🕰 Nostalgia - Older people or anyone may enjoy this

Cuts, scrapes, bruises and falls all in a good days worth of childhood. :blush:


I still go barefoot at 60. LOL.

Loved being out in the garden with my granny. Picking tomatoes off the vine and eating like an apple. Blowing dandelions and watching them float in the wind or holding a buttercup under your chin to see if you like butter.

Or anyone remember popping the tar bubbles in the asphalt with a stick. Playing those hand clapping games with friends… I don’t even remember what they were called now.


you have a good memory since you didn’t do it yourself!

My mother told me, If I was goodie.
Then she would buy me a rubber dolly.
My sister told her I kissed a soldier,
Now she won’t buy me a rubber dolly.

Three six nine, the goose drank wine.
The monkey chewed tobacco on the fishing line.
The line broke, the monkey got choked
And they all went to heaven in a little rowboat

PS. that’s pretty morbid! I don’t remember even thinking about it back then though.


Dang, I remember it sticking hot to my bare feet!



ALL of the old photos of me showed band-aids on my knees from roller skating on our cobblestone streets. We played hide and seek or you’re it., mother may I, Simon says and a simple string provided hours of fun with cat’s cradle. There was no sitting around alone with a device in hand to text…there were always groups of kids running around. I remember when I got my first pink spalding ball that I spent hours throwing against the wall of our building…and how about jacks and pick up sticks. When I was a child had a pogo stick and a bongo board.
Even tv shows were wholesome…like Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Hopalon Cassidy, and the original Loony Toons. I’ll never forget Howdy Doody and his friends, Buffalo Bob Smith, Clarabell the clown, Phineas T Bluster, Cheif Thunderthud, Flub-A Dub, Princess Summerfallwinterspring, J. Cornelius Cobb, and Dilly Dally and how about Kukla, Fran and Ollie along with their friends…Oliver J. Dragon, Madame Ophelia Ooglepuss, Buelah Witch, Fletcher Rabbit, Colonel Richard Hooper Crackie, Cecil Bill, Mercedes, Doloras Dragon, Werner von Worm, Mrs. Dragon, Miss Coo-Coo, Paul Pookenschlagel, Perry Porpoise, Hubert Skunk, Herbert Hare, Felicia Rabbit, and Honey Bird. ALL just sweet fun!
You know what…even now at 75 years of age I’d love watching them again!


The only thing I saw was Loony Tunes. I am not from the states so those other things you mentioned I am not familiar with. Except the Lone Ranger but I never saw the television series.


How about ‘Rock-a-bye Baby/Hush-a-bye Baby on a tree top’ ?

Suspending dexterously inept infants from feeble-boughed forestry is like…point 3.12.2(a)(8th edition) of Health and Safety Reg violations now. And rightly so!



Danke schön for the nightmares @Saved-by-Grace ;p

Now if you’ll excuse me I must go scour the book of Revelation for cross-references to the ‘rider’…


I loved playing badminton on summer evenings with my Dad on the front lawn. And roller skating on the sidewalks (never heard of rinks back then) which yep, always had skinned knees. But my most favorite thing was just walking around the seashore looking for all sorts of treasures as grew up in the Tidewater area.

As for TV shows, I didn’t watch it too much as was mostly outside or either reading books (ADORED books) but I loved Timmy and Lassie (and own four of my very own Lassies today).


Here are a couple that if you do not understand them, you are not old enough. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I am your father


^ got both of those in a flash (v3)

…i’m old.

thanks for the unsolicited dendrochronology @BayouBushi


Old age doesn’t have to be drudgery. It can still be fun especially messing with the minds of the youth. I do it all the time. Now most of the young people around me never know if I am being serious or messing with their heads. Gotta love that.


The things I did as a kid. First was finding old discarded bicycles every Christmas when the new ones were given as gifts. My first three bikes I made from parts. Stingray style was the most popular and long raked choppers for motorcycles were the rage so we turned our stingrays into pedal choppers but cutting off the fork and attaching conduit pipes as straight forks. We made the heavy motorcycle sounds with blown up balloons tide to the back frame where the spokes would beat against them.

Being the child of a WWII vet I watched probably every WWII movie ever made. We played army with what ever we had, BB guns, cork guns, or sticks we fashioned to look like guns. We built forts as best as we could playing cowboys and Indians.

