My precious family in Canada are all getting the vaccine

He who corrects a scoffer gets dishonor for himself, And he who reproves a wicked man gets insults for himself. Do not reprove a scoffer, or he will hate you, Reprove a wise man and he will love you.
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭9:7-8‬ ‭


The same people who have been pounding the table demanding more abortions, pounding the table for euthanasia, pounding the table for men to be women and women to be men, pounding the table for confiscatory tax hikes, pounding the table for “sustainable populatiounder”, pounding the table for rampant evil are pounding the table for us to get the vac. Ya, I’m a little suspicious of what might be in it for me and my loved ones.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


And yes. Just who’s god is everyone serving? You’ve got a great point on that. God tells us to be decerning. We are to know people by the fruit they be bear.


Who’s YOUR God?
The God of the Bible says He will see us through ALL circumstances.

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Every piece of fruit and vegetable and every other food including coffee beans has GM0 Spores to track it now. The tracking cannot be destroyed even after digestion. Are you going to stop eating? Are you going to stop feeding your loved ones?
We’re supposed to trust God in everything. Do you think He doesn’t know what’s going on?
We’re here to spread the Gospel, the Great Commission and occupy until He comes.
How do you do that when you’ve told everyone you can’t depend on Jesus to be with you through everything. You can’t, you have destroyed your witness for Jesus.

Whew, there’s a lot I’d like to say in response to posts made in the last couple days but I’m biting my tongue. OK, correct me if I am misunderstanding, but here is what I am gleaning from recent posts in this thread:

  1. Everyone seems to agree on the fact that we can and should trust God in ALL things. However…

  2. If someone is not in agreement with ‘my’ side of the vax issue then they must not be trusting God.

I won’t waste space here as I have already addressed this elsewhere.

I’m sad to see this perpetuation of disunity.

There has been a wealth of information shared both in JD’s updates and here in the forum for each of us to prayerfully consider what God is calling us personally to do. Because each of us has a unique story and are at different places in our walk with God our choices will not be mass produced replicas.

At this point, we can try to push others into accepting our personal point of view, or we can acknowledge the fact that God created us with free will and that we each must one day give account to God for our choices as well as our careless comments.

Matthew 12
36 I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, 37 for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

In light of this, can we instead focus on the unity that Jesus prayed for us, his bride, as recorded in John 17? I recently saw this new video from Francis Chan on this very topic of disunity. Definitely worth watching!

Out of respect for those who created, support and moderate this forum for us, let’s please do our best to keep it a place where we can be vulnerable together, share prayer requests, rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep and above all live in harmony with one another to glorify Jesus.


I hear the anguish of your heart for your loved ones and I understand. My family too are getting vaccinated and my son told me yesterday that he is getting vaccinated at work soon. Like you, I tried to warn him of the dangers but he also believes it is all a conspiracy. He told me he trusts the Canadian government and the medical professionals. I was so very sad when I got off the phone to him. My husband and I prayed together and my heart felt uplifted. I have peace knowing that our Almighty God is way bigger than this evil vaxx. I asked for his divine protection over him and I have given him to the Lord along with all that I love that believe the lie. May you also experience the peace that passes understanding knowing that our precious Jesus is looking after your husband and your daughter. God bless you.


Btw, my family is all in Canada too and I live in the US.

I felt wrong for saying this so I have deleted it …pray for me !


Important to bring this up. Great comment and question> So resembles what is going on today

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I think knowing what we know we have to try to warn our neighbors at least let them know the shot has not gone through the normal safety tests…No animal testing was done No human trials were done…
.WE are the test…
.it is a grand world wide experiment. The FDA has not approved the shot for public use …Only EMERGENCY USE
to stop all the bodies from piling up in the gutters ??..and since we now have “the right to try”
The drug companies are less responsible for what their drugs do to us and to our loved ones…
… we all will answer to God ultimately for what we say…or don’t say…
The Lord tells us to tell the truth in love … which I see in JD…and thank God for his love for people like the Lord loves us and does not want any to perish…But it is just human to want to kill the messenger as well. It is a dangerous job…
Yours in Christ


This mRNA is not new, they tried it for many years on animals. Problem is: The animals died after vaccinated getting in contact with the virus again. So… the pharma mafia know what they are doing. We will have lots of deaths especially in the health sector in autumn.


With the way things are moving it is very easy to see that the vaccine will be required to buy or sell. I think the one thing most Christians can agree on is that the vaccine is conditioning people to accept the Mark. My question is why would you take a vaccine that is associated with the Mark??


