Nephews & mandate dynamics at work

okay I wasn’t gonna post again but I have some prayer requests and don’t know anywhere else to go for it. so thank you to anyone who prays for me.

first request, is for my 4 nephews. as we all know they are on the brink of having Pfizer “approved” for 5-11 year olds. this is the range of my nephews’ ages and I’m pretty sure their jabbed parents are going to do this to them. praying for a miracle. I’m so depressed thinking about that.

second request, I have started a new job recently. I have been volunteering there for a few years and they have allowed me to flout the mask requirements theyve had there. they really need the help, and I was already there, so they’ve let me get away without a mask.

when a cashier position opened up last year, they offered me the job, but I didn’t take it, because they’d make me wear a mask (customer service position seeing all the customers up close).

but now another cashier position opened up last week, and this time, they turned to me again. they said it’s my choice whether I wear a mask. so I took the job!! I like being a housewife, and I really didn’t have time for full time work right now, BUT I saw it as a great opportunity to change the tide at this thrift store. if I’m maskless up front, how can they continue to require masks for everyone else, including customers?

so I worked all last week and it was fine. one of the old men working there questioned me, I told him Judy (the owner) had let me be like this. he said he would talk to her… and lo and behold, he no longer wears a mask, for 2 days now!!!


then yesterday another formidable figure questioned me. the president of the board. his concern is that we could get in trouble. I told him that lots of places around here are getting away with it just fine. so HE said he will talk to Judy about it. good deal.

so this morning I will be going back in to work, and we will see how it turned out. will they try to force me? or ask me to step down? or will I continue changing the tide, and convince them to remove the “masks required” sign from the front door?

so those are my 2 prayer requests. for the protection of my vulnerable nephews, and for the continued protection at my place of work, possibly changing their tide.

thank you <3


Praying. :+1:


Hey Alison (with one ‘l’)!
Good to see you, and of course we’ll pray for you.
Lord, cover @alllllz ‘s nephews with your wings and let no harm come to them. Knowing they are not of the age of “reason”, they are under their parents’ rule, but we ask you Lord to speak truth to the parents and give them insight into the dangers. However, we know you will not let harm come to them no matter the outcome.

Lord, let Alison’s light shine in the workplace so that she can draw others to you in these last days. You have removed the masks, Lord, so that the lost can see the shining smiles of your people. We are blessed, Father. Bless those who come in contact with us as we rush to get the harvest in on time.

In Jesus’ name,


I am agreeing in prayer with others here and will pray for your nephews and yourself as well. Keep your light shining forth in Jesus name. :pray: :pray: :pray: