Need advice please

Can i get some feedback? I just had a month long art exhibit near where I live and I didn’t sell one piece of art. I had 25 pieces. Kinda discouraging but understandable given how extremely high everything is right now, especially gas prices going up eveey week. I have another one scheduled next month for a month and I’m just not feeling it. Its a really long drive, gas keeps going up here and i can’t make up my mind if i want to fool with it now. I just have my doubts I’ll sell anything or if many people will even go, they also take 30% commission whereas the one near me doesn’t take anything. On the other hand its a bigger city and the gallery is closer to downtown. I’ve prayed about it but if I’m not going to do it i need to let them know soon.


70% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

I get kinda discouraged sometimes, too, different stuff.

Interestingly, I’m thinking my wife and I are going to try a new farmers market tomorrow morning. It’s in a location with more “money” (buyers) but it’s also going to cost more to sell there. So we’ll see what happens.

I also get a little discouraged when I see how money gets thrown at one of our kids… they get raises the size of our total annual income… and think, “I’m busin’ my butt to sell a cabbage for $3”. I know, life is not all about money, but sometimes when it seems to flow so easily to others, it’s discouraging when it does NOT flow easily in our direction. The Father knows why, and I’m sure there is a reason. The entire world belongs to our Father, though, and He knows what we need. Maybe I get greedy and want more and He knows it wouldn’t be best for me to have more. So I’ll continue to trust Him… and grow n share my little cabbages. :wink:


This might be a " been there done that…nah never mind ", but have you thought about a virtual show?


Maybe it’s not your cup of tea, but have you thought of listing your artwork on Etsy? Not sure what they require in commission if any, but I see quit a bit of beautiful hand painted work on there. Just a suggestion if you haven’t thought of it before.


There was a gallery that use to do that and showed some of mine when covid had everything shut down.


I tried that for over a year and didn’t sell anything lol. Its hard being a starving artist lol.


Praying about it is your first attack, which you have done. Only you can decide if you have peace about doing this show, but my humble opinion is that since this is a bigger city, it most likely has more affluent people interested in your talent.

I live in a smaller city; not a lot of high paying jobs around here. We have some really nice shops that sell a lot of local artisans artwork. The nicer shops have great turnover; the musty antique shops, not so much. It’s like night and day; the location makes a huge difference.

If you decide to do the show, ask God for favor to bring people to your stand who appreciate and can afford your work. Then go to the show with confidence that God heard your prayer. And then tell us all about it!!!

I’m praying for your success!


Throwing in my 2 cents worth of advice:
If you can financially afford to travel to the show, I say go. You may sell something especially since it’s a bigger playing field and still make some profit.
If you think you’ll regret not going and will have the “ what if I would’ve went, I should’ve gone,I wonder if….” Then you should also go.


Makes sense… i had to postpone this once back in September due to covid restrictions that i wouldn’t agree to lol. They were gracious enough to reschedule me when i wanted to, i chose July.


I stopped showcasing my art long ago. Perhaps God didn’t want me to go that route, but I did. Considering how things are going, art is a luxury item BUT that’s not to say someone won’t spend 15.9 million on a 20x50 white canvas with a blue dot in the middle calling it a “message” or duct taping an orange to a wall and calling it art (much like the same with a banana as we might remember). SO, raise the price of the art to compensate the commission and see what comes in…or walks out.

You and I certainly do different genre’s of art, just like @Kina1234 does realism and I’m a cartoonist by nature. I see fellow cartoonists who are getting 10 grand for private commissions hand over fist at times (they’re well known though and I’m not.) So…knowing you don’t live where I am and gas here is (laughing and crying while I type this) 4.45 a gallon, a little drive is okay. Being you probably live where gas is 7.00 a gallon or more, eh I can feel that pinch and sting.

I would suggest that psychologically, upping the price may get some to accept the work even more (and as I said, compensate for the 30% commission) and even if you don’t sell anything there, it doesn’t mean you won’t sell something along the way. Or, find something inspirational to create along the way, or find a better deal along the way. Or, set up a makeshift stand on the freeway for passerbys to stop and get some art lol.

Oh! You could get on the interstate, find a rest stop that’s busy, and set up shop there for a few hours! No, that’s a bad idea. Go with the other idea I gave ya. Or one that better suits you that someone else gave ya.


Throwing my 2 cents now… @LA …With love…

I also had an exhibition in May…still ongoing btw…well 2 so far this year. Not one painting sold…and only 3 pieces during 2020
BUT end 2021…I asked God for a big thing.

And He did answer me…not saying He has everything answered like this for everyone and every time…btw.

We needed the finances…I asked Hom to let 4 of my big more expensive pieces sell in another big gallery where they were currently.

Then I trusted.

In 2 days…I was gifted by God in answered prayer by;
I. One sale at the big gallery.
2. 6 painting commissions
3. Another exhibition last December.

