My daughter is dying

Please pray for my daughter, she’s dying at the young age of 32. She is lost, pray the Lord will show Himself to her. I’ve tried to tell her about Jesus, sent her to Christian schools, but since she’s grown she doesn’t want to hear anything about the Lord. Please help me pray that she doesn’t pass away in her sins without Jesus. I’ve been begging the Lord to give her dreams of Him, for Him not to give up on her, she’s a hard case and I have failed at winning her to Christ.


Praying with you, Joann. :hugs:


Dear Jesus ,
we pray that Joann daughter will ask you into her heart . We pray Joann will have peace
and comfort in this difficult time
in Jesus Christ name we pray


Praying for you and your daughter, Joann


Father, You are Almighty, and have let Your children know that we have what we ask in Your name, Jesus. The fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, and you give us the desire of our hearts. We bring this heavy request to You, pleading for the salvation of Joann’s precious daughter. Your word does not return void, and we trust You with her soul…that her name be written in the Lambs Book of Life. Please comfort Joann and let this be for Your glory. In Jesus’s Name.


I’m confident in the Lord he will give her every chance possible to receive him. I pray for her and a change of heart.


:heart: If you are fighting for her you can be assured that He is fighting for her even more so. Never lose faith, His love is bigger than we can even imagine.

My grandpa passed away 2 years ago and he was a very hard and stubborn man but I don’t know if anyone else on this earth loved me as much as he did when I was growing up. I tried to talk to him about my faith over the years and he would mostly brush it off so my feeling was that he wasn’t saved, though he would never state his beliefs outright. When he was dying he was in a lot of pain. He was so tired, he’d sleep and have fitful dreams, but he’d wake up and talk with me a bit between. On the last night I saw him he had fallen asleep and I was just next to him praying so hard, I was so scared I would lose him forever. Suddenly he said in a scared tone, “wait, where are we going! Where are we going?” So of course I reached out and was about to say I was still next to him and he wasn’t going anywhere, but before I could he said calmly “oh, Ok. Ok. I can do that.” and fell into the first restful sleep I had seen him have in days. They increased his pain medication later that night as he was being moved to a hospice, where he passed away 2 days later. I don’t know how the Lord works… but I have hope. To the very end of everything, I have hope. Keep praying, Joann.


Father God, you know how I can relate to this woman’s prayer, and I stand in the Gap with her for her daughter. Lord you say that you are not willing that any should perish, so we know that our prayers for Joanna’s daughter are in line with your will. And for that reason I believe that you will answer. Even if Joanna never gets to see that moment in her daughter’s life or be aware, I believe that she will see her daughter in heaven because you have given us your promise that that which we ask in the name of your son Jesus Christ, you will do for us. And we know that to pray in Jesus name means to pray in accordance with your will, and that it all so means to pray with authority. Lord I ask also that you will fill Joanna with the peace that passes all understanding, and for her to have faith even if she can’t see with her own eyes what you are doing in her daughter’s life, the conversations you are having with her, the responses that her heart will give. And I thank you for your covenant with us, and for your love for our children that is even greater than our own. and so I stand in agreement with Joanna and with the other people on this board, and we pray these things with the authority of Jesus Christ and in his name, amen.


You did not fail her. You sent her to a Christian school, you have talked to her about Him and you have prayed for her. You have done everything you can do.
Continue to pray that she will open her heart to Jesus.
It is now her choice. Jesus loves our children so much more than we do. Keep asking for His help, just remember it’s her choice.
Praying for her and you.
God bless!!


Joann, praying for your comfort and your daughter’s salvation. As many know on this board, my 19 yr old is in the same sinking ship as your daughter. I tried again to reach him only to no avail. It breaks my heart but I finally have realized that he may never be saved. I continue to pray for him as will pray for your daughter as well.


Praying for her and you as well​:pray::hugs:


Joan, praying for your wayward daughter!
But, dear sister, we walk not by sight!
You are not a failure!
The Precious Holy Spirit in you shall endure till your mission is accomplished!
In Jesus’Precious Name Amen!


Nothing is impossible for God!


Dear Heavenly Father
Seems a common situation lately with children needing salvation yet rejecting you. We’re sorry for our part in this turmoil to your heart as it is with ours. Joann’s daughter is in need of Your divine intervention. A comprehensive look into her life if she does not come to You, perhaps?

I know from my own experience, You give us insight and the Holy Spirit will weigh on hearts even at the oddest times. Please tap this 32 year old daughter’s shoulder and please have a good talking to with her. May however you decide to do this be easy and painless. Please bring forth a messenger to this young woman and discuss the simplicity of salvation but also the necessity of salvation and more importantly, weigh upon her heart the immediacy of needing salvation.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Praying for your daughter and all of you…


Praying for her


I do not even want to try to imagine your pain, but I do want to say this -

F A I L E D.

Jesus said: “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him:” -John 6:44a

I do not know what His plan for your child is, but you did not fail.

Hang tough.


Dear Lord Jesus. Please wrap your feathers around Joann and her daughter as in your special prayer of protection Psalms 91. Give them a peace beyond understanding. Bring your light to her special child. Break the veil and seal her daughter in your gift of salvation. In your precious name. Amen.


Oh Joann it is so hard isn’t it. We send them to Christian schools and they come out hating anything to do with God. What have they done or failed to do for our kids? Happened to me too. One took his life last year and the other has almost lost her life as well from medical causes and is very unwell. We as mum’s feel like failures, but we can’t win our kids to Christ when all around them pull them away. It has to be God who draws them, if they have a receptive heart. And we have to trust him with them, that he has the bigger picture. We have to lay them down before him, so hard to do, and just love them. My prayer is down to - Lord your will be done, grant her mercy and grace, and forgive her for rejecting you, and protect her from the evil one. Basically praying the Lord’s prayer over her life. It is too late for my boy, but I still hope and pray that he gave him a last minute chance. I won’t know this side of eternity, because I think the Lord wants me to learn to trust him no matter what.
It is sad when we feel like we must “beg” God for our kids…it shouldn’t be that way. Are we seeing him in a wrong way?
I pray for you and your family. May God give you rest and the peace that passes all understanding in the midst of your heartache. The lessons he sends us are sometimes hard to take, and to live through, but we must continue to say…God is Good and he loves me.


You have not failed you are and have been doing your part now trust Holy Spirit and keep your faith and see the Lord move in this. He loves her more than you ever could.

I prayed 40 years for my dad’s salvation dad was a wonderful father and person and grew up going to church but saw the hypocrites and left he walked away before salvation and just lived his best.

Less than two months before my dad passed I walked into his room and set down and asked him if he wanted to be where mom and the rest of the family were going after we pass from here? He knew what I meant and he said yes I want to be where ya’'ll are going.

There is no other way but through the path Jesus made for us, we are going the way Jesus made for us any other way is not where we are going.

Only twice in 65 years have I seen my dad shed a tear he was so reserved. But he did cry softly and said he wanted to go where we were going and he followed me in the sinner’s prayer and peace came over him in an amazing way only God can give.

I just kept praying and Holy Spirit was faithful, the hour before I was driving to see him I had this unction to bring him to the Lord, saying Father please get my dad ready to listen with his heart and not his head today. He is going fast and time is short. Please let today be the day and the rest was up to dad.