Musings about this forum church ⚓️

I have been pondering for while now-why is it this forum seems to ‘work’ together better than the church I’ve been a member of for 30 years?

These are my thoughts: they are not meant to be a criticism, but I am trying to learn.

I have always felt like people are so busy with everything-you name it -that they don’t realize that there are hurting, needy people everywhere.
Over the years I have learned to be hesitant to share anything because no one really wants to know or they want to check a box. They don’t really want to know me.

Yet here on this forum, some of you know me better than people I’ve known for many years.
I think part of it is because we can ‘tune in’ at our convenience -but we do tune in and want to!

Perhaps it’s because there is no pressure? No external judgements about where we work, go to school, economic status, who we know or don’t know? No pressure of when or if I check in or pray ?
I have wondered what it would be like if my church had a forum like this. But I can honestly say I would be judgmental because I don’t trust that most would go there but to be seen and heard.

I’m not really sure; these are just musings.
Like I have said before, I am SO THANKFUL that the Lord has given me this church and Pastor JD during these last days! I wouldn’t make it without you- well I guess I would because the Lord would provide😊

Your musings?


Yeah, I’ve thought about this too. I’m always looking forward to getting a break so I can check in to see how everyone is doing, who needs prayer, and what news they have.


In addition to what you’ve already said Letitia @Anchored I will offer two C. S. Lewis quotes:


When c19 craziness hit and then I found JD’s and other online pastor/teachers connecting the prophetic dots, I could see what was happening but felt like I was alone in the center of zombieland. It was a breath of fresh air to finally connect with other people who ‘get it’.

Within the context of seeing the prophetic, Biblical truth we have come together with common goals–to LOOK UP, to get people to Jesus, to pray for each other (especially pertaining to the truth of what is going on that most of the world is currently blind to), to increasingly encourage one another, share laughter…

And for me personally, I am an introvert who quite honestly would not normally strike up a conversation with many on here…BUT because of the above mentioned common goals and format of a forum, I have gotten to know and have come to appreciate many here who have opened up and shared their lives, prayer, life experience different to mine, etc.

Love you all and can’t wait to get home and meet you!!! :heartpulse::two_hearts:


I don’t get the fellowship from church that I get here. In person events, people naturally gather with those of their own kind.
The rich have their rich friends, etc and they are so busy maintaining their image they would never tell someone their personal struggles.
Here, you can find someone to talk to anytime and not have to wait for Sunday.


I belonged to a church for many years but most of the people were always very stand offish. Many would instantly leave the minute it was over.
I was very shy and timid to begin with and when I finally decided to reach out to someone I thought was new… I introduced myself and asked them how long they had been coming to that church. To my horror they said they’d been attending for 8 years. I had never seen them before and our church wasn’t that big.
If I tried starting conversations by asking a question I would get one answer replies and no one would continue or ask me questions.
It’s like when I try to talk to my grandchildren on the phone and they just give one word replies. Hee Hee.

When I first came on the forum - my first time on any kind of forum, I was so scared. I actually shook while writing my first post. Then I had one person that was so rude to me and I nearly quit. I kept reading and barely ever posted but ended up meeting some very wonderful people here. Slowly but surely, I began to come out of my shell and participated more and more kind of testing the waters so to speak.

I think it is as you said @Anchored

Then I have been so uplifted by people like @Janet7 and @Pualani and so many others and the nice things they say about me.
In my real life, that was not the case, and I figure if people REALLY knew me, they would probably avoid me altogether.
Yet, here, seems to be that REAL love like Jesus has.
No one has to prove anything and we can just be ourselves.

I believe God led me here for a purpose and I hope to be an encouragement to others. I love all here and the fellowship we share with one another. Thanks you all for being you and for being real.

