Much Thought For Those He Delivers

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

This is gonna be long, so grab that snack and beverage!

This may be unorthodox and perhaps doesn’t quite hit the mark in terms of purpose, but I would like to give thanks to the Lord…for my brethren. I may not have been here when this extension of the CCK opened (a few days late), but I have seen people come and go. I’ve witnessed arguments and strong bonds. I’ve witnessed beauty and ugly. For me, I’ve observed much change in me and an opening of my heart for many brethren that I’d otherwise never know existed this side of Heaven. While I can only tag 10 people in a post, I want it known it does not exclude the importance of all I have been able to get to know one way or another. That’s not to say some of us have had disagreements and in some respects become disliked, I’m fine with being disliked. But I know there are some here who need some sort of notice of what they’ve done in the life of someone they’ve never met (this side of Heaven).

Praise the Lord in all His ways for the journeys we have all traveled led us to interact with one another. To share and to help, to love and to support. Through my time here, some I was leery of engaging in because I didn’t know how I would be received. Some, I was right I shouldn’t have engaged lol, but God brought much knowledge and wisdom from those encounters to prosper understanding and direction.

@jasonacts177 and @Twi not to suck up to either of you, but I am thankful that you two are here and while having to maintain impartiality, are brethren nonetheless and equally need the same love you show upon us in doing what you do (without pay nor vacation time). I am thankful for the humor and wit I have experienced from you both over the years and praise the Lord for inspiring you to leave the prisons you made for yourselves before accepting Christ and delivering you both here to encounter and grow a brotherly even family love for. And through the time written without the past almost 2 and a half years, the wisdom you’ve given knows no bounds.

@JackN You sir are one of my older brethren whom gives me notice of exercising what the Lord has been trying to teach me and through which, know when to share (usually) that knowledge and wisdom with as equally as provided by your counsel.

@Matthew82 My younger brother whom has much to learn and much to teach, all around trying every day to be the best version of himself he can be.

@YosemiteMountainMan - @BayouBushi - @NamDoc

For me personally, I refer to you as the three wisemen. Hey, for you @BayouBushi wisdom doesn’t always flow from actions the way one would think, but a learning experience for the observer to take cues from…both in what to and not to do. You three have instilled upon me things you will never know this side of Heaven that I have needed in recent times but also, wish I had the chance to talk to you (now) when I was much younger (then).

@Stephmerm - Sister, you have accepted my antics with great allowances of patience and temperament and have taught me to come out of my shell and have a little fun as so many have, I just don’t raze them as much as I’ve done you.

@dan and @Kina1234 What can I say about you two that most can’t figure out on their own? You’ve taught me that even through trials that rival that of understanding how George Lucas could screw up something as easy as the definition of a Parsec in the dialog of a movie for the rest of our lives, can be easily found to be joyful even while painful you can always see the glory of the Lord if you’re willing to use your eyes.

That’s ten. I have encountered so many of you on this forum and many of you probably need the accolades far worse than anyone mentioned here, but all I can tell you is that through my 2.5 (almost) years on this extension of a church, I’ve seen us grow and I’ve seen us at our best and worst. I’ve watched us try to help one another even as far as protect one another. You have given me a piece of wisdom that I have begged the Lord to give me so often in my life and not only to give to me, but to make it begin to settle upon my Foundation of Christ that often times…the things argued about don’t matter. We can argue and debate and it ends up the same day and the same time…and it doesn’t matter because we’re still here and we’re still waiting. We’re still loving the Lord, we’re still breathing to utilize and fulfill the purpose He put us here for. Some of us know our purpose, some of us don’t (raises hand) but we’re still trying to listen and hear the answer.

All of this I write in order to Praise our Lord and Savior, the Three in One for the blessing of brethren I would have never known this side of Heaven had it not been the journey to guide me to this church and thus the interest in this extension of this church. I praise the Lord for each work done in all of you and Farag, and Mac and Lietu and everyone to bring them from where they were to where they are and do what they do for the Lord now. For the Spiritual wisdom given to them, and you and that guy playing Galaga over in the corner, and Stephanie even burning her rice to hurl at me later. Each and every decision we’ve made has brought us to encounter one another and help one another look up and keep looking up (for two weeks) till we are called home one way or another.

The sorrow that many have felt over the [past] few years from loss, has brought brethren together and given opportunities to pray outside of our normal circles. To expand our understanding and share compassion that only the Lord could guide us in doing. That’s not to say we’re not having arguments, fights, and the attraction of temptation to do things we ought not…but we’re given the opportunity to learn and listen and put into practice what we’re meant to do.

We use harsh methods and loving methods and we try to understand (well, most of us I’d say) one another and where we’re coming from. It’s difficult. And while in some aspects of the time on this extension of the church, many have left, many question the validity of this statement…it isn’t a shallow claim that I do love you all. It isn’t impossible to make connections on this extension that pass beyond circuit boards and chips (not the good kind, circuit). As we sometimes tend to forget the purpose of why we’re here, we forget the person behind the screen at times. Some people don’t care, they’re here for nefarious reasons, I can admit that. Most, I’d say are here out of genuine necessity to be with the Lord and even like myself, expand our understanding of the Word and through that, become rooted in a position of for example, writing prayers.

So with that - I look up to the Lord with a smile on my face and joy in my heart for what You have provided us in this time of discontent the world is living in. I thank you Father for the ability to communicate with brethren far and wide and know I’m not alone in this world but through You, I am one of many. I thank You LORD for creation of my brethren that I encounter here (even if we don’t agree at times). I thank you LORD for providing me many facets to learn from between Older and Younger, Seasons and Green, Men and Women of all ages and walks of life - I praise You LORD for providing us with the gift no one else could ever give: Soda…NO, I’m KIDDING! The gift of LIFE!


I will add my 10… (I actually have 30+)

@Gigi , a steadfast friend, fierce defender of truth and faith and fact. Your friendship is a gem in this big rough. :wink:

@Jon I reciprocate the same feelings. You know that any good counsel you get from me is not of me, but of the Lord. Anything of me is of naught, as I stumble just as often and as tragically as anyone else…

You are an Epaphras to all of us here… And I appreciate oh so much your constant prayer, even when it is thrown back in your face, or criticized. Keep up what the Lord has given you. He is all that matters in the matter.

But you know what Jon? We have Paul telling us in (Romans 14:4) that regardless of condemnation from others, or our tripping, that He is ABLE to make us stand at the end, when He has finished His work with us.

We ALL lean on Christ… :wink: (Romans 8:1)

I must also put down @TWI and @jasonacts177 for their endless patience. I have been the source of their pain from time to time (maybe more than I want to admit).

@BayouBushi , dude… It’s hard for anyone to stand against a pair of jacks… :wink:

@DallasT , never stop asking questions… I may redirect you to a different thread, but don’t stop. :heart:

@Kina1234 , your art is inspiration, your heart and your struggle.

@Redeemed777 , that humor, keeps me going.

@Decarlisle , I always respect your commitment and endurance in these forums. I see you as Joshua sometimes with some of these posts. :smiley:

@LDHW , Denise… Your constant intercession for everyone and encouragement is a blessing beyond words. You to me are like the keel of a boat keeping it straight and true…

Thank you for your commitment to your brothers and sisters.

To all the others much of the above is for you as well.

I would not be here without you to make it worth it. :wink: :heart: :fox_face:


Now I’m in tears dear @Jon…I am not so eloquent with words but I echo your sentiments with all my heart.
Love you brother…you are an inspiration to me…both as a brother in Christ, a friend in need and such a humble brilliantly gifted artist…
May God continue to bless you…
You have shared so much.
Gracie, Buddie, Snow ploughs, wisdom, winds blowing, heartache… and you seldom complain.
I cannot wait to meet you in person…just saying thank you dear @Jon for what you mean to us all on this forum.


As you already know, I’m challenged to put on paper, or rather a computer screen, that which I desire to communicate, but you also need to know that I’ve found in you a brother and a friend for such a time as this. I owe you a debt of love, and maybe a gift certificate for a short stack at Pedro’s House of Pancakes. With a side of bacon.
Press on my brother from another mother, we’re almost home!


Add some hashbrowns and we’ll call the debt paid. Oh, and a coke. :rofl:


I almost added them but thought it might be carb overload. I guess the sugar and caffeine in the Coke will help to compensate! Would you like to add a side of biscuits and sausage gravy to your order?


All that was good to ear thank you for sharing but this last part especially hit home to me.
Amen and Amen


I’m thankful it was of good use to someone at least lol. My thanks to you for sharing your thoughts!


Wow, it’s amazing when the Lord puts something far beyond words on a few good hearts. And that when shared with a few words can change everything going on in a moment of time appointed by the Lord.

