Needing wisdom and grace

Regarding treatment of elderly relative in hospital.

It seems to us that this particular geriatric ward has an agenda of placing patients into nursing homes. (previous experience 3 years ago was similar.)

Please pray for my husband as he acts as advocate with the doctor and other members of the team. Doctor keeps adding in medications which cause unfortunate side effects.

We are also praying for the relative to go home soon, where we can care for her until she is stronger. She seems to be deteriorating in the hospital situation. Also, because of a strict lockdown, she has been unable to have any visitors.

Thanks to all who read this and pray.


You are wise to ask for prayer on this matter. I believe the spirit is prompting you. My MIL, in her 90s, was in a nursing home at the beginning of Covid & they wouldn’t let anyone in to see her. I thought that was cruel. I wanted to bring her home even if I had to break her out, but the rest of the family was ok to leave her there. Well, like so many others, she died & & I still wish I had pushed harder to bring her home. Especially knowing now what I know about being unable to trust, or not knowing who to trust, in the medical & pharmaceutical professions. Personally, I think I will choose to die at home before placing myself in the care of anyone else. At least until there’s a change in our government which, I believe, will be the Kingdom of God in Heaven with Jesus as Lord!


That is sad to hear. Is this elderly person of sound mind? If so they can legally refuse treatment and thus be allowed to leave the hospital if that is a viable option. You may want to check with an attorney to make sure your state has not modified that at the state level. I know from my sister’s dear friend the troubles with the elderly and the poor care they often get. It was like pulling hens teeth to get her mother out of the nursing home but she did and now she cares for her at home. It is hard very hard as she is single low income but fortunately my sister is there to help.

Praying for divine intervention.


@Katherine Thank you for your empathy and prayers, Katherine.

Definitely agree.

As a daughter-in-law, you probably did not have the power to do what you wanted, if the rest of the family was against you. Very sad.
Thanks for your prayers and encouragement, Connie.

Sound enough, Jack, but sometimes, in the circumstances, gets a bit confused. Not assertive enough to contradict doctors, or request ambulance to go home, which is why my husband & I must be her advocates and need God’s guidance as to how to enable her to leave swiftly, in spite of Covid restrictions. Thanks for caring and praying and for your practical suggestion to obtain legal advice. Will do so today.
God bless your sister and her friend. And yes, “pulling hen’s teeth” - apt description.

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Is it possible to get them to sign documentation entrusting the care of that relative to your husband. I believe but check with a lawyer if you can that then you can force the issue of release. A lawyer would know best for you area and probably be able to draft up the right legal documentation. Because of age and occasional bouts with memory are mental instability I doubt the facility would accept yall just saying or even the relative saying they want to refuse care at that facility. In years past maybe but now, it will be like pulling hen’s teeth. So will be praying for a desired outcome.


Thanks again, Jack.
According to the law in our state in Australia, she does have the right to refuse treatment and leave hospital, provided she has capacity. But the medical staff might deny that she has capacity, as you imply. And I doubt they will help her walk to the desk where she can sign out, thereby proving her capacity. So, maybe it will be necessary to implement your suggestion.
Will prayerfully consider with my husband what step to take next…

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I did not realize you are in Australia. Ok if she can’t walk on her own is it allowed for you and your husband to assist her. That should be simple enough but there may be more to the situation than I know. Also I was speaking of the ability to refuse treatment based on US laws. I am not familiar with Australia’s laws.

I really hope you can get her out. My sister’s friend fought to do the same and it took time but she was successful. As such we all believe her mother has lasted much longer than if she had stayed.

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Praying, @Pax :hugs: What a difficult and frustrating situation.

Praying that the Lord will intervene on behalf of your relative and that He will grant wisdom, patience and strength to you and your husband as you advocate on her behalf with the medical staff.


Brief update
Family conference today with hospital ward team.
In spite of prior assurances that our relative’s and our wishes for her to be cared for by us in her own home would not be questioned in the meeting, we faced obstacles again.
They want one of us to undertake carer training at the same hospital that we were not allowed to visit for over a fortnight. In fact, they are trying to make this a condition of discharge.They are also saying the relative is too confused to decide anything for herself. Again they mentioned placement in a nursing home and , in addition, applying for public guardianship to make decisions on her behalf.

So our specific prayer request :pray:is now that her mind becomes so sharp that they have no hope of carrying out their evil plan and keeping"Sarah" from her home and beloved pet.

Thanks again to all who have been praying /will pray about this. I’m sorry I haven’t had much opportunity to be an intercessor for others lately.


Father God,

We thank You for the work being accomplished even now. We pray that “Sarah” will absolutely amaze the medical team with her clarity and focus, that she will be able to voice her will to go home to be with her animal companion, and that her physical health will vastly improve until we all fly out of here on a permanent vacation.

Trusting and leaning on You, Father!

In Jesus’ Name,



As of today, we are seeking a transfer to another hospital . “Sarah”'s GP thinks we will be able to extricate her more quickly from that one.

And already, she seems back to normal in her most recent conversation on the phone with us. Thankful to the Lord for these developments.


Heavenly Father, you know this situation that Pax is facing. You know the difficulties that are being used as hurdles to stop this family for caring for one of its own. We ask that you mercifully intervene on their behalf and that of the one in the hospital that they may be together as a family at their home like it was in the days of scripture where family took care of family.

In Jesus name Father we ask you provide that mercy.


Praise God for His grace and mercy.

By late Wednesday afternoon AEST we seemed to have no more options to pursue.

  • Various team members gave reasons why “Sarah” would not be recommended for transition care to home

  • A junior doctor said “Sarah” had been refused admission to another public hospital because she did not have “acute needs”

  • A private rehab hospital was willing to accept her but would need a referral from this public hospital medical team, who had already implied she had no potential to improve with such a program.

BUT God , “the defender of widows” had not abandoned “Sarah’s” case. We received a call from the specialist in charge after hours and the final outcome of the conversation was that this hospital would definitely discharge “Sarah” to her home and, because of her current “high care needs”, would first provide transition care, including physiotherapy to ensure that she regained her mobility before we took over her care at home.

Thank you again to all who have upheld us in prayer. :pray: Whenever I felt discouraged, I remembered the prayers of @Cinchacha , @BayouBushi & @anon43521308 I had read on the forum that morning and all the silent prayers too. May the Lord bless you richly for your kindness toward us.


Lord, please entrust this dear one into caring hands and may You be honored in this situation. Thank You for Your everlasting compassion, O Lord.


A good outcome
Physiotherapy is being provided in the hospital. Elderly relative, “Sarah” is being helped into a chair each day and is now able to walk a fair distance with a walker/rollator. Plans are in place for her to return home next Wednesday. The social worker will arrange for an in-hospital assessment for a higher level of home care assistance. After one month of having no visitors :frowning_face: she can now have her son visit for 3 consecutive days this week.
Praise God for all these developments.
Thanks again for all the prayers.


praise God :heart: He loves His own so much!!


Please forgive me for adding to your prayer request. I couldn’t get a new post started in the category drop. If it needs to be moved somewhere else, thank you if someone could help?

Will pray for God’s wisdom and grace concerning your prayer request. Perhaps my prayer request will be relevant to the caregiving of the elderly? God is with us. Love in Jesus…maranatha


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By the way, no need to apologise and I appreciate your prayers on our behalf and on behalf of all elderly in hospitals.
Praying for you to also discern His wisdom and receive grace as needed in your situation.
May the Lord keep you in PsalmsWay not Harm’s Way.