Need help and ideas because I want to leave Germany

so very much indeed. been periods of pure crying over it. it definitely feels like a funeral. I’m very glad to let go of the life I had, for reasons that will take longer to explain than I want to put in this box. but the realizations about the people I love, and even people I don’t know, and how far along we are in the sinister plans to control us in this world, it is so sorrow-inducing and does feel like a funeral, coming to the end on so many things and relationships and having no control over so much of it. the truth sets us free but it can also be painful. it feels like a funeral. I’m so looking forward to getting to our forever home in the end, of no limits, and really saying goodbye to all the regrets and mistakes. I feel like im not staying on-topic very well it but this is my expression somehow of how it’s like a funeral for me. I’m so glad to move on with my existence but it can be overwhelming to experience what must come to pass first.


Your not off topic, :heart: I hear you sister, you aren’t on your own, you belong to the biggest, happiest, loving family in the universe, I love you so much, we all do, forget the funeral, get ready for the wedding, and to meet our king,


amen thank you for that <3 that was the perfect follow-up!! and I will say that it has occurred to me for a couple days now strongly how it’s been amazing to have this family/support system despite any time that my family or friends make me sad. we really aren’t alone and this has been an amazing place to gather while we wait. love you too! <3


At night after I’ve chatted to God, I feel compelled to pick up a pad and pencil and just write… this is one of them, there are more I might share…

He is in charge, only He knows
I’m just a faithful servant, waiting for His call
He told us of his promise, He shed his blood for us
He gave His word, that all who heard, His mighty justice comes.

He waited years with patience, for us to realise
He gave us lots of chances, to open up our eyes
He saw us fight the evil, He saw us suffer hate
He couldn’t wait no longer, He couldn’t see us hurt

He gathers up his army, in readiness they wait
He’s ordering His Angel’s, to open up the gates,
Hes telling us dont worry, the time has almost come,
Our journeys almost over, Hes coming to take us home


I love it!! thank you for sharing and Im always down to hear more!

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You sure?.. I dont suppose I’ll ever get to show them to anyone,
I cant claim them as my own, they really do just happen, in a matter of minutes…

When the Lord was done, and was well pleased with His creation
He knew we needed laws to rule, all men in every nation,
He wanted them obeyed, so He wrote them down in stone,
He expected us to follow them in each and every home

They were not given to amuse or for us to pick and choose
They were given as a set of 10, for us to follow all of them,
They aren’t to pick and swap and change
Or alter as we like,
By following them all we show, our awe in our Gods might

Then men we trusted with our lives, they sneered at all Gods rules.
Decided they were more than God, then treated us like fools.
They no more care about our rights, than thieves who rob us blind.
Ignored what God had told us, started playing with our minds

Have they never read his word? Or know what is to come?
Do they not know we’ve read the plan, we’ve known it all along.
God wrote it in the bible, to alleviate our fears.
Hes told us not to worry, and to wipe away our tears x


that one is amazing too! and I know exactly what you’re talking about as far as it just coming to you versus you having come up with it your very self. I also understand that most people don’t care to see personal writings but as an avid writer I feel very differently than that. especially since I understand God’s flow through “our” work- it adds to the intrigue, in my opinion. so yes please feel free to share any time the inclination hits you. people like me love it!

I can see in that latest one that it started out as your own thoughts, and as it continues moving, the flow really got going and you wrote such deep things that come from your relationship with God. so yes I am sure, because I understand and appreciate it !

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also I want to add that there is a Bible verse that really speaks to me, I forget verbatim but I think it’s in Revelation, where John or someone is asked to write what has passed, what is happening now, and what is to come, something like that. it was for a specific person, but I also like to treat that verse as inspiration in general, for us to follow that compulsion to simply write the truths down. not everyone is called to use this gift but it comes from God. I love that verse, whatever the exact words are.

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This one is from last night, I wrote it in the wee dark hours, it was very quiet… I felt quiet, it was’nt till today not long ago I thought, I wonder if it’s about during the tribulations… let me know what you think…

All alone in worship,
Where no one else can see.
My knees ache on this
old stone floor, where
I kneel and pray to thee

No one really knows me,
In my thoughts, I wander free.
They do not know this quiet place,
This faith, reserved for thee.

