My unsaved daughter

My daughter is not saved, and is adamant that all things biblical are fake. She said it stresses her out when I talk to her about getting saved. We often talk about the news, so now I just point out how the current news stories are proving bible prophecy. Sometimes I think I’m getting through to her, then other times, not so much. Praying for her night and day, and ask that you remember her in your prayers. She’s always been a good girl (43 years old now), but I wasn’t saved until a year ago, so it’s all my fault.


Prayers going up



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It’s not your fault. My parents are not saved. They are like your daughter. I am also praying for my parents night and day. Every time I share the gospel, they get angry, upset, or they would just totally ignore me. I love my parents. They are the most generous people I know. They always have a heart to help others especially our poor relatives. They love giving to charities as well.

But I know good works and being “good” will not save them. Only Jesus can save them.

You and your daughter, I will pray for.

In my heart, wholeheartedly, I know God will save your daughter and my parents.

16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16


Oh, thank you so much. When praying, it feels like I should be asking for prayer help. Finally did, and so glad. Your parents will be in my prayers too. There are so many on this forum with unsaved loved ones, it just breaks my heart. The only thing better than going to Heaven is taking someone else with you - words to an old hymn.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love all you guys so much. You are so wonderful.


I will pray for your daughter and @Raphonzel’s parents, but ask you pray for my 22 year old son Damian too. I don’t quote scripture to him because he has asked I don’t, but remain ready to answer questions if he asks. Still, the times he has asked he only gets extremely angry at the answers. One time he was jumping up and down screaming and demanding God prove himself. He told me I was clinging to a corpse. Since then he has dove headlong into the BLM, socialism, and LGBT delusions.


I understand your situation. One of my sisters is saved, but I’m not sure about the others and my brother.

Father in Heaven, I pray for these souls to be saved. I pray Lord, that the curtains hanging over their spiritual understanding would be drawn back, and they would come to the revelation of who You are, that You are. And Lord I specifically bind and rebuke the spirits of stubbornness, disbelief, pride and anger and every foul spirit whispering in their minds, in Jesus name. Thank you God, that even if we don’t see it, you are always working things out for their good. Thank you for the peace that passes all understanding, and even when we’re hurting, you have everything laid out in the palm of your hands. You know the end from the beginning, and have a plan for every single thing. This is the confidence we have in you Lord, for you ARE good. Thank you Abba, in Jesus name…

As hard as it is to see loved ones rejecting the gospel, remember prayer is a weapon. It tears down strongholds. There is tremendous power in prayer, remember that. I’ve come to accept that even if my siblings have to go through the tribulation, God will keep and save them. Even if they perish, I have this confidence God can make miracles out of the most stubborn of people. Have hope. If God can part a sea, he can change a person. Rest in Him.


I’m sorry to hear that. But please be patient with him, I know how hard it gets. Those horrible things have strong spirits of delusion and anger on them.

I know because I’ve been there. Prayer is a weapon, and the best thing you can do is keep it up. Prayer those horrid spirits would stop lying to him. Wage warfare in the armor of Christ, fight back against the unseen. For I firmly believe the unseen is more real than what we do see. Prayers for you guys.


What in the world makes them so mad?!? I see it in my daughter’s face. Do you think maybe they’re being convicted by the Holy Spirit, and that’s how they react?

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Praying for your son. Oh, Heavenly Father, please help us to help them!

You are so kind. Thank you for your beautiful prayer. Praying for your siblings too.

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I am praying for you for wisdom and encouragement and for the softening of your daughter’s heart.


Oh, thank you. I know you’re right, but can’t help wondering, what if. I won’t stop praying, for my daughter or your husband’s salvation, or anyone else not saved. God bless you in every way.


Thank you and may God bless you. If she could only feel the joy the Lord has put in my heart. It’s really hard to communicate that!

It’s the spirit of “don’t tell me what to do” that has them so angry. It’s the unseen forces tickling their ears to hear what they want rather than what they need.


