🕰 Nostalgia - Older people or anyone may enjoy this

Yes!! Exactly!
I guess we need to accept that things are different now. Remembering the “good ole days” are our fondest memories because of how everything has changed.
Dear Heavenly Father,
Lord, let us remember, and feel, how good life was for us not so long ago.
This world is so different now and we miss the way things use to be.
Give us comfort and guide us on this new roadmap to life.
We love you and need you more than ever.
Come Lord Jesus…quickly.


Yes, everyone was a proud American back then. The community kept an eye out for one another and the kids. Now, we don’t know our neighbors!! So sad!


Amen and Amen


never had the pleasure. probably a good thing but I’d still try it if I get a chance lol


Yes! When I was growing up, and raising the kiddos to place the hand on the heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, or the anthem seems like a distant memory. How life has changed!

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Wow…memories are flooding in. We played tag, red light green light, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey, go fish, jump rope and marbles. I had an incredible marble collection that I saved and proudly gave to my little granddaughter but it was discarded like trash. I also saved my little golden books collection that was also unappreciated when given as well. On rainy days we stayed in and played with our things. I was an unusual little girl who preferred my train collection to dolls. Forts were built by moving the furniture around and using blankets for cover. As children we were read to at bedtime then said our prayers before sleep. We had keepsakes passed down from generation to generation but now nothing preowned is valued.
Parents were obeyed and rudeness wasn’t tolerated. The police were revered and respected. Our flag was precious and each day in school began with The Pledge of Allegiance.
Those were the days of innocence and FAMILY. Mothering and wiving were an art form to be emulated.
Music was melodic and my days of reading our Encyclopedia Britannica volume by volume for fun is now an incomprehensible thought. There were family picnics to be shared and at dusk we watched fireflies and were in awe of the uncountable stars above.

Now all I want is to be taken at the trump’s sound and spend eternity in heaven where only good will exist with my Lord.


Kids can’t go barefoot anymore because of the risks of stepping on a hypodermic needle from the drug addicts. Even I at 61 years old would love to go running barefoot in the grass again! And I just might do that soon!


good point. as for my nephews though, this is their own backyard, and in a quite sheltered & well-to-do area. no risk of needles there. their father, my brother, told me it’s “hoosier” to be barefoot. so it’s an image thing for him, and a paranoia thing when it comes to their mom lol. I don’t think she was ever allowed to play like we did.

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I think there’s something healthy about going barefoot for kids. I’m not sure what but it feels proper. Our kids run barefoot all day. Same with pulling an egg out of the chicken coup. Hearing milk hit the bottom of a stainless pail. Pulling a carrot out of the garden and wiping it off with a shirt and eating it. Catching frogs at a pond. Swimming in a pond. All of these things just seem proper for any kid to do. Having a BB gun is part of growing up. Having pets. Running around a barn trying to catch kittens. Great topic.


totally agree! if I hadn’t been that way, my feet would not be nearly as tough. I think it’s supposed to be a part of being human. I’m glad to hear your kids get to have that life, proper indeed!!


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Spot on!!!


Not sure I could walk barefoot in the grass any more to many rocks to get there.


Oh how I remember those days, playing outside till dark with all the neighborhood kids, looking forward to getting an ice cream cone, what a special treat (we only could afford the nickel cones and I always wanted that cone that cost a quarter). We were taught to be respectful to all adults and we learned not to “whine” to mom that we were bored…because believe me if you were bored, she had some really “fun” stuff for us to do (my brother’s personal favorite was having to wash woodwork…NOT)… :laughing: :laughing:


Cuts, scrapes, bruises and falls all in a good days worth of childhood. :blush:


I still go barefoot at 60. LOL.

Loved being out in the garden with my granny. Picking tomatoes off the vine and eating like an apple. Blowing dandelions and watching them float in the wind or holding a buttercup under your chin to see if you like butter.

Or anyone remember popping the tar bubbles in the asphalt with a stick. Playing those hand clapping games with friends… I don’t even remember what they were called now.


you have a good memory since you didn’t do it yourself!

My mother told me, If I was goodie.
Then she would buy me a rubber dolly.
My sister told her I kissed a soldier,
Now she won’t buy me a rubber dolly.

Three six nine, the goose drank wine.
The monkey chewed tobacco on the fishing line.
The line broke, the monkey got choked
And they all went to heaven in a little rowboat

PS. that’s pretty morbid! I don’t remember even thinking about it back then though.


Dang, I remember it sticking hot to my bare feet!



ALL of the old photos of me showed band-aids on my knees from roller skating on our cobblestone streets. We played hide and seek or you’re it., mother may I, Simon says and a simple string provided hours of fun with cat’s cradle. There was no sitting around alone with a device in hand to text…there were always groups of kids running around. I remember when I got my first pink spalding ball that I spent hours throwing against the wall of our building…and how about jacks and pick up sticks. When I was a child had a pogo stick and a bongo board.
Even tv shows were wholesome…like Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Hopalon Cassidy, and the original Loony Toons. I’ll never forget Howdy Doody and his friends, Buffalo Bob Smith, Clarabell the clown, Phineas T Bluster, Cheif Thunderthud, Flub-A Dub, Princess Summerfallwinterspring, J. Cornelius Cobb, and Dilly Dally and how about Kukla, Fran and Ollie along with their friends…Oliver J. Dragon, Madame Ophelia Ooglepuss, Buelah Witch, Fletcher Rabbit, Colonel Richard Hooper Crackie, Cecil Bill, Mercedes, Doloras Dragon, Werner von Worm, Mrs. Dragon, Miss Coo-Coo, Paul Pookenschlagel, Perry Porpoise, Hubert Skunk, Herbert Hare, Felicia Rabbit, and Honey Bird. ALL just sweet fun!
You know what…even now at 75 years of age I’d love watching them again!


The only thing I saw was Loony Tunes. I am not from the states so those other things you mentioned I am not familiar with. Except the Lone Ranger but I never saw the television series.