My Dad's pea sized lump

Hi all.
Just a request for my 89 year old dad, Elias…he has a pea sized lump at the top of of his spine that is pressing against his spinal cord and this may cause paralysis. He is really not feeling well.
He is having an MRI on 4 October to check it out again.
To operate on this to get it out is not possible according to his physician as it is a very invasive op and he is getting on in years.
He had surgery 3 months ago to fuse 3 of his neck vertabrae .
He just loves Jesus so much and shares the gospel with just about everyone he meets.
He cannot wait for the rapture and is so looking forward to seeing my mom soon.
Please pray that this lump just disintegrates if it is the Lord’s will.
I told him today that the Lord still has a purpose for him in this world.
He is so strong and brave and I love him so much!


I will pray Kariena, Hope it is the Lord’s will to take it away miraculously. :pray: :pray: :pray:


loving and merciful Heavenly Father

my sweet sister Kariena’s dad needs healing, you know about it so i’m asking that you heal her dad in the name of Yeshua Jesus! Amen! :heart: God heard and God will be with your dad.


Sorry, I accidentally replied to Dallas instead of you; deleted it and couldn’t post again.

I am praying for your father’s health, healing and comfort. He sounds like a wonderful man!

Maybe you are already aware of medicinal mushrooms, but if not, they may be worth researching. Cordycepts and Turkey Tail in particular. There is a lot of information on the internet including medical studies on how medicinal mushrooms have helped shrink tumors.

These mushrooms can be given to pets also which is how I have a little bit of knowledge about them. I am giving them to my 14 year old cat who developed a sinus tumor. I’ve been giving him straight mushroom power (no additives-- Turkey Tail and Reishi) since July. Of course I pray over him daily too, but his symptoms have amazingly improved.

People’s testimonies about their own reduced or vanished tumors from these mushrooms are very encouraging.


I am praying for this tough Christian soldier, Kariena. :revolving_hearts:
Also praying for you.:revolving_hearts:


Having lost my Mom at that same age and my Dad at 94 all I can say is don’t try to hang on. He is tired. Just make the most of the time you still have together. It won’t take away your pain but it will releave the stress off of him. Both of my parents struggled near the end but not because of their passing but fear of leaving us kids to fend for ourselves. It was all we could do to convince they that job was over for them and they had done it very well as all three of us can take care of ourselves and each other. It took time to convince them of that but when we did it took a great pressure and stress off of them. Their passing was graciously painless except for age related and very smoothed. On the morning we found Mom she was laying with a big smile but she was already gone. We know she went very peacefully in her sleep. It made it easier for us to let her go.

Even so I do feel for you and I know it hurts to see your Dad in pain. Just know that tears come in the night but, then the morning comes and it is better. Lifting you, your family and especially your Dad up in prayer.


:pray: I am praying for him. It is so awesome he knows the Lord. That right there should take a lot of weight off of the worry. I realize we are told not to fear and not worry but I know this is your Dad and you love him very much.
If you start feeling pain, please comfort yourself in the Lord. Telling yourself in confidence, he has your Dad in his hands. It will be ok. Like your Dad, I am hoping we will be taken up soon. God bless you sister.


Amen, as long as we are here we have things to accomplish for the Kingdom and our King.
As of lately I am way to familiar with cancer. I don’t about your dads situation but they do use a more specific and minimal radiation procedures now days and other new options in areas that are to delicate to use surgery of course you would need a very good team for that also.

I pray for a miracle to Gods glory to take place or even better the rapture takes him and us very soon. I know how he feels about looking up and the great gathering in the clouds.

I have been waiting since I was around 8 years old when I was 1st told about rapture, I sure would not want to miss the one time event in all eternity by such a short time.




:purple_heart: :place_of_worship: A prayer for your sweet father…



Thanks @everyone!

I told my dad last night that many of you are praying for him.
He, my dad, is totally trusting Jesus…His will be done.
My dad knows where he is going…hopefully soon with the Rapture or at the appointed time for him, my Dad, to be taken home to Jesus.

Thanks again all my dear siblings in Christ Jesus…our only Hope in this ever increasing evil world.


Hey there Kina @Kina1234,
I’m grateful for your heart in this matter. Death, though painful for those left behind, is just a short separation when our loved ones have been saved. I’m especially thankful that your dear dad is counted among those! While Elias is still feeling well, take some pictures—of him, of y’all together and with everyone in his life. And record a conversation or two. The photographs and recordings might help you should your dad pass before we all go home. It’s been ten years since my beloved MIL passed and sometimes to read her handwriting or hear her voice is still a much appreciated comfort.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for Godly parents! Thank You for dads like Kina’s. Please take care of this family, Father. Please stop the lump from growing any bigger or dissolve it altogether. If it is Your will that Kina’s dad goes home before the rest of us, please comfort those Elias will leave behind. If Elias stays with us until Your call, we ask that he be as healthy and comfortable as possible. Thank You. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


Tears…but of nostalgia, memories, the so very sound advice he has always given when I went down oh so many forbidden roads and bumped my head, he never stopped loving me or my mom or sisters…a good man…If the Lord wills he will stay longer…but either way…Hallelujah
The Lord has given
The Lord has taken
Blessed be the Name of the Lord!


Love my dad and we will be together forever. Amen…


Beautiful pictures of your parents sister. I will be keeping your Dad in my prayers. God bless you :pray:


Thank YOU for sharing! What a happy -and handsome- couple your parents were! Your dad has the look of someone always ready to see the best in everything. I bet he’s told his share of jokes! And laughed more than most. Seems like a very happy fellow. I look forward to meeting him (and you and your mom) after we’re called home. @Kina1234




I just love the smiles they shared together and with us.



Amen…they were married almost 60 years…mom went to Jesus end 2016…
Dad will see her soon…:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


:pray: :pray: :pray: