Need intense prayer for me please!

Hi this is “repentant heart”, but you can call me Elle (L). I had posted before here about needing a place to live temporarily until i could get housing.
I moved in with the older disabled man (which i was hesitant in doing but had no other options) to rent a room from him where he rents a house in a small town. I am feeling trapped once again, because I have no vehicle and am at his mercy for if I need to go anywhere. I did sign up for housing and they accepted my application. I now have to get all my documents sent in to them, so …it’s looking good that I’ll be able to start searching for my own apartment once they get it all in. Not familiar with how section 8 works, but hoping it’s soon.
Here’s the problem and what I’m needing urgent and serious prayer for…
this man is creeping me out. He is not appropriate around his daughters and step-daughter at all, they are young adults, but they don’t seem to mind it at all which i find disturbingly uncomfortable. They don’t live here, but they drop by occasionally as does the ex-wife. He let me know his ex-wife is his best friend. He puts her LOUD on speaker phone and she’s one tough cookie, like a pit bull ( Jezebel spirit). He let me know she has run people off here before if he had problems with them. He constantly watches everything i do if i have to come out of the room. I’ve figured out he is a narcissist because he’s taking it out on me because i"m not giving him attention and I stay in my room almost all the time. I pay my rent, I’m respectful and quiet, I even help with the trash and trash can even though he’s not THAT disabled. He just simply won’t do it.
I am being sleep deprived because he turns up the volume on the TV at night REALLY LOUD. And it’s always violence and women screaming!! I would put in ear plugs, but then I wouldn’t be able to hear if an emergency happened or someone breaks in my room.
Also, he has 2 big Husky dogs that are not trained at all. They jump up on everyone and shed like crazy. They normally stay in the back overgrown yard which is nasty filthy. And ever since he saw I like sitting outside occasionally on the front porch, he now has them out front on a long leash, so I can’t even go out now unless I want dirt and tons of dog hair on me (NOT!!!) He’s doing this DELIBERATELY. I waited till late tonight after he had put them in the back yard to go out the front, but he had the lawn mover blocking the door! He just chuckled and said the dogs did it. This evil torment is unbelievable…and i’ve been around a lot of these type of people in my life, but this guy is up there with the worst. To get glee out of causing someone misery? How much more evil can you get? Sorry this is so long there is more I could say but i know that “the prayer of a righteous man availeth much” so PLEASE pray for me, I already have PTSD from trauma and I don’t need anymore :frowning:
P.S. This man is well liked by many in the community because he “helps” people out and gives them special coffee’s, especially the women. You would never think he’s mentally unstable unless you actually lived with him, “covert” narc.
Thank you and bless you


Prayed for you that God will provide your new apartment ASAP and that He would protect you!


@RepentantHeart, you were on my mind this week! I How I had hoped, though, that your update would have been brighter. Praying for you now in your efforts to move on to a much better environment.:hibiscus:


Thank you all I can tell when others are joining in on prayer…and hoping it’s quickly.


Merciful and All Knowing Heavenly Father

We know the trials we face are to build us up in some manner. We know that they continue to build upon our perseverance but Lord, there comes a time when we sometimes ask, “You sure you got the right person for this trial? Because I can’t take anymore.”

Lord, deliver onto Elle the perseverance she needs to overcome what is going on right now in her journey. Bless her with guidance to the answers and solutions You provide and please instill upon her heart and mind the understanding of those answers and solutions when delivered. But please most importantly, bless her with protection from those who are not of You. Galvanize her strength and courage while repelling evil from her as You see fit. Protect her from the monstrosities of the Devil and grant her a safe place to lay her head and clean food and water to enjoy. May she be blessed with a place of quiet and stillness till You call us home.

We are struggling today Lord in ways we weren’t expecting and we beg You to step in so we can “Watch You now.” May we please be granted the blessings needed to endure awhile longer sooner rather than later? Please refresh our hearts and minds with a heavenly peace and calm to overcome the struggles we’re all facing here. Some more than others need three or four servings to overcome the struggles, Lord.

Please deliver onto Elle a message fitly spoken to her through the Holy Spirit for direction and comfort but also, Lord…I’m sorry for being selfish in this moment…PLEASE CALL US HOME NOW? Please?

I pray this in Jesus’ name


wow wow wow wow WOW. so many raised eyebrows here. praying fervently for you. that is no way to live and I am sorrowful for your plight. I’m also sorrowful for whatever happened in this man’s life that he has chosen to be like this. it is deranged. indeed lots of prayer is needed. that you will get into better housing soon, away from the scrutiny and filth and downright fear. this man really is scary. I’m praying for you to get out VERY soon. I’m praying for his heart to be reached as well by God. I don’t know if he needs a humbling experience or what. but I’m praying for God to intercede. for both of you, it’s a miserable existence, and yes he’s taking so much out on you right now- yet it might only be the tip of the iceberg! I’m praying for healing for this man. he probably could benefit from some tears. he sounds incredibly unhappy. I’m praying that he can be saved. I don’t know what hope there is. but Im praying for your protection and escape, and the same for his heart, he is so broken down and surrounding himself with what has done that to him.


Thank you Jon, that is a beautiful prayer, and it’s like you know exactly how I’m feeling. The wolves in sheep’s clothing and heathen (as Jesus speaks of) they’ve been the ones that are always so friendly and helpful at first, but then they have all shown their true colors within a few weeks with smear campaigns and backstabbing me. I’ve often prayed and asked the Lord where are the ones like me? That have a big heart, been hurt and bruised by others, but still empathic and Holy Spirit filled? I’ve only come across a few in my entire life, but it was so long ago and i don’t remember their last names now! My great friend in college, her name was Temple, but i don’t remember her married last name :frowning: Oh how I wish I could talk to her again, what a lovely sweet sister in Christ.
She was there for me when no one was. Never had hidden motives or used me. True gem of a friend. There seems to be some very kind and loving people here on this forum, like you Jon, and that gives me hope. bless you mightily in Jesus name, amen


@alllllz lol, this is the first time I’m using the @ sign, sorry, little things tickle me like that :smiley: that’s cool
Anyway…thank you for replying and for your fervent prayers! So many here I’ve noticed are suffering like me, and it’s breaking my heart, I wish we were all in close vicinity where we could visit and have tea and lunch together! Someday soon we will, as I’ve been asking the Lord to come quickly every day now. Seriously. Every day, like 3 times a day.
I guess he thought when he ran the ad, not only would he have someone to mentally torture, but he expected that person to do his chores for him around the house. He’s obese and stays in the kitchen/living room all the time, cooking and eating. He’s “disabled” because his right foot halfway up to the knee is gone…he NEVER uses his prosthetic, and solely relies on his wheelchairs. He talks about how everyone uses him (EXCUSE ME???) to anybody that will listen. And it’s simply not true. He shouldn’t have expectations and assume people will feel “sorry” for him and be his maid when they didn’t do the mess! He has very strong muscled up arms and leg(s) and he’s totally capable of doing his own chores, I clean up after myself so you can’t tell i’ve been there. I’m infuriated and can’t stand coming out of my room anymore. Worried though that if he sics his jezebel ex-wife on me, I may be out on the street, Lord Jesus help me please.

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