My nephew has been missing since Sep 17

My nephew has been missing since Sep 17 from northern MN. He left his aunt’s house with her dog and started walking toward town. He has ataxia and walks with a cane. He also has a service dog, but didn’t have his dog with him. This is highly unusual as he always brings his dog wherever he goes. Anyway, the aunt’s dog returned, but my nephew, Dustin Sundin, did not. The aunt lives in a mobile home in a very densely wooded area with a river and duck pond behind her property. Authorities have searched with dogs and drones to no avail. Please pray that we get answers.




Lord, we pray for this family and for Dustin. Please help them to find answers to Dustin’s disappearance, and please comfort the family as they must be terribly worried.

In Jesus’ Name,



Jesus please put Your finger on his location. Thank you Lord.


How heartbreaking to have no answers! Please Lord, help them to find this young man. We pray for a happy and miraculous ending to this story!


I’m so sorry!!! Are there any leads or anything that might help? May God get him home safe. Please keep us updated. God Bless


Heavenly Father, I lift up this family to you. I pray that Dustin will be found soon. I pray that he will be found alive and will. In all things May you perfect will be fulfilled. Please bring peace and comfort to this dear family in Jesus’ Holy Name. We love you Lord and trust our lives in your hands. Amen

Please let us know.


My prayers for Dustin & his family who love him. :pray: Lord let your perfect will be done. :butgod: Doc


I thank you all for your prayers and kind words. There have been no leads so far, but they continue to search. God bless you all.




I can only imagine the heartbreak your family is going through and pray that the very hand of God will lead those searching for your nephew right to him safe and sound


I am praying!


As I was reading your post I was starting to see the young man walking with his dog, just visualizing it my mind, not a vision. And I’m seeing the dog return home and the search party not finding him when it hits me; What if, just hear me out, What if he’s out doing something for the LORD? I mean we all know God can, will and does use anyone and everyone and everything for HIS glory.
So rather than assuming the worst, now I don’t know the spiritual condition of this young man, BUT GOD DOES! So is it even remotely possible that this beautiful young soul went off to obey God’s voice and the dog knew it and returned home?
It’s just a thought/question/idea/thing …LOL As I write that I hear one of the Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings saying almost the same thing.
I’m sorry, I know this is serious and no humourous matter at all. I am merely suggesting an alternative way of thinking. If we are all correct and these are in fact the End Days, wouldn’t it stand to reason that if someone is in tune with the Holy Spirit at work within them that if Jesus asked them to do something they would do as the apostles and just “drop their nets and follow after Jesus”? I mean I know we’re all techy and mopdern and stuff BUT GOD can and will use HIS Redeemed ones during this time. Don’t forget your prophecy studies now folks. Think it through with me now. What do the prophets say would happen in the end days? Yep, lots of fear mongering and terrors and deceptions yep, but what ELSE do they tell us? They also tell us that in the End Days the Holy Spirit will be poured out on the “sons and daughters” in another place it also says that “I will call out the lame as My remnent and the outcast a strong nation”. Now let me ask you this, if this young man belongs to Christ, who are we to stand in the way of what almighty GOD might call him to do?
Having said all that; prayer is ALWAYS the first order of business during ANY and ALL crisis. So, first we pray.
Lord Jesus, Thank you that we can come to You like this across the wires and nations. We thank you that at this time, even in this uncertainty of the state of this young man. But we also know that you hear and answer our prayers long before we ever ask or think the words.
Lord, you know the condition of this young man. Would you please have him communicate with his aunt that her heart would no longer be troubled. Have him fill her in and tell him all that has occured and where she is so that the family may be at peace.
Lord, I also pray for this young man that you would minister to him and remind him that others do become concerned for his welfare and that he should check in with them from time to time so they know he is well.
Lord, would you also permit the family to have faith and that they might check the dog with a good “once -over” for any missed clues or hints. You know how people like us think and sometimes you need to drop a hint for us. That’s all I’m really asking for here Lord. Just a clue as to the safety of the lad.
Thank you Sweet Jesus for answering this humble prayer.

Next, now that one has prayed we move on to the area of “what can I do to ease the stress so I can think straight” phase of the situation.
Ladies: it’s tub time
Men: it’s “Nothing Box” time
Kids: it’s time to band together and if you’re close go hunting for the lad or clues. Don’t give me that, you’re smart. Move on. lol
(How do we know these things? because we tried them too. That’s how. )

No, I am not giving away parental secrets, I’m being a good aunt and telling the kids how to be kinder to the parents. lol :slight_smile:

Now where’s the checklist.
Prayer has been done
relax orders have been given
Authorities have been involved
a search has been made



Lord help find this young man


Any news?


No, there is no new information. I do appreciate all the prayers. Thank you.


So sorry. Will continue to pray Valenchia.


Our Father, please keep Dustin safe, unafraid, and guide the authorities to him! Bring your peace to the family. Please, Lord, bring him home safely. In Jesus’ name, Amen!


Any news yet?

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They did find some of Dustin’s belongings, but not him. No activity on his cards or phone, either.