Nicholas on the move

Ok TS Nicholas is now official. At current information it is a TS but that can still mean winds up to 73 mph. Texas Gulf coast appears to be the most likely area of problems before making land fall S/SE of Houston before heading in land up the west side of the Sabine river. Some tidal surge can be expected along the coast as it moves north. At land fall that surge with then extend eastward along the Louisiana coast. Coastal rivers and marshes will see some in flow off the Gulf but also some rain as well. The combination of surge and rain will likely bring local flooding on the low lying places from Texas to Louisiana. Any one living in those areas should already be making plans to deal with it or leave.


This is disheartening. :pray:

So far does not look all that bad. If it stays down to the 40-50 mph range it will not likely do a lot of damage. It is the rain that is trouble if it is way to much. All low land along the Texas coast so flooding is a garauntee.


Sadly, this.

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Is there an update? I read on our ‘news’ today it’s pretty bad.

I can tell you what I have seen as of this morning. First it made land fall barely a Cat 1 hurricane. Winds peaked at 75 mph It quickly down graded to a TS as it moved further on shore. Biggest problem is rain more than wind. Saw videos of people driving down the road late last night on Galveston Island. From those I can estimate they are about what I used to drive through in Japan when several typhoons came though. Windy yes but not enough to do real structural damage. Rain was heavy and as the day warms up that rain will increase mostly to the east near Beaumont TX as well as into SW and south Louisiana. Flash flooding and localized flooding in a day or so are the to biggest problems to deal with. There may be some power outages but not likely to be a lot and it will be sporadic to areas that might see slightly more intense winds. Much of it will be from limbs coming down on power wires as oppsed to power wires being knocked down and severed. Last check with my sister in SW Louisiana it is gusty but not bad and the rain is coming through in waves but not what they would call really strong. Later today that might change.

Thanks. Our news made it out as very damaging, but thought i’d better check here with the experts lol. Call me crazy but I don’t believe anything they say on our fake news.


That is not a sign of insanity, it is a sign of discernment. Now I ain’t no expert but I have a life time of dealing with hurricanes and typhoons in the Pacific. But I have family in harms way in Louisiana so I follow them closely.

You have to remember as bad as the news is with political leaning it is still the news which follows an age old saying, If it bleeds, it leads. That simply means the more horrific the event be it a shooting, a storm, etc the better the sales will be. Their is as much money in gore as their is in porn sometimes. The other side is that every news person is shooting for their 15 minutes of fame when they get their Pulitzer prize.

Good to know I’m not crazy :sunglasses:.
I’m still not quite over the shock of learning how lying and deceiving the news is since…well…a while I guess. I just started to notice when this c-thing started.
We just had a press conference from our pm. Even without listening all I heard was “Blahblablablablah” :joy:

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