My Dad's Boss Got the Jab

My dad’s boss Chuck got the jab and started swelling in the legs, then rashes all over.

Started to experience severe fatigue, then the last couple days he started major cognitive decline, he started sweating while working with my dad, he passed out, and was admitted to the ICU a couple days after he passed out–I think Tuesday. I haven’t heard anything new yet.

Please pray for him, we do not think he knows the Lord.

Thank you, God bless.

EDIT: I should add that my dad has been witnessing; and Chuck says he “believes in God” at least–but pray that he comes to saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ–if the worst comes to pass.


I will say a prayer for Chuck right now…
Or is physical health and his spiritual as well.

May he come to know Jesus…:pray:


The symptoms you list sound like your Dad’s boss is dealing with the clotting problems and severe inflammation. Leg swelling is common with DVT which scares doctors because if the clot breaks loose there are three dangerous places it can go, the heart, the lungs, or the head. I am guessing by the severe fatigue and sweating it is probably headed to the heart. Those are symptoms of a coming heart attack. I had a bout in 2014 that I was so fatigued one day I had to stop and take a nap just to make the 15 mile drive home. The next year I had three symptoms over a period of several hours which prompted me to go to the ER to be checked out. Long story short 4 days later I had a triple by pass. Had I not gone I would have likely had a massive heart attack with in a week or two. Praying your your Dad’s boss.


Lord Jesus, I pray that Chuck will turn to you and be saved. Bring him to you, Lord, while there is still time. In Jesus’s name, Amen.


Thank you all for the prayers. May God bless you, and continue praying.

He went in for a CAT scan I haven’t heard any results

@BayouBushi mmm good info I will pass that on to dad, it’s sad because Chuck was pretty healthy before all this–and he had already had covid too, which I have read that if you get covid and then the “shot” you are way more at risk of a quicker health decline. :frowning:

Everyone keep praying that he comes to know Jesus because we all know (while recovery would be amazing) we all know that the knowledge of Christ is way more important. Thank you again. :heart: