My son’s Wedding

Hello friends. I’m sorry for not being here more frequently. I have been so unwell. However, my prayer request today is not related. My eldest son is marrying his fiancé tomorrow! I’m very sad to say that it will not be a ceremony that includes Jesus very much, if at all. I have done what I could to explain that marriage was created by our Father for a purpose and tried to encourage godly counsel but when hearts aren’t prepared to receive they aren’t ready. Would you all pray that the Lord will preside over their ceremony and in Their hearts, that they might both come to know him personally and honor him as savior and Lord? Thanks so much and bless you.
Our prayers for my other son are still being answered All Praise be unto Him who is ABLE!


praying Aliyah!! may God be glorified in this ceremony. the fact that they choose marriage, in this open-relationship, promiscuous world, is a sign that in their hearts they hear God’s laws and they delight in Him to some degree. they see sanctity in making things permanent. that is beautiful and becoming rarer and rarer. I definitely am praying as you request. praise God for the step they are taking, whether they realize its Godliness or not right now. <3


Loving and All-Knowing Heavenly Father

May the heart of our Lord cast a light from Heaven upon this union in hopes to generate a mutual seed within the two coming together so that curiosity for the Truth enters their hearts and minds. That the eagerness of searching for the Truth bless their minds and hearts continually even before the marriage takes place. May they be blessed with Your guidance out of the prisons of their lives and into the open arms of Christ, as You lead and direct them on their journey into, through, and Lord willing practice the Truth of the Word of God in becoming followers of Christ in ways we wish we could be and haven’t attained.

Cast upon the parties involved a Heavenly light that builds within each person a notion unknown as to it’s origin and may it lead them on a new path and new destination to You. Like a high-visibility marker placed on a road, may You place the Truth as such upon theirs and may what we pray for flourish through Your grace and mercy upon them. May they believe post-haste and join with You, O Lord before it’s too late.

We pray this in Jesus’ name