My Other Daughter - Sick

My other daughter - my main caregiver is sick now. Please pray that she gets over this virus fast. I cannot cannot get sick.


Please, dear Heavenly Father, in Your mercy, heal Kate’s daughter and give Kate complete protection from the virus also.

You have given them a great victory regarding the provision of the hospital bed.

We thank You that we have the assurance from Your Word that He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world.

In the Name of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Morning Kate and Pax,
@Pax — totally agree and pray for same.

Holy and loving Father in Heaven,
HELP! Please protect this family that is being accosted by the enemy.

Please heal both of Kate’s daughters’ bodies, hearts, minds and souls. Use this trial to bring glory to Your Name. Please protect Kate from all illnesses and anything else the world uses in attack. Give her wisdom in Your Word and strength in her mind and body Father. We thank You for this. We praise You for the miracles You are working. even now, in this family. In the Name of our Lord and Savior we thank You. Amen.


Father please keep Your hand of protection over Kate and bring swift healing to her ill daughter.
For it is only in Jesus merciful and mighty name we plead,


Thank you so much. It’s appreciated.


How are you doing today?


Dearest Kate,

There seems to be no end to what you’re facing and the stress of it must be so overwhelming. We know why and from where it’s coming BUT GOD is and will always be in control.

Considering He has so generously blessed your bravery Satan couldn’t be angrier or more frustrated…therefore, is attacking your family in order to threaten your health and well being. I beg of you not to allow your faith to be diminished for His goodness cannot be questioned.

Loving Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ precious name we cry out in unison for your mighty veil of protection to surround Kate and her daughters with safety and healing. May she rely solely on who we know YOU to be…able to do all things for YOUR children and the bride of YOUR SON.
Show Yourself in a mighty way to our sister in Christ, that she will rest in the assurance that YOU are all that she needs. Amen and Amen!


You are so right on board @HIS
I am doing somethings right to ruffle his minions! Lol

My friend came to Christ this morning in the wee hours 3am, I actually had a heart episode and reached out to a close friend for prayer - in the exchange my friend was commenting on my Facebook posts and testimony. I asked if she ever accepted Jesus into her heart. She said no. I paused - she replied but I would like to. Oh gosh @Janet7 and @HIS she said after she prayed a prayer of salvation she felt so emotional. Gosh. My heart couldn’t contain the joy!

Yep I agree Satan is trying his hardest to get me going. Many things at me. But God…

I go to my Lord, He’s my strong tower. Amen.

My youngest is resting ALOT. She got all the things she needs. Emergency Vit C drink, Zinc, Vitamin D, Ginger, you name it. She’s pounding down the fluids and chicken soup.

It’s going to be just fine because God’s got this. I just need that reminder. Don’t focus on the storm!


Praise God for we now have another sister in Christ to join us in heaven AND you’ve gained a jewel in your crown!
In truth, because of our humanity we all get discouraged and sometimes need to be nudged back into His loving arms. We’re so blessed to have this forum and each other to lean on.

Your bed is on it’s way and so is our escape…so rejoice Kate for soon all things will be made new, including YOU!


Amen amen amen! Glory to God!
My rental bed is coming tomorrow! 1-4pm…stay tuned for photos!!


My baby girl.


Amen. I am in agreement with @Pax for this need.


Praise the Lord, another soul won for Christ!
Please tell your baby girl we are praying for her to feel better soon!


She’s gonna do a rapid covid-19 test. She has a 102 F tonight.


Covid test was negative


Praise God for more good news.
BTW…been meaning to tell you that the new photo by your name is beautiful!


Good morning,
My kiddo is heading to the clinic. I think she has strep throat. So since it’s not a virus and it’s bacterial - she is going to need antibiotics.

Please pray it’s uneventful and smooth. No mishaps or anything. She can get her meds and come home to do more rest and healing.



She forgot my card for the cab and the cab told her not to worry about paying him he let her off. Praise God.


Gosh what is this world coming to she was the second person in line. Everyone rushed in (no order) and she’s now got 20 people infront of her. :cry:


Praise God our doctor squeezed her in! She’s left the clinic and now has an appointment with him at 10am. Thank you Lord! Thank you Lord you made a way asap! She didn’t have to fight the crowd at the clinic today. Be with her Lord. She’s so sick and emotionally drained/fatigued. She was crying when she walked home from clinic.