And then put it all back into perspective, even if only for a little while yet this blessing will not pass away nor be forgotten…

Ephesians 4:15-16

15 But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ:
16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.*

Love you brother and may his peace rest upon you.


@Jon You are in deep kimchee my brother. You made an old man cry and that ain’t good for a Marine to be doing. Some would say it is a sign of weakness but I know it is just a sign of old age and the warm hand of Jesus on my heart. But the reason you are really in trouble is because you left out grabbing some tissue and the wife hates when I wipe my eyes and snotty nose on my sleeve.

That being said and because I really am afraid is I get started I won’t stop till some time after the Rapture I am only going to say thank you brother, I love you too.

I would expound but right now the mind is running 90 to nothing all over the place with praises for the many great family members here and it would come out looking like a chicken with its head cut off trying to paint a picture. So thank you for your kind a gracious words.

CC: @Decarlisle, @Kina1234, @JackN, @Matthew82, @DallasT, @yhvh4life, @Stephmerm, @Janet7, @pbandj

All of you and the rest I am not allowed to add thank you for your loving kindness and support. You have no idea what it means to a tired old man. Your prayers and thoughts are so greatly appreciated. Something for all of you. It is not your normal Ichthys and it is coded as well but I am sure some you bright and funny minds will finger it out.

When the moon hits your eye like a bigga pizza pie, dats
moray eel

and much of it to each.


What wonderful loving hearts y’all have! It is such a blessing to be part of this forum.


@JackN :fox_face:

@LDHW , Denise… Your constant intercession for everyone and encouragement is a blessing beyond words. You to me are like the keel of a boat keeping it straight and true…

Thank you for your commitment to your brothers and sisters.

I can’t stop crying :heart: :face_holding_back_tears:…I can’t. My heart is exploding in gratitude at such touching, sweet words and God gets ALL the glory :cry: :raised_hands:.

I feel unbelievably privileged to be a part of this beautiful family of God. Praise His Holy Name :raised_hands:.

Thank You & God Bless You :heart:


@Jon you are one of the first people I interacted with on this forum when I joined almost a year ago. I’m glad for that, you’re sense of humor sincerity and you’re ability to allow the Holy Spirit speak through you when you pray has been and is a blessing. I look forward to meeting you in person one day and I’m proud to call you a friend and a brother.

@JackN and @BayouBushi I’ll be honest, the level of wisdom and knowledge you two have can be intimidating at times. I may not engage in deep philosophical debate or conversations with either of you. But simply reading your posts and seeing how you both interact with others and reading what you have to say on various subjects is a valuable learning experience for me. I have nothing but respect for the both of you.

@JaimieOxford you are one of many people I look forward to hanging out with one day, odds are it won’t be in this life since I don’t see myself making it to Rome any time soon. But If we lived in the same part of the world, I could easily see us having some good laughs around a bonfire.

@YosemiteMountainMan You are another I have a great deal of respect for, you’re knowledge and Biblical understanding has been of great value to me.

@Kevo4Christ I enjoy our conversations on various subjects, even if I don’t agree with some views. I really do enjoy talking about what others may call “off the wall subjects”.

@Kina1234 I love seeing you’re art work that you have shared, your passion for God and your art is truly inspiring.

@DallasT @Redeemed777 @LDHW I am thankful to have gotten to know you all. The encouragement, wisdom, kindness and sense of humor in your posts has been a blessing to me.

In this forum I have found a real church family, which is something I never felt I had when I attended a local church. Never felt accepted, always felt out of place. I Don’t feel that way here, I am thankful God brought me to where I found Pastor JD. Which in turn lead me to this forum, I have a church and a church family now and I look forward to meeting you all one day, if not in this world then in Heaven.


@Jon @BayouBushi @JackN @DallasT @Decarlisle @Gigi @NStallard @yhvh4life @jasonacts177 @staceylovesJesus

And many more …
well I grabbed the Kleenex thank goodness :sob::heart:
Here goes my sentiments about this forum and you all:

It was figured out that I am a fire cracker, spit fire ( alright already, enough torched rice jokes :joy::joy::joy:) stubborn, opinionated, emotional, passionate, fallible, saved by grace( thank you Jesus) shrimp of a lady.

