My daughter finally got saved!

I have been listening to JD for a couple of years now. I have a daughter that is now 20 years old and was not interested in being a Christian, but many times she would happen to be in the same room when I was listening to the prophecy updates. Long story short, I have been having some troubles of my own and tried to commit suicide last week. I am not here looking for pity and this story isn’t about me. But I was rushed to the hospital and placed into a treatment place for a few days and when I got home my daughter informed me that she promised God that if I lived and made it back home that she would accept Christ as her saviour. So, I called my grown son and he came over and both of us sat down with her with our Bibles and played the video of JD going over the ABC’s of salvation and stopped the video at each verse and we read them with her and discussed them with her. I am happy to announce that Jesus took my bad situation and used it for his glory and brought my daughter to him. I am so happy. We have plenty of Bible’s in the house, but we are going to the Christian bookstore today to let her pick out her own new Bible and get her name put on it. I can’t thank you enough for having the ABC’s of salvation that makes it easy for us to follow and use. This is the first time I have ever led anyone to be saved!!!


My wife and i are praying for you both.!. Don’t let anyone bring you condemnation God has turned you both in the right direction.!. Love and blessings in The Name of Jesus.!.


Praise The Lord!!!

For Your is The Kingdom, The Power and The Glory, Forever and Ever!!!

God Bless


How wonderful the works of our Heavenly Father is! PRAISE THE LORD!
Blessings in the Name of Jesus Christ! AMEN


That’s awesome news! Thank you for sharing this.

Now this is a great first post. Welcome to the board.


Praise God !!! Great News !!! Welcome her into the family for us !!!

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I am so happy for you. Praying for your strength and your family.

Hoping that I too, will hear my son say those words. It will take a miracle but I know God can do it but my so. Has to open the door.


I honestly did not think my daughter would ever get saved. I was so scared we would be raptured and she would get left behind. Do not give up on your son and never stop praying for him.


This gave me goosebumps!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! :raised_hands:t2:

This is GREAT news and I loved how you told it!!! J


Such a great testimony! I am so happy for the good news. :slight_smile:


thank you!

Praise Jesus. Thank you for sharing!!

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Hi kkima68
Thank you for sharing that wonderful story, all praise and glory to our Mighty Lord and Saviour. I’m thanking Abba so much that my daughter (now in her 40s) has been clean from herione for 2 months and is in a halfway house for 6 months. She sounds fantastic. I’m trusting God that this time, she’ll make it through.

I only learnt from her recently the reason she decided to try and clean herself up, and why my one twin grandson (who was not on any hard drugs) put himself into a rehabilitation centre, he put a note a Facebook (I don’t do FB anymore) that said ‘I love my mother, but she loves the needle more’ and that, praise God, obviously struck a cord with her. My grandson put himself into rehab to get away from her as he couldn’t handle watching her kill herself. Praise Jesus! She is doing so well and soon she’ll be listening to JD too. Amen!


That is absolutely awesome. I love hearing how God works in such mighty and mysterious ways.


Thank you; it brings hope to me that my son will be saved one day.


WOW!!! This has truly refreshed my hope that my prodigal son wld come back to the Lord. He is living with a woman that is an atheist and I’m living with them. I’m a 78 widow that has no where to go to live but I’m trusting our Lord with everything within me, to save both of them. I’m holding on the finished work of Christ, being confident in His Word in Jesus name. Psm 107:20 " He sends forth His Word and heals them and rescues them from the pit of destruction"!!!.


Hi Ldentry

Yes, our God is an awesome God and there is always hope.

I do feel for you, having to live in that situation, as I well know it. I too am a pensioner and cannot afford to live on my own anywhere, which is hard as I’ve lived alone for most of my life.

I feel like I am living on the edge as I only have the Lord, and He has never failed me.

Will be praying for your son and the lady, and you as well.

Lots of God’s blessings and favour be on your and your home.


VAngie. Tku sooo much for ur prayers, know that Im also praying for u.

I just know in my KNOWER, the reason we r going thru This warfare (and believe me this is a spiritual war) is because we hve something sooo incredibly beautiful within us and satan hates that. I so believe in declaring the Truth and with that I declare satan will NOT touch our integrity/our health/our faith nor our destiny Father has planned for our lives. May I encourage u, even under the rubble and pain, God has blessed us with such beauty within us. Believe it my dear and hold onto that Truth. We take back everything the enemy has stolen from us and our families and claim it back in Jesus name. Always remember in the midst of the darkness, we r the Light of the world as the Word confirms that in Matt 5:14. With the help of the precious Holy SPIRIT, I will shine my light in this house because we r the salt and I shall continue sprinkling this salt on those tasteless lives in their home. Remember Light ALWAYS WINS IN DARKNESS. That is who we r. I will continue praying for u and ur situation in Jesus name.