Since then I have had another 4 or 5 commissions.
Nothing that I created by wanting to paint whatever topic that was inspiring me when I paint my own work…was selling…or rather…IS not selling.

But my commissions are…or were…or may still happen
…God knows…not me…

Things have dried up again right now.

But God.

I told my 22 year old daughter today who is online studying for a science degree the following… btw she was having a s light panic attack as there is so much work to study for exams in the next 2 weeks and she is geting married in 32 days …etc etc…

She is slightly overwhelmed.
I told her:

Ok…lets take Jesus at His word …really put it into practice.
He says we are to take up our light burdens…and to give Him our sorrows and problems.

So I said…
This one fist of mine is the work you need to do.
The other fist of mine is your worry and panic strickenness.
So…let’s give the panic stricken fist to Jesus…He will take care of that aspect…then alll you need to do is concentrate on the work aspect…
Not always easy to do…but she calmed down.

We need to take our faith and stand on the Word of God.
I know you do too…of course you do…God answers all our prayers…in the way He knows is best for us…

Remember , there is a time for every purpose under Heaven.

All in love… K

BTW… I just watched this…wow!!


Wow thats great! Thank you for the encouragement. God has blessed me with doing drawings for a book, with an author (who lives in Alabama, i live in Kentucky) that worked with 2 years ago, which i do believe God brought us together, it was right when Covid started shutting the country down. Out of the blue he emailed me one day after seeing my art online.
This time i have alot more freedom, already have 6 drawings done and 1 painting. My art will be on the cover of it also. Its his book of poetry and ohhh some of those poems are so beautiful about God.
After i get these done i have a commissioned portrait waiting on me to. Commissions are what i do most but i need to sell some originals, i have way too many stored up and running out of space.
Btw, gas is almost $5 here, but i live in whats considered the poor part of the state. I think its demographics that plays a part here in not selling.


Please forgive me as I know little to nothing about exhibits. But, I had a thought that maybe you could do something small - like a Tile or something, and give it as a gift to one fortunate patron who attends? Sometimes those things get the ball rolling…but again, forgive my ignorance, please!


I also have about 30 GINORMOUS pieces hanging around in 3 or 4 galleries currently.

If I take them all home…I have no space.
I sometimes think…should I paint over these expensive canvases and do other works over them…?
But yet again…the pieces I did…I did…with lots inspiration from God.
If they sell, Praise God… If they don’t…Praise God.

I love painting…so do you…so does @Jon and many others…even if at time it is a job…it is a God given time for us to be in a time of almost prayerfulness as we take the Hand of God…and he guides us as we do the work. I get this too when choreographing ballet… I do not count…I let the music flow and ler the dancer’s body be true to the music…any affectation that is not honest either in art, ie sculpure, painting , ballet, music is not portraying TRUTH…and does not touch the soul of either believer and unbeliever.
So let our art shine…let us be the Light of the World and the Salt…For the time there is left…I just pray that I paint only to the Glory of Jesus.

I refuse to compromise my subject matter to just kind of be ‘in’…and sell because I want to be famous…It is so freeing to paint, enjoy and be humble and thank God for the talent He has gifted to you.

Amazing Grace :cherry_blossom: :raised_hands:


Thank you Kina1234 for that video. It is wonderful to watch a scientist take the very creation of God and show the complexity of His mind that is displayed so beautifully through it using the very study of the natural world from the stand point of learning what God wants to show not from the stand point that man has any hand in it in anyway.


I really find this video really astounding.
I have only such a small glimpse into God…but He has shown a bit…forever gratfuull!


I always looked at as God gave me this gift, and i don’t wanna waste it. When i paint or draw i put earbuds in and listen to JD or others. I usually end up listening to 3 sermons/teachings in a row. This is one i did called “Heading Home”.


That is so intriquing…beautifiul.
I ask the Lord to send truer buyers to you.
God willing!!
A workman is worth his wages.

Wait on the Lord for an answer. He will give it so very clearly.So let us store up our treasure in Heaven and
even though the path is at times precarious.
occupy our time in work for the Lord.
He created this talent and gift to you who is fearfully and wonderfly made. Just listen to Him.
He will make our paths straight even if the journey gets perilous along the way…according to our limited thinking.
He is so powerful. His thoughts are not our thoughts.
He loves you…


I was also thinking Etsy…maybe raise prices little to compensate for shipping. A lot of people are still scared to go out and like to buy online.

Also, please remember-like any business, there will be good days where you make lots of money and bad days :). Don’t take it personally! Keep trying! It just takes ONE person walking by to fall in love with your work and word could spread like crazy!


That painting is beautiful! I love it.

It is interesting listening to all of you Artists talking. I am self employed, not an artist, but I understand the struggles of maintaining a somewhat steady income.

So many times I needed God to help and guide me. So many times he spoke to me in a way that was jaw dropping. His signs acknowledged and encouraged me all along the way that no matter how bad it looked or felt, I knew I was on the right track.

You have a God given gift, LA and you are using it. Beautiful!