It must be made known that this forum and therefore all you fellow brothers and sisters in Christ have caused me to be convicted ( which I need and am thankful for) think deeper, consider other viewpoints and opinions, more compassionate , more thankful, more forgiving, and more understanding…
How does a person repay everyone for these things I needed and will continue to need as I strive to not only be just a better person but as I desire to be more Christlike ( it’s possible I’m getting closer, I mean I did light my sweater on fire and walked away with no burns , singed hair or eyebrows nor did I have the smell of smoke on me JUST like Shadrach, Meshach and Abedneggo :fire::smirk:). Ok ok all kidding aside ,
I have needed you all.
Whether it was for encouragement , advice, prayer or just to vent about my throat problem, marriage up and downs, job as a preschool teacher, concerns about my adult children or just to laugh and boy do some of you make me snort laugh :joy:.

I never considered any of the disagreements, different viewpoints, different opinions as personal attacks. I need to be reminded that I’m not always right, it’s not my way or the highway.

I thought to myself during the last food fight and when reading the funny posts in the social well
“ you all are going to be quite the blast in heaven for eternity ( and no, I’m not forgetting that I’ll be with JESUS for ALL ETERNITY :heart::heart::heart::sweat_smile:) and how great it’s going to be to meet and know you all face to face and not through my phone screen!”

Remember, we are all a part of the body of Christ and we need each other just like the human body needs al it’s members whether they are functioning optimally at all times or not.
I’m ready for my glorified body like now!!

We need each other or else we wouldn’t be a complete body. Christ as the head is the only part that is never broken, dysfunctional or exhausted ( which sums up all of us trying to work together in a fallen world… AND I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I love you all even though it may have seemed at times we were all like biological siblings :grimacing::woman_facepalming::heart::heart:( and we know how siblings can be ).


@Jon look at what you have done here. You are truly a blessing. Look at all these post and all the love being shared as best we can via tiny high speed electrons. It is wonderful and heartwarming beyond imagination. You done real gooder bro, real, real gooder.


Hi Stephanie,

I can tell you that Pastor JD’s Forum here is very special.

I can also tell you that You are a very important part of it. I like what you have to say and your views, I find them and You valuable.

Each and every one of us have plenty of faults and obstacles to overcome.

***I thought I made a mistake once but I was wrong…haha, :rofl:


@Stephmerm thank you for your kind thoughts and the love of Jesus. honestly, i’m so weary i can’t even think anymore. i long to see Jesus’s face, touch his hands feel His warmth of love glowing all over me that tingles me with joy. :yellow_heart:


I don’t really want to keep tagging people, not that the rest of you don’t deserve it. Far from it. It’s not a favoritism notion. But we have the Kris twins as I call them.
@Kris and @_Kris are great with the intel and insight especially and helping to think things through.

@CindyCindi @Cinchacha @Ann1 @Lya @HIS

I mean I can go on and on and on here. I gotta stop because quite honestly it’s just going to be everyone’s name on here. The point is pretty evident here. Some of the members on this forum I’ve talked to a lot and some not at all. Some just a passing quip (at least I may have thought it witty) and maaaan, I tell you what - Even with the pros and cons listed (they aren’t but they could be), this is a wonderful extension of our Bamboo Husband church. Some of us found out today that’s what Kaneohe means. Thanks for that, Ken.

See, without every interaction, whether reply or just reading posts, the strength of our tapestries wouldn’t be the same, I don’t think. Had God answered some of us the way we wanted, we wouldn’t be here to help guide one another and pick up one another when we’re down or stumble and fall. Not looking for popularity king here, looking to give notice that you are all thought about far more than you know and the lives we touch strength farther than we will ever get to know this side of Heaven. I have longed for a time such as this. And you have all, as this forum has, forced me to really dig deep and learn to do what I can to better explain myself when I can. Yeah, I fail but God keeps putting the chances in front of me to keep improving and yet aI still fail but I keep trying. I see many of us breaking out of shells like Big D from the beginning of her time here to now.

Look around this forum, not just the people listed, and think of just how many people have read a post you made or a prayer request and without knowing, prayed for you. Think of how many of us were on the brink of doing some stupid stuff, and even one person responding helped us through. Like @GR and @Gigi or @Cocobolo taking the time to say a prayer or give some much needed wisdom and encouragement to one of us, it affects all of us.

This is a heck of a great moment for us to really shine that light of ours as a beacon to the world and evaporate the shadows of darkness when they come to our doorstep. And remember when Satan and his demons come, and they do come here, almost like clockwork, instead of turning on one another, we step back, see the bigger picture, help one another and seal up those temptation weakpoints for one another so we don’t deal with them anymore. The amount of potential to be that Loving church and not the dead church, the compromising church, the lost church…maaan even being the persecuted church would be okay.