@CindyCindi Amen. I agree with all you posted as well. Too much image maintaining. :slight_smile:


Oh, you are so beautiful @DallasT . I pray you know how much you have encouraged me and instructed me as a new believer. I’ve learned so much from you and many others here, and love the bible passage discussions - though I’m not qualified to join in, the back and forth is quite instructive.


I tend to overshare my raw emotions and then feel foolish around others who don’t share.
Their lives can’t be as perfect as the picture they’re trying to paint.
I just think people are so fake.


I know exactly what you are talking about. I do tend to share my emotions a lot on here and I have found it seems to be accepted which was really a shock to me.
In the real world. (Hee Hee) it is like you say, people don’t want to deal with that. Then sometimes I would get so nervous and get verbal diahrea. I would go home and rethink the whole conversation and what I should have said and shouldn’t have said, etc. and never wanted to talk to people again. :laughing:

I think a lot of people wear ‘masks’ (are fake) because they are so afraid no one would accept them for who they really are. Or perhaps they can’t accept themselves or their circumstances so they put on a act to please everyone else.


We’re so glad you hung in there @DallasT, it wouldn’t be the same around here without you!!!


I think the churches are full of modern day Parisees. After my church wouldn’t give me an exemption for the jab, I quit going. I do my monthly volunteer in the nursery but that’s it. Pastor JD took care of me and I consider myself a member of his church.
Even though we’re online, it’s no less a church than a brick building in my opinion.
Does God feel that way? I don’t know. We aren’t forsaking the gathering of believers, in fact we gather much more online. To share our struggles, pray and encourage one another.


The building isn’t the church. It is just a building. The church is the people. On this forum, we have people - we are the church.
God never said people had to gather in buildings - just to gather. Some early Christians gathered in homes, some in fields, and we happen to gather on a forum. This forum acts more like a church than some building churches out there - that’s for sure.


Me too, friend!!:grin:

Going home will feel like home because of Jesus, but also many of you. :heart:


You too??? I really thought I was the only one until I came here and saw that people were challenged yet accepted, forgiven, and loved.

I think y’all are wonderful and have so much to contribute. ( warts and all). That is a term of endearment where I come from!


Good point. I know that in my head but always feel guilty when I see churches up for sale or turned into brew pubs. Why do people stop going? They’re not getting what they need I guess.


Agreed. And I am still at the point where I have my wall up. Not intending to let it down anytime soon. Glad you all have reached that point.


I hope you will take these memes in the love whereby they are intended. Just some things to think about.

walls 1

walls 3

walls 4


One great thing about my job is having to have as personal as it gets conversations with strangers. Often, because of a crisis, we introduce and get straight to it, raw emotions and all. So, it’s normal for me, don’t think anything of it. Never worry, there are plenty of people on here who do that too, it’s all good.

In terms of how well the forum works, I think a key point is that most, if not all, are watchmen. There aren’t that many of us around really. Having that in common is a strong bond in itself.


It feels so good to hear all of you in agreement and compassion for what they have gone thru. Sometimes I believe it is because we cannot see each other but have to feel with our hearts what one is dealing with or expressing. That really makes a difference in my life as I don’t get caught up in looks, attitude, smells…lol. Don’t tell me y’all don’t feel the same way. I know we all are part of the family of God and that makes us peculiar people and I am glad to say I am definitely peculiar. Please don’t all agree with me at once…lol.


Thank you all for your posts.
My thoughts:
I know this about myself that I feel puts people off…I tend to not listen enough when people are talking to me.
I think it is some insecurity in me that wants people to like me. I tend to interject and start talking about my own situation.
What I have learnt and see in this forum is to listen.
I cannot interject when I read someones heartfelt post as each of us has an opportunity to say our full say without interuption.
I am now much more aware of not overtalking when chatting to real physical people.
This forum has taught me this.
Thank you every one.


Wow! That is an amazing discovery. I think that is an important train of thought. Thank you!

I ‘feel’ heard because I wasn’t interrupted, and I don’t/can’t interrupt. I will remember that.