiding the jab, basically until he’s forced to take it. so far his work at the hospital has not required him to take it, and he has not said he will quit if it comes down to it. so I don’t know if he will take it. my mom got sick last year, her work required a covid test since she’d been around other people there. my dad got sick too, but let my mom’s diagnosis be his answer. so he avoided getting tested, praise God.

but we have trouble now. he has a history of hernias. already has had surgery in the past. and now he has another hernia.

surgery is scheduled for July 30th. that’s quite a ways off. I have warned him as much as I can, but he’s just not concerned. he needs the surgery and is willing to subject himself to covid test despite what I say. I get it. he’s my dad. and even though he disagrees with “the left” in general, he doesn’t see an evil agenda in covid, no matter what I tell him.

I asked if he can get a waiver for the test, but he didn’t even respond to that. he doesn’t want to fight this. and even if he did, the hospital is unlikely to bend , right? does anyone know if a waiver for test pre-surgery is possible?

anyways, assuming we can’t fight the hospital and he will not, my prayer request is for miracle healing. oh, he will NOTICE if his hernia is no longer an issue. I’m sure that if it clears up or whatever, well ahead of surgery date, he will cancel the surgery, and thereby cancel the test as well.

thank you so much. I don’t know what else to ask for on this. please God save my lamb of a dad from the things he cannot wrap his head around. please keep him pure from these evil mandates that have nothing to do with health. please heal him thoroughly in time to cancel all of this. please hear the prayers of my bros and sisters in Christ that this will be fulfilled. please protect him whatever happens.

thank you all for your spiritual help and support.

edit: just saw this post from another forum member. adding it here because my dad also happens to work in a hospital. he is about one year away from retiring. I am praying his work will continue to not require the jab. he’s barely slipping through these narrow doorways so far and I want to keep it that way.


Just now prayed, Allison. God knows.:cherry_blossom:


This is a tough one. We as believers are really being driven into a corner here. Flight or fight and fighting in the flesh will only get us more problems and it’s not the flesh but the spirit tempting the flesh. Man, talk about persecution and trials. It feels as though Satan is trying to get us to give up and I know obviously that’s what he wants. Yet here we are gripping harder and harder at the lifeline that is Christ Jesus.

Heavenly Father

We know beyond all measure that You love us in ways we cannot comprehend. We know You stand with us and we get to lean on You and through You we are made strong when we are weak. You’ve raised people from the dead. You’ve cured the sick, the blind, the deaf, you’ve reattached an ear on a soldier meant to bring you to judgement. You’ve even made a legion of demons leave a man and enter a drove of pigs and they went into the sea. Above all this? You gave us Your only begotten Son that whomsoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life!

We beg of You O Lord to place that miracle of healing upon the dad of Alison pertaining to his hernia. While we beg you to release him of this problem, and the pain that goes with it…we also know we can help the process along through not a medical hospital, but through our own understanding to heal and rest. But God can do all things. We are doing good just to know our name and how to write it at this point, Lord!

Please bring forth as the Great Physician You are to heal Alison’s dad of his hernia. Please release him of all pain and suffering from this illness–this affliction. Please don’t wait till the eleventh hour on this one, please come quickly? May You bless this family with a heavenly light and may the truth cascade over each individual and as a group like the waterfalls we dream so majestic in Your creation of this world.

May the sighs, the tears and the wailing of concern and heartache of Alison and her family be prayers that You will hear and answer compared to what is presented in this prayer today.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


thank you for everyone’s love and prayers. y’all are an amazing support system. I know God has a purpose in everything He does. yet it has been hard to watch as this prayer was not answered in the way I hoped. I have no idea what God did with my prayer and yours. my dad submitted to the pcr test and then had his hernia fixed today. was told surgery went well but it took more out of him this time, than the last surgery 15 years ago. so healing might be tough from here. thanks for any of your prayers for him. I don’t know why he had to go through this, but I still will praise the Lord.