Not really all your fault. A year ago when you got saved she was 42 and old enough to make her own decisions. Yes, being raised in a godly home is an advantage, but not a guarantee.


I think it’s fear, to be honest. For those who deny the Truth, it’s frightening and uncomfortable to think about what comes after death, because that brings up the very real possibility of going to hell.

My husband is a good-hearted man. But since I’ve become a Christian and started talking about my faith and the Bible, it’s brought out a different side of him. I don’t think he’s trying to be cruel, but he ridicules my beliefs. He says the Bible is a fairytale and end times prophecy sounds like a sci-fi movie. It’s not real. Things like that.

The one time we had a real conversation about salvation, he told me point blank he couldn’t believe in a god who lets bad things happen to good people, and a god who would forgive and let a murderer into heaven (who confesses and is saved) but not a good and law-abiding person (who isn’t saved).

I think these are topics a lot of people grapple with because we live in a very works-oriented society. Do good, be good = get good.

And, seeing bad things happen, tragedies, abuse, natural disasters, it can be hard to understand why a loving God wouldn’t intervene. “The Case for faith” by Lee Strobel had a really good chapter in it about this very topic. It’s a very good read/resource.

Praying for all our loved ones, that God will open their eyes and let them see!


Thank you for that. So sorry for your situation. I struggled with those same issues until the good Lord opened my eyes. It was truly supernatural.

I can see where the nonbelievers see it as a sci-fi movie. It’s hard for them to grasp the idea that there are powers beyond our control. I agree, fear is probably the spirit behind their attitude of “don’t tell me what to do.” Of course bad things happen to “good” people, but what they don’t understand is none are good, but God.

It just occurred to me, when it rains on sinners and saints, it only rains on sinners. It’s like Paul wrote, all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God. We can’t forget that we sinned before, it helps when dealing with those who have yet to believe.

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Janet, I’m going to tell you something I told Vicki not but a few minutes ago…
I love you. And now that a brethren in Christ has said that, let me ask you this:

  • Why is it your fault that your daughter being 43 is not saved?

It’s not for you to make someone saved or get someone saved. We can’t force salvation upon anyone. And even if we did, they could then be equally forced out of accepting it. And through normal standards, this would be rather creepy, but I will also say as a brethren in Christ, I love your daughter too. Although reading that gives me thoughts of the restaurant scene in Blues Brothers where Belushi is asking the man at the next table “How much for the women?”

Anyway, all you can do is plant the seed and give it to God. Perhaps He has a gardener being prepared to help water what you planted and cultivate the blossoming of good fruit Lord willing will be produced by that seed.

Don’t place too much of a burdening force upon yourself. Give it up to God. He’s cool like that :wink:
You did put this in the prayer request section so I should kinda come through with one, shouldn’t I? Yeah, I should.

Loving Heavenly Father

We come to You on this rather warm and slightly humid day which we’re thankful You invented the idea of air conditioning to be invented. We ask for You to Bless @Janet7 with comforting heavenly peace and calm in her heart and mind as we ask You to mend her broken heart as to what is transpiring within her daughter according to Your word.

Lord, please guide Janet’s daughter out of the prison she’s made for herself (just as you guide us our of our prisons we’ve made for ourselves) and into the open arms of Christ. May the seed of truth have been planted firmly in the soil and we pray the soil as good as Janet states her daughter is good. Please mend Janet’s daughter’s broken heart towards whatever has caused her to believe such notions of the Word of God being fake. Or all things biblical are fake. Yet you just have to turn your head to notice truth being uncovered every day in the world to support how false that notion of being fake truly is.

Please bless Janet, if You see need of it, Lord, with the right time to present the proper wording through the Holy Spirit talking can produce a change in her daughter’s thought process. Yet Creator’s choice; may whomever is meant to garden and cultivate the planted see, be shown soon for even now, it feels as though time is growing short.

We pray this in Jesus’ name