Its calm and very fragile,
Yet strong and full of fight.
It’s worth the world, it cant be bought
Kept hidden, out of sight.

I’m speaking of my love and faith,
And hope, to one day see,
My righteous Jesus, lord and king
Who’s love abides in me…


Are you absolutely sure you want to read more…I dont want to come acrossas boasting, which is why no one has ever seen them, I loathe boasting… I’ve found a few more,… they’re on scraps of paper, I didnt save all of them… I didnt understand where I was coming from… scary when you write really dark ones…I didnt save any of the dark ones… I thought it reflected what was in me…

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LOL “absolutely sure?” my answer stands. if you don’t want others to think you’re boasting then you can just send them to my inbox instead, when you want to share without fearing judgment. I know where youre coming from, so you at least don’t have to worry bout it from me. I kept both dark and light writings, it’s therapy to go back through it all and understand where I used to be. it’s eye-opening to do this through the years. there were times also that I thought I wrote real things, only to see later how flawed my thinking was. not all that we record comes from God, but I do think that even amongst errors we can see God peeking in through those words, trying to reach us. I understand purging the dark stuff, I just find value in keeping those, partly as evidence to show that I went to those places in life and still ended up turning to God, it’s a good witness rather than having the appearance that i can’t identify at all with the faithless. here’s my collection on the shelves, not all of it is writing, I also “scrapbook” pieces of memories from family and just random stuff over the years. I see it as a time capsule for those who will inherit my stuff when I’m gone. no one else around me does this. I don’t see it as boasting, I see it as a collection to be passed through the generations, and no one has to do this, but this is what I chose to do with the gift of writing and chronicle-izing (not sure of the proper word for that lol) the pieces that make for an interesting collaboration, blessings to you in all that you save for those who come after you!!:


Anyone coming in here after I’ve gone is in for a treat, I was an artist, i’m a bit of a hoarder, but when I look round, all the stuff other people think is rubbish, its a survivalist dream, fishing line, plaster of Paris, wax gas torches silver survival sheets,lead raw wool, big tubs of alcohol and peroxide knives, tools… woven wire sheeting, water filters, colloidal silver making stuff… lol… hope it all helps someone…


I’m praying for that!! God will lead the proper recipients to it, whatever for. and I had a dream once where I was flipping through a “familiar” scrapbook that I’ve never actually seen. I think we have our works of art in heaven already. :]


Thank you, I am from NRW. The problem is, Homeschooling isnt allowed in Germany. I am desperate. Even music schools start with this. Months before a mask was enough, but now they want a negative test and even the vaccination ! Its not normal!

Horror everything!!!

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Read Psalms 91 daily; pray it, memorise it, leave your Bible in your home opened to it, all the time. Turn off TV lies, listen to JD’s Teachings in Job and the Psalms. That has strengthened me. :love_letter:

Prayers for everyone’s endurance, patience, and trust in the LORD; to increase our faith, and to overcome everyday, in Jesus’s name. Amen :pray:

Maranatha :hibiscus:


I saw this in another thread here, but I don’t know if this helps you at all in Germany as I’m unfamiliar with your laws…

Amen to that!!! :arrow_up: @raelmerritt7777


Having more sleep deprivation nights. Oh LORD. HOW much longer. . .:cry:


I can imagine I would feel the same as you. I am praying for you, your children and others in your position or will be in the near future.

Lord, You alone are worthy of our complete trust; You are the great promise keeper. We ask that you protect Ann, her children and others. Show her the way she should go, and give her peace in believing You. We ask this in the name of Jesus who shed His blood on the cross and made it possible for us to even ask.

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that you may abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13 NKJV)


Thank you so much, its so warming to hear such words!

Thank you all !


Hi Ann,
First and foremost pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal your path to you and protect you. If you can’t avoid this vax any longer, I hear that the Sputnik 5 vac is similar to a normal flu shot and perhaps is not mRna. Don’t quote me on that but research for yourself. It does not have to be stored at -70 etc. It is given out in some parts of Europe and S.America. Please look into that. A few things have come to light to ease the effects of this injection, at least for being around people with it.
Blessings to you

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