My precious family in Canada are all getting the vaccine

When I mention stuff about it my mom says nothing happened to her and my sisters. They think I am listening to misinformation. Sad



I understand your pain. I live in Canada and very few want to even hear the other side. It has caused division in our family too.(both saved and unsaved)

Sharing with you from the Canadian Justice Centre Constitutional Freedoms. The Political Pandemic.
Hope it encourages you like it did us.


I think there’s a big difference between living in an all-encompassing “spirit of fear,” which implies lack of faith in Jesus’s saving power, and sensible reservations about the safety of the vaccines.


Amen. That’s why I’m trusting God’s perfect design for my immune system rather than putting some hastily concocted genetic experiment into my body.

If you’re going to defend the vaccines, you should probably address how Christians can justify the use of aborted fetal cells in their development. I can’t speak for God, but I can’t see Him sanctioning such things. The Old Testament is crystal clear about what happens to societies that practice child sacrifice.


I’m not defending the vaccines, I’m questioning professing christians tearing apart marriages, families and friendships over supposed information that is based solely on what seemingly christian ‘experts’ claims is accurate data. The only data they have is what’s supplied to them and could have easily been tweaked like everything else. Do you know for a fact what you’re being told is true? No you don’t.
The division in the church seems very pre-planned.
I hope you realize there have been aborted fetal cells pumped into many arms already for years. The polio vaccine has fetal tissue, Rabies, Rubella, and many others, you probably have it in your body now. Look it up.
Have you asked yourself why is all of a sudden the battle going on within christian churches and families? Maybe ponder that for a while. I don’t plan on getting the vaccine, but I sure don’t plan on destroying my marriage and family over it either. Peace.


I found something on the Internet that has been a great comfort and might help others. It’s a picture of Jesus bending down with His hand outstretched. In the background is a wall of water on the left (Red Sea parting) and a ship in a storm on the right. At the top of the picture, are these words: Focus on Me, not the storm. God bless.


JD love your updates and love the passion for Christ you have, that been said I very much disagree with your take on this vaccine. I’m finding it astonishing the rubbish and rabbit holes Christian’s are following. The virus is very real and it is a fact that it has and will kill millions. The vaccine is just another way of combating and protecting the vulnerable. Remember are diseases like polio? We don’t have it around anymore because of vaccines. Brothers and Sisters let’s not be fearful but at the same time we have a responsibility to do right by our community at large, the vaccine is just another tool to do just that,
Who’s really being deceived here?


I’ve heard conflicting views from Christian scientists concerning the safety of the vaccine. I am convinced this is an issue that relates to Paul’s instructions to the Corinthians in chapter 8. In verses 6-8 he makes a point of how if you are convinced of something don’t make it a stumbling block to others. To paraphrase verse 8 “ But not taking the vaccine does not commend us to God; for neither if we take the vaccine are we the better, nor if we do not take the vaccine are we the worse.” I believe this is causing a schism in the Church that Christ is not honored by. Anyone who takes the vaccine is not in jeopardy of losing their salvation. What can separate us from the love of Christ? Our negativity toward this may cause eternal harm in turning others off to the actual Good News. I’m looking ahead to His coming and place all this other noise in His hands. Let the Holy Spirit convict and convince! It is not our job!!



Agree. The division in the Church is heartbreaking and so ramped up now, I’m afraid there is no going back.
There are many vaccines that have been using fetal cells for years, and the polio vaccine is one of them. Also Rubella, Rabies, Shingles and Chicken Pox vaccines, all formulated with fetal cells.
God Bless!


I am not sure I understand why you are so divisive. It is truly sad reading these post attacking Christians who have gotten the vaccine. It is almost as though you believe they have turned from God, like they lost their salvation.

I can no longer be on this forum.

We are called to love, yet fighting and disowning people because of the vaccine. That is what the world of unbelievers need to see. The most important thing right now is that hen Jesus comes for his bride, when Rapture happens will your loved ones, neighbor’s be caught up with Him? Also, another important thing- when your friend, family member, or neighbor’s die where is their soul going?


Agree! Not many are speaking up like you. Please stay. Something is definitely wrong here. It’s actually frightening. We’ll probably get thrown off anyway.
God Bless.


I think all Christians are in agreement that murdering babies is evil, no matter how long it’s been going on. And calling these innocent little babies fetal cells doesn’t make it any less evil.


If you’ve ever had a Rubella, Shingles, Rabies or Chicken Pox vaccine, fetal cells are coursing through your veins. Sorry, there is no getting around it, it’s a fact. But why are professing christians being so hateful to others is the question. Some people have no choice but to comply or lose their job. I don’t see christians stepping up to supplement incomes lost for their brothers and sisters refusing to be vaccinated.
This is the great falling away, I think Paul had something to say about condemning the brethren.


Jesus will step up and provide. He said so.


Mass produced foods from fast food producers: Kraft, Pepsi, and Nestle, all contain the tissues from aborted babies.

California based company Senomyx, uses aborted embryonic cells to test flavourings and then adds them to your favourite processed foods and drinks, which are often labelled as “artificial flavors”.
Why only the covid vaccine is being demonized on this forum is astounding.

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Umm. The topic is the Covid “vaccine.”

Hi @Hebrews13.6

Last I checked the injection of cheese slices, soda and chocolate were not being mandated as a prerequisite to employment or access to basic civil liberties.

I appreciate your point but you’re making an entirely false equivalence.

The Covid “vaccine” is being demonized because it is demonic. In support of this please see:

In Christ


I do not believe this.

So now christians are called to fight civil liberties? We are supposed to be IN this world but NOT OF it.
Government is ordained of God, and so Christians, first of all, are called to respect whatever it is that God institutes and ordains.

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