My life and salvation story

42 years ago when I was 33 years old and totally ignorant of God’s word FINALLY discovered the TRUTH of Jesus. I’d grown up in a home which claimed to be Jewish though it wasn’t practiced nor was I ever taught anything of Judaism. Like so many others grew up in an extremely dysfunctional environment leaving me a very unhappy, jealous, confused child craving love at any cost. Sadly as I grew up seeking love whenever and wherever I could find it by the age of 31 I’d been married 3 times and was raising a sad little boy due to my choices and life style. In those days while living in a NY apartment also had a log cabin in the Catskills where I spent summers and every weekend. Since it was located in a valley on top of a mountain hardly had any television reception except for one station which included the 700 Club. For days on end began watching and listened intently to what I’d never heard before. Suddenly everything within me came clear. I asked myself this: If I had lived when Jesus walked the face of this earth would I have believed…the answer was YES . At that moment invited Jesus into my heart…felt the Holy Spirit enter me and became HIS. I confessed HIM as my LORD AND SAVIOR.then wrote a letter to my parents explaining in depth my faith. As soon as I was able left the mountain got myself a bible and devoured it. As I read my eyes were opened to what a sinner I was and sobbed all the while. I wish my life had drastically changed immediately but that was just the beginning of my walk with HIM. I’m now a 75 year old woman who totally adores Jesus. Each morning when I wake say good morning to MY HEAVENLY FATHER, JESUS and THE HOLY SPIRIT…express my thanks for another day and my desire to be a blessing to someone. I’ve never felt or been closer to the trinity. In spite of the painful physical conditions I suffer with am grateful for ALL THINGS and express it every day. Jesus is my ONLY HOPE as I anxiously await HIS return. So much has been revealed to me including why the aching I felt that drove me in my youth to be loved is now and could only be filled by my Heavenly Father. As my understanding increases because I listen and learn when HE speaks to me, know beyond all else who I am in HIM. What a blessing to truly believe that I am and will forever be HIS. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME FOR LOVING ME FIRST.


Hi Vicki

i totally adore and love Jesus so much :heart:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony.

love in Jesus Christ


I think it was on Pastor JD’s last prophecy update, where he talked of the importance of testimonies in reaching people for Christ. @HIS - Vicki, After reading your testimony, I understand what the pastor means. Very moving!


Thank you for sharing! The Gospel still touches my heart when I hear it even though I’ve heard it many times and believed for many years.

He’s coming soon!


Vicki, thank you for sharing that beautiful testimony! It is a beautiful start to the day!!

God bless you