Mom passed of 2 of my preschoolers

I’m asking for prayer for two siblings ( boy age 6, girl age 4) whose mother died. She was 26 and had a severe drug addiction. Prayer also for the rest of the family, highly doubt any are saved.

For confidentiality, no names or other information will be given.

Despite knowing this was a likely outcome , I’m heartbroken. I knew both children for approximately 3 years and was very close to them and the family.

Thank you all so very much.


I will pray for these two children and their family. So sad. :pray: :pray: :pray:


this is so sad. praying <3 the poor little babes. I hope they at least have a good place to live through this and can have some stability. and praying for the whole family as well.


Yes. The maternal grandparents had adopted them about a year ago dt the circumstances.
Thank you for praying.


Will pray for these children. Can I ask their first names? Praying they will grow up knowing Jesus as their Savior. Blessings pre-school teacher. Sandra


Father in Heaven,
Thank You for watching over these little ones. Bless their grandparents with all they need to get through this valley and take care of these children. Please send Godly people into their lives and turn the hearts of the adults (especially) to You and accept the joy of Your salvation, bought with the blood of Your only begotten Son Jesus, our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer. I know the children will grab hold of Your robe if they get the chance! Please help the adults in their life feel the same way.

Please bless all those who mourn Father; make a way for their tears to become tears of joy as all who are lost would turn to You while there is still time. Thank You for Your long-suffering, for Your mercy and grace. We need You so— and as the days grow closer to Your call, we feel that need acutely. We are so grateful we can depend upon Your faithfulness! In Jesus’ Name, we praise You and pray.


Praying for the children and the rest of the family. Heartbreaking for such young children to loose a parent at the tender age. :pray: