Need your prayers

I need all your prayers as my family and I are going through a rough storm. I am a single dad and have a special needs 15-year-old son with autism and an 85-year-old mother. I am currently changing my work career and have to move from my current location as they are renovating this area in Illinois. Please pray for me to find a good place to move to, my new work in the financial industry that I am changing to. In addition, the devil is attacking my family as my 22-year-old daughter is having issues with me. Her mother and I have been divorced for 17 years. Please pray for my family and me.


Satan sure is having a field day with those who love Our Lord…BUT GOD knows ALL things, sees ALL things and is totally in control of ALL things. Tho it may seem that you’re faith is being tested…DON"T ALLOW IT.

Seek His face and wait on Him!


Lord, I pray that You would give Samuel wisdom from above to navigate his circumstances. Protect him and his family from the enemy. May Samuel experience Your sustaining presence in a variety of ways that can only be attributed to You. Bring him comfort and peace as he trust in You for all he needs. Thank You, Father for what You are about to do as You show Yourself strong in this family. In Jesus’ name, amen.


Hey there Samuel,
I’m sorry for the pain and changes facing you and your family, but so very thankful that you have come here to share your burdens and ask for us to join you in prayer. You sound like your hands are quite full— autistic son, 85-year-old mother, wayward daughter, new career and home— without your mate. Rough hand you hold there. This is a good place to find support and maybe a laugh or two. Seems like you could use some of both!

Have courage Samuel; the One Who holds you and yours, the One Who holds everything in His hands is your Abba! He’s got your back, He promises. I will gladly join you and others here in prayer to our Father.

May our Lord bless you and keep you and yours Samuel.
May the Lord make His face to shine upon you,
and be gracious to you.
May the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.


Father in Heaven,
Thank You for Samuel, his faith in You and all he does for his family. Thank You that he has asked us to join Him in seeking Your blessing. We praise You for it!

Please bless this family Lord, give them all they need, that You may be glorified in their life. Bless their move, their health, their relationships and their faithfulness. And please bless Samuel in his new career and in his efforts to provide his family a home and a life centered on worshipping You. Please mend the trouble between Samuel and his daughter; encourage her to put her trust in You and return to a healthy relationship with her family and a healthy lifestyle. Please keep this family in Your care and shelter them from all things not of You.

Please open the eyes and hearts of each member of this family to receive all You have for them. You alone are their strength, protection and security. We thank You for it! In the Name of Your only begotten Son Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer, we pray and praise You. Amen.


Sam- 30 years ago I was going thru much the same - had a handicapped son and one that was in jail - the LORDhas blessed me over time and now at almost 80 things have worked out fine -THANK YOU JESUS -my prayers r with you - ps I think you will do good in your new career - I changed during that time and went on to get CFP and reg invest advisor which was a blessing - things will wrk out - learn to count your blessings every day and thank the LORD - But look up - your redemption is coming soon - yours in CHRIST - Rrush CFP and sold out to CHRIST JESUS - MARANATHA


Dear Father in Heaven, in the boat there with Samuel and his family, we pray that you would just speak to these stormy seas and make the waters smooth. Open the way to a new location. Lead and direct Samuel’s path to a new place. Flood his heart with faith that you will provide for every need. . . Strength and wisdom and patience to care for his son and his mother. . . Reconciliation and understanding between he and his daughter. . . And your great love to pour out over him and his life to bring a refreshing of his spirit. May he just see your fingerprints all over this chapter of his life; molding it and shaping it into something beautiful. We ask in the name of Jesus, this, Father, or something even better. . . The more we could never imagine. . . Amen


I would like to encourage you to first read His word, seek His presence and if you can get ahold of this little not very long book. I am really struggling the last few days and today with my own inner conflicts due to a difficult painful situation. My thoughts are with you and prayers are in agreement all of those who have prayed for you.

You’ll get through this. It won’t be painless. It won’t be quick. But God will use this mess for good. In the meantime don’t be foolish or naive. But don’t despair either. With God’s help you will get through this. - God Will Use This for Good by Max Lucado

Sending you hugs.


He is right there with you Samuel. Take hold of His hand, trust Him and let Him lead you through this difficult path. He loves you and He Will see you through this.


I am so grateful for God’s people and this church in Hawaii. I listen to pastor JD every week. I still have to write to him as I have a big story. I have grown spiritually watching his sermons through the Holy Spirit. I can’t wait for the rapture.
Thank you all for your prayers, kind words, and encouragement through our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you all, in Jesus name, Amen.


Thank you for your hugs. God’s blessing to you in our Lord Jesus name.


It sounds like your plate is full, but God can carry it all for you. He knows how much you can bear, so just cry out to Him and reach for His hand.
I pray that God gives you strength to carry out all your duties as a son and father. Don’t be afraid to ask for help…it’s not weakness, it’s strength.

Keeping you and your family in prayer,



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Thank you all for your prayers. Our true and living God is an awesome God!! He loves us all so much. But God is doing miracles for me. I prayed and with all your prayers it is starting to get better with my daughter. That is step one and I still have to find an apartment. My 85-year-old mother is recovering from her mastectomy surgery last year and arthritis in both her knees has flared up. I pray at every step in this ordeal and God is working miracles for me at every juncture. But God has the last word and say, Amen. Thank you all for your prayers as I can feel God’s peace!! In Jesus name, Amen.


Yes! God is taking you through this difficult path as only He can!!!

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Thank you for your prayers!!