Need a prayer - I have an appointment at the empleyment agency/ "job center"

So now I really need a (small) prayer. I have an appointment with my job adviser. Although I already work as a private teacher and have a salary, they want me to get another job, because I dont earn enough at the moment and I still get complementary money of the institution …
I am required to bring applications with me, but I havent written any…
Now I have looked up jobs, but here in Germany there is the institution-related compulsory vaccination at work…so many, many jobs arent accessible for me now…

(I studied psychology by the way, have only earned a bachelor degree…)

So how can I find a job I can really live of under this conditions?

So I will have to apply at McDonalds or something like that…

Any ideas what I could do?

The compulsory vaccination counts for all of these areas:

Hospitals, medical practices of every kind, disabled facility

and so on…

I could work in a school, but havent a master degree…

So do I really have to work at McDonalds…or so…cant imagine it,…BUT God??


Praying for you. :pray:
Could you do some type of other job in a school besides teaching?? I know it wouldn’t be as much money but would possibly e equivalent to McDonald’s pay :woman_shrugging:t4:
Could you do something with your Psychology degree apart from an employer?
It’s got to be really tough and kind of scary to have the jab stipulation almost everywhere. Very limiting to say the least.


Thank you. I could also work in a bakery for example, but here in Germany many jobs are so called “mini - jobs” … you can earn 450 euros at most with no social insurance…and this is no perspective, because I could live with this two jobs, BUT I wouldnt earn for pension etc…and my financial situation at the moment wouldnt change very much… :thinking: this is all quite precarious…
I think my job employment agent won`t consider the rapture :grinning:…and she will discuss my job intentions…


Well the rapture would be the ultimate solution for some🙌


Not trying to be funny, but what about finding out how to get the interviewer’s job? Has to be better than Mc Donald’s.

I’ll be coming back with a prayer in a bit.


I pray in the name of Jesus help Ann find the right job. Oh Jesus please help us provide for ourselves and our family until you return :pray:t2:


Loving Heavenly Father

Please continue to direct @Ann1 through the maze of earthly mischief and malevolence to continue to occupy till You come. Help her with the direction of where she is best utilized for work and best used for her gifts and talent. Direct her steps, small and great, to where Your will shall be done and for her good to be a depiction of Your righteousness and awesomeness.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you. Yes I forgot this…"…at first strive for the kingdom, and everyhing else shall be given to you"!
My prayers should be more directed to His kingdom, but not the money…He knows that we need that…
Thanks for reminding!



:rofl: you are right maybe. It could be possible to work there for real…I know this already :see_no_evil:


So its done. The job adviser made the remark of me having such a negative “aura” :sweat_smile:
How can someone with Jesus have a negative “aura”?

I am quite shy and prefer to be alone, so she may be right…

Come Jesus, come


Trust in the in our heavenly father, he knows what you have need of before you ask. Praying for you that doors are opened.


I was Reading Matthew 7 this morning and my prayer for you can be found in verses 7-11. I am so sorry for your situation and know that many others are now, or will surely face the same in time. I’m waiting for the day the corrupt government denies Medicare, SSDI etc. for those who refuse gene therapy. Remember that our God fed the Israelites the bread of angels for 40 years of wandering. Surely He has a plan for us as well. May His unsearchable Love and blessings abound for you.


God is not only concerned with supplying a Job the provides for you & family but fits you, but also for th purpose of using You to pray for and live out your relationship with Him that other might seek Him.
Be patient and wait and I know that is very hard to do we all especially in difficult situations find it difficult to wait.


So tomorrow I have another appointment with this woman. … :disappointed_relieved:…I am writing job applications…but dont know if its cleverly to write them in areas where the vaccine could be obligated…
Because I dont want this woman to know about my vaccine-status! I know she will discriminate against me then…
If someone will think of me tomorrow, …would be nice…I am so tired of this world…



I will be thinking of you and praying for you, Ann. There’s a place for you and God will supply your needs. Humility and shyness or a quiet spirit are not a “negative aura”. Don’t let the interviewer intimidate you; just keep quietly praying to the Father during your time at the interview.
When you are weak, He is strong. Write a scripture on a sticky note and put it in your pocket.

Strength in Christ, sister!

:pray: :pray: :pray: :heart: :heart: :heart: :sunflower: :sunflower: :sunflower:


This was so needed…its so disturbing, I just got more students in my first job, but this woman is so penetrating and she wants something of me, which isnt the will of our heavenly father and she doesnt seem to understand it…
She wants me despreately in a 40 hour standard job, but this isnt my calling…
Thank you so much, I will write me a good bible verse, maybe I will “forget” it on the table of this woman…


You are not alone in this, I also am in this situation and I can tell you that G_d is much cleverer than all thier tricks and deceptions.
I had 4 interviews in the jobcenter just in the last week, some of them VERY abusive to me.

You want meaning in your work, something that fulfills your gifts and calling which is a very good thing and it is to your credit that you want to do this HOWEVER they work for ‘babylon’ who’s spirit is to degrade slaves. and by that system if you dont have the money by default you are thier slave with no rights. You may not realise how different and free you are!. They will NEVER understand that your body is a temple of the holy spirit and your religion does not allow you to put murderous evil into it. In fact If you really belong to G_d, to that system you have a target on your back. ‘culture’ may call it goverment but you are NOT thiers anymore.

In ecclesiates it says ‘there is a time for everything under the sun’
Germany is a very tough place to be at the moment. In fact you must be quite brave as If I was in germany I would iether get out or just hide. As long as the book of daniel is in the Word: the Rock that is Jesus Christ is smashing that babylon system. I could easily see a scenario within months where a McJob would be longed for by ANYONE. Things are not going to get better or go back to ‘normal’.

The real question is where does does G_d want you to be NOW at this time, where is your ark of protection?

May I suggest that you read/prophesy jeremiah 29:11 over yourself and also pray that the Lord will ‘order your footsteps of him’. you may find yourself walking into a better place.
You may also want to COMMAND psalm125 verse 3 over yourself: (paraphrase) the rods of the wicked will not rest upon the richeaous… The exact wording differs slightly per translation but you get the idea!

(also you probably already do this but i wouldnt go into that office without at least putting on the armour of G_d AND binding aside any unclean spirits from rising against me.)

G_d bless you

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The next appointment was yesterday. The man made the suggestion I should apply for a job there :grinning:
For today I am invitated in a school (trial work) for a job in a care work after school, where I have to get the measles vaccine if I want to work there…
Because I feel so tired for the last weeks I will get a check at my family physician first and then I will take time to think of which way I should choose…
I could imagine to work at the “jobcenter” especially with difficult cases, such as homeless etc…

I hope God will lead me in a appropriate direction…

Ann :blush:

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I pray in agree with Jon for Ann. In Jesus name. Blessings and a good pay and good environment job I pray for you Ann. All in His name.


Ann just ignore that about Aura. Don’t receive that. You have Jesus and Holy Spirit. Praying your your job situation. Blessings you way. In Jesus name