I live in Canada so I can understand your concern. I have know for quite some time of the perils and my sister wouldn’t listen to what I tried to tell her. She wants to believe they can get their lives back. I understand the pain and worry you are feeling. 12 year olds where she lives can be vaxed without parental consent. She has grandchildren that applies to. Canadian PM loves communist government of China and spoke favourably of the great reset, He is a nightmare. My sister is a believer too but her husband is very new age. It is painful and sad knowing the truth. I pray and I trust God. Without Him I couldn’t cope at all. I spend a lot of time in scripture and watching online pastors like Pastor Farag. Churches near me closed or greatly restricted and none are discussing end times. We need reality. I go to Psalm 91 for comfort and reassurance. I pray that you can find comfort in the Holy Spirit. I believe we will all be together soon. God bless you.


BREAKING! Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters with a horrific revelation regarding the ‘magnetism’ videos circulating the world of social media in self-recorded videos of people sticking metal objects to themselves.

The CDC has said receiving the ‘vaccine’ will not make you magnetic, including at the site of ‘vaccination’ which is usually your arm.

Dr. Ruby says, “They’re lying”, and provided evidence in support of her claim, as well as a disturbing warning about the ingredients in the jab, directly from the source.


I am so grateful for your loving response and prayers. You are in my prayers too. These very last days of our world before the Rapture are oftentimes hard to bear as we watch our loved ones believing the lie. It causes overwhelming heartache especially when Christians too are deceived by the devil. That to me is by far the biggest heartache,of all, that our brothers and sisters in Christ are being led like lambs to the slaughter by the roaring lion who is devouring their very lives! If these days are the labor pains, and they are, I cannot even imagine what the tribulation will be like. We must stand strong in the power of the Holy Spirit and bring as many as we can to Christ before the clock strikes midnight and we are gone in a twinkling of an eye. Come Lord Jesus!


That is precisely it! Very well said! I stand in complete agreement with you!. Every single word you wrote is the absolute truth! We are formed in the image of God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Many Christians have fallen away from the truth. The have been taken captive by the lies of the devil.


God bless you and your family too George!
Yes we are going home very soon.
Maranatha my friend.


This is part of the plan. Bible tells us that this a time when families will be divided. I have always been close to my sister and it is hard to have a conversation because she hasn’t followed up on the things I told her and she got vaxed. We live very far apart which makes it worse. She is a believer so I believe she will be okay even if worse comes to worse and she suffers a fatal reaction to the second jab. There is a concern that the vax is the mark of the beast because Bill Gates has a patent on a product called Luciferase 2020060606 that would be injected with a nanochip to contain personal medical data. Luciferase is a nanojel that illuminates the chip so it can be read through a person’s skin using an iPhone app. It’s not hard for me to believe the technology is in place and certainly there is the motivation. See Plandemic Indoctornation and various videos of Dr. Carrie Madej. She explains it clearly.

Gates and whoever helped with this evil development may have read the verse in the book of revelation that gives the number of the beast or not even bothered to open a Bible. It’s fairly well known. People who know Jesus as their personal saviour would know he wouldn’t punish us for having it injected into our system without our knowing, in the guise of a vaccine. New Christians or people just learning about him may be deceived by this and that bothers me. Not knowing our Lord, Gates and his friends will think they have separated people from Jesus and cost them their salvation. At the very least, I believe they are poking God, in the eye, taunting Him but he will not be mocked. God led me to Psalm 2. I see the people in Davos, Switzerland attending WEF meeting, plotting the Great Reset and what to do about Christians in the New World Order and this is one of their ideas. They will not succeed. Their outcome will be as the Psalm says. The Bible tells us “the Gates of hell will not prevail over the church. That is great comfort in the dark times. we can help others find the Lord and tell people the danger of the jabs and the remedies that exist for Covid. I ask God to use me in any way He wishes and I will do my best until He sends Jesus for His Bride, the Church. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

May God bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you.


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I am afraid this is not in the right place. Sorry,

What you wrote is beautiful. I get comfort from Psalm 91. I am trying to memorize it which I would have easily done before I had an accident which resulted in a TBI. I have memory issues and major vision loss but by God’s grace, I am still here. I feel sad at times thinking of the dangers facing others but I am not afraid for myself. “Greater is He that is in us, than He that is in the world. “ Jesus left us His Holy scriptures and Holy Spirit so we were well taken care before He left and I don’t think it will be very long before he returns. We will keep lots of oil in our lanterns, always prepared and waiting.