My But God story with an Amazon C.S. Rep

O Lord, open my lips,
That my mouth may declare Your praise.

Psalm 51:15

Today, I was worshiping the Lord as I listened to Keith Green singing, Oh Lord, You are Beautiful, and later to NIcole C. Mullins singing I Know My Redeemer Lives.
I learned the story of Keith Green on a Memorial concert posted on Youtube.
This man lived 29 years and served Jesus daily witnessing to lost and broken people. He reached thousands of young people.

I went online to Amazon to buy am mp3 download of Oh Lord, You are Beautiful, got it paid for, and went in search of my song. Couldn’t find it anywhere, so I called Amazon and this young man answered the phone. He had an accent so I tried hard to understand him. He tried hard to understand my wishes and to make it so I could play the song from my desktop.

Meanwhile, I found my Amazon music page and bookmarked it. I told him it would work for me that way, and thanked him and thought he would hang up, (but God) … but he asked me if Oh Lord, You are Beautiful was a gospel song and I said yes, it is a wonderful worship song. He told me liked the song 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord, oh my soul." ) I asked him if he was a Christian and he said, “Oh Miss Linda, I was, and somehow I have lost my way and now I don’t think so.”

I asked him what his name was and he said Anthony. I took a moment so the Holy Spirit could speak through me and I told Anthony if he had truly received Christ into his heart, nothing or no one could separate him from the love of God. the floodgates opened and words poured out of me, ministering to him on Amazon’s phone line. I shared with him that once he was a true believer, his name was written on the palms of His hands and that there was no one or no thing that can ever separate him from the love of Christ Jesus.

I could hear what sounded like soft crying and I was doing a bit of that myself. Anthony told me, “Miss Linda, you do not know how much I needed to hear those words today.” He had been struggling, thinking he had lost his salvation and certain God did not want him anymore. He told me I was an angel sent by God to speak these words to him. I told Anthony I am just a child of God who has often gone off the path God set for me until He brought me back again.
I asked if he had a Bible and he said yes. I suggested he read John and then Romans and I asked if he was working remotely from home or was he at work and he said he was at work. I asked if I could pray for him and he said yes.

I prayed over the phone for Anthony and the Holy Spirit gave me the words to pray. I was shedding tears; Anthony was shedding tears. He told me how much this meant to him and I gently told him to read his Bible and to share Jesus with others. We both tearfully said good-bye.

My husband came in and asked why I had tears. I shared a bit of the phone call and he understood.
All we have to do is be a willing vessel the Holy Spirit can work through. I felt like He was right beside me.

I had called to get help with an mp3 download, BUT GOD, had another purpose in mind and Anthony was the exact person He wanted me to speak with.

I am so thankful. I was blessed beyond words and spent the whole afternoon praising and worshiping the Lord listening to gospel songs and singing my head off, hands upraised, singing off key; but making a joyful noise unto the Lord.

We never know how our words and attitude can impact someone who is searching or wanting to return to Him.


Oh, how wonderful!


Thank you, Janet. this has been the most remarkable day! I never dreamed my phone call would go like that.


The harvest is great and the workers are few. So wonderful to hear! So many people we talk to everyday need to hear about Jesus…to the fight to win souls to Jesus!


This is true. Isn’t it strange how it is so much easier to witness to strangers than friends or family?


Totally agree!! Much easier with strangers than family. And on a similar note, much harder to be a missionary in America than foreign country.


Thank you Linda! What a beautiful thing you did❤️, letting the Holy Spirit speak through you for this young man. What an encouragement for all of us. And yes, much easier with strangers!! God Bless you dear sister. I pray I will have the right heart to do that more times than not.


Thomas, that is true too. It seems like so many here in America are jaded and with the schools teaching an anti-God curriculum, it is hard for young people and others too, to come to know God. they fear the Cancel culture. they fear ostracism. It is hard for them and we have to pray for them to open their hearts to Jesus.


Thank you, Blessed. I pray Anthony will come back to the Lord and serve Him with joy and sincerity.
I am glad that I sensed Anthony had something else he wanted to say and was hesitant to hang up.
I told him I know his company is not pro-God and I did not want to get him in trouble before I prayed with him. I pray other believers will come along side of him and help him find a good Bible preaching church and help him in his walk with Jesus. I told him he could access my Amazon music and listen to my gospel downloads if he wished.


Wow. Just beautiful :pray::sparkling_heart:
It seems your testimony is happening more often. A friend of mine has been having problems with a neighbour which affected the whole community. Police are investigating. Anyway, she has a newish neighbour, not spoken to him but an incident caused a conversation. This neighbour was a back slidden Christian and didn’t believe God loved him anymore. My friend ministered to him, prayed for him and with him and invited him to her church which he’s accepted.


Wow and wow - that is so amazing! What an encouragement to us all and The Lord saw it fit to use you at His appointed time for this young man. Praise God - He is sooooooo Good!


our God works in the most awesome ways!


@Jesuslover1985 THAT is amazing testimony, Praise Jesus
Doc :dove:


This. Oh this! :sob::pray:t2: How precious, that God used you in such a mighty way to reinforce his importance and acceptance of our Savior God!
This experience is proof of your ability, our ability - to practice AVAILABILITY…. Anywhere and with anyone whom the Lord puts in our lives even momentarily, Devine appointments!!
Praise God!! :pray:t2::heart:


thank you to everyone and I pray you will help me pray for Anthony to be renewed in the Lord and to follow Him and to live for Him and testify of Him. Satan will certainly try to bring him down.

Father God, I lift Anthony to the Throne of Grace and I say thank You that he answered my phone call in order to answer Your call. Thank You, Holy Spirit for leading me in what to say and what not to say. You were calling Anthony to come back and letting him know he was loved and forgiven.
In the same way, last night when my step daughter, Laura, called to let us know she had gotten the job she wanted; You kept her heart softened to be able to listen to how much You love her and are already working in her life. She gives You the praise and thanksgiving and glory as I told her she must.
Lord Jesus, thank You for loving us and dying and rising from death for us to pay for our sins. No one on earth has ever suffered as You did for us.
What an awesome God we serve. You are that three strand cord, bound together in the Godhead and we worship and adore You.

Let us be bold for You. Let us listen to Your leading and let Your Kingdom come. We wait for our Father to send You, Lord Jesus to come and bring His children Home. I long for that. All of Your children long for that. Maranatha, come, Lord Jesus. Amen


Thank you for sharing your story! I absolutely LOVED reading your But God story; it brought me to tears and gave me chills.

You are SO right! All we have to do is be willing. Just be willing. I pray that the Holy Spirit finds me willing today.

Big hugs!! :clap: :hugs:


Jessie, thank you! I am overwhelmed by the response to my But God story. Believe me, I was also overwhelmed while it was happening; so afraid I would speak from my flesh, but the Spirit was in complete control. I was teary a good part of yesterday.
The awesome blessing, to me, was the hours of praise and worship afterwards, listening to Oh Lord, You Are Beautiful, I Know That My Redeemer Lives, Redeemer by Nicole Mullins, The Anchor Holds, The King is Coming and others. I sat with my eyes closed, my hands raised in praise and sometimes, tears falling. What a gift to me from my God. I felt like I was right before the Throne.


We needed to hear this But God story. So much sadness and evil in the world, then this, But God. Beautiful!


:heart: :heart: Thank you, Janet7


You had me at “Keith Green” and I had to read more! What a wonderful encounter. God is good!