Like I said, many times we forget the person behind the screen name. We forget they are going through some hard times and we’re not all at the same level of understanding or we have some sort of trauma…we can look at each other as names and peer into what’s behind by just looking into a mirror and noticing…hey…the people I just named, are having a bad day, give them what they need…as brethren, brotherly (or sisterly) love.

Each history we have that brought us here the rich history both good and bad we can use it to defeat Satan’s ever continuing touch in each of us as we donkt just learn from our own, but we can help someone with their present with the lessons from our past so the future is far more fruitful.

Thank you God for giving us the lot of members with the Scripture understanding, the biblical allocation of what passage can fit in what moment of our lives, and the humor we can laugh with to forget about our troubles for a moment, or the advice from experience (like I mentioned in a really extra wordy ways should have just gone with this), and the prayers we give one another. Focusing on the true meat of our meal and the waters we drink from our cups to not only bring each other to a more in-step pace, but we can all help lift one another up when we fall, we can guide others to the same destination we’re heading for and we can be guided by the guided to well, be guided to our Guidance…yeah that made sense.

Listen, maybe it’s hard to swallow and I get that, but I do love you people as brethren. I pray for each and every one of us (not by name all the time, but He knows you’re on my mind and in my heart thankfully) and I keep adding more stuff for us to be blessed with for our continuing time on this earth even if it’s two weeks (some of you don’t know that joke, but it’s okay…not date setting, don’t worry.)

Today with everything that has transpired this past week, this needed to be said publicly to this forum and while some of us will find it impossible to swallow, yes, I do love you. As brethren, you are this biggest army of family I’ve ever had and enjoy talking to next to God with his hundred million angels singing and ready and cheering us on.

I just hope when it’s our time to see Him, we have made Him at least smile. I on the other hand may make Him feel a bit more like this when He calls me name to the Bema seat.

Okay, I promise I’m done making posts on this now. I promise. Really. Hopefully. Might be one more…um, anyway…I’ll try not to.


Stacey, do you know how James says to consider it our joy when under trials? It’s difficult to find the perspective for that, isn’t it. If you sit for a second and clear your mind, well, make sure you’re not driving or cooking when doing this…but there MAY be a moment for you to pray for the Lord to help you find the humor in all you’re going through. To find the “silver lining”, the lesson. Whatever. My life is like a continual sitcom anymore. Things happen that aren’t funny to me…at the time, but then I am given a message that gets my perspective changed at times. I walked out of a bedroom this afternoon to find Gracie, the dog we have now? Sitting on the back of the couch and the corner of one of the arm rests…just staring in my direction as if this were normal. I swear she has to have some mountain goat in her.

I walked by her and told her I love her, but “you need to stop showing off. We love you and you’re here to stay. Now, if you’d like to cook dinner, we can accept that.” She jumped down and decided to rip stuffing out of a toy instead.

You are facing hardship like the captain of the Titanic when he said “Eh, I’m sure it’s not that big of a problem.” You love to love on this forum. Or like to like, I mean it’s up to you how you wish to accept it, but and I don’t think many of us consider the joy (I promised not to post again just a second ago, didn’t I…sorry). Of seeing perspective aligned of problems people are facing, finding solutions to their own problems by thinking of how to help you or others. And you do the same in turn.

I tell ya though, being brethren in Christ and while it’s not a perfect family, yet, you are an integral part of this family. And while I may give you a wet Willy at times in the ear, or make you a casualty of friendly fire with a syrup round from a mini gun, not having you around here is unthinkable. It may not be the family attentiveness and love you’re desiring at the moment, but, you have brothers and sisters that need you like fresh clothes. Wait, we all need fresh clothes, right? I mean, at lest clean, right? Sometimes? Moving on.

You keep people going just by being here as do SO MANY others in their own ways. I smile when I see your names pop up on my screen. I have obscure backstories for some of you when we joke around. Stacey being a former IDF Krav Maga instructor who now knits beanies for hamsters. And Steph plays an all glass guitar at a blues and soft rock studio and DJ’s at a Christian music station called “The Sound” but also a small arms instructor for the US special forces.

For me to see you people come ask for prayer or anything else, I consider it pure joy from your trials…yeah, sorry that doesn’t sound great but it’s meant to be loving and kind.