As we got older and one guy got one of those 50 cc Honda minibikes we would wait for the heavy rains to flood the streets and then we would strap on piece of flat lumber to our feet and water ski in the streets being pulled by a rope tied to the back of the minibike.

Another fun thing was before boogey boards came out we would cut a large flat board to rounded on one edge. Then we would lay it on the grass at the edge of where the water backed up and flooded the yard. Then we would back up run and jump on the board and surf the shallow water.

Before bungy jumping became popular we would take old bicycle innertubes and string them together to make a long innertube rope. At one end would would make kind of harness so we could put it on. The other end was tied well into the highest limb we could reach in the tallest tree in the neighborhood then we would jump out like parachute training. That is what we called it.

Taking old blankets and put them over the wire clothes lines were our tents when we camped out in the back yard during the summer.

Summers were days of up with the sun, a quick breakfast and then rounding up the neighborhood kids for an all day game of sandlot base ball. Most of the time it was with plastic bats and balls but some time we would go to the near by elementary school which had and actual baseball diamond and use real gloves, wooden bats, and hardballs.

If we got really bored with that it was an 18 mile ride across town to the local lake to swim all day and then an 18 mile ride back to be home in time for dinner. After dinner it was back outside till the street lights came on.

For money, at first we rode along the highway and a couple of close by roads that had deep ditches collecting coke bottles. We got a nickel a bottle. With that we could keep ourselves in all the candy and soda we could dream of.

We learned to hunt by shooting robins with BB guns and then cleaning them and cooking them over an open fire. Not much meat but with a little seasoning and BBQ sauce they weren’t half bad.

It was nothing to grab a cane pole, dig up some worms, hit the local 5 and dime store for some fishing line, some hooks, and a cork or two and go catch fish in the near by river or one of the big stocked dig outs that lined the freeway near every over pass. In Louisiana they have flat land so they had to dig big holes to get enough dirt to build the lead up to the over pass. They filled with water and then got stocked with fish.

We built tree houses out of scavenged lumber that we could find.

On the rare nights we were allowed to stay out after dark for an hour or so we would grab the mason jars and catch fireflies to make lanterns. Not a lot of light but a lot of fun.

School time was crazy as we would get new clothes or hand me downs and then take the old clothes and turn them into summer clothes for the next year by cutting off sleeves from shirts and legs from jeans for shorts. Never worried much about shoes though as we ran bare foot in the grass on the hot pavement and over fences and up and down trees. The soles of our feet were so calloused that it was like having shoes one. After a while the only way to know you got stung by a honey bee was to see the stinger sticking out. We didn’t feel it at all unless they stung us some place else.

When the 4th of July came around it was a real treat. We would have fireworks wars shooting bottle rockets and Roman candles at each other. A few burns here and there but nothing to be worried about.

Never worried about being hungry. There were always enough Moms home making lunches for their own and other kids or we went to our own homes and made our own lunches. No plastic bottles because we drank right out of the nearest hose we could find for water.

When we came of age enough we would scavenge old lawnmowers and edgers and rebuild the motors and make go carts out of them. Learned to engineer them with the help of our fathers as the knew that was the beginning of us learning how to drive. By the time we were old enough to learn to drive a car most of us were well accomplished about keeping steady in the road, making turns, etc. The only thing we needed to learn was how to handle the clutch and shifter. Most all of us boys and some girls could pass our driving test when we were not even old enough to be eligible for a license.

There was so much that we used and reused or repurposed that trash was relegated to very little and most of that junk mail, what was swept up off the floor and a very few containers that came from the store. Nothing was out of bounds to be converted to some kind of toy or thing to be used to have fun.

That was the 50s and 60s life for a young boy on the Gulf south coast.


My kids don’t go barefoot either but only because they’ve heard about the bazillion times I got stung in the bottom of my feet running through the clover in our yard as a kid…and I still refused to wear shoes in our yard growing up. :smile:

YEEESSS!!! Used to play all the time, but when my Grandmother played everyone scattered. On occasion they’d get away from her straight up in the air! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I am your Father

I like that one a lot!


I threw one through my toe as a kid. By the grace of God it didn’t go into my head for I had thrown it straight up.


Miss Mary Mack Mack Mack
All dressed in black black black
With silver buttons buttons buttons
All down her back back back…

This also reminds me of when we’d circle up and one person would tap fists to eliminate and determine who got to go first, etc. Usually it was:

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Catch a tiger by the toe
If he hollers let him go
Out goes y-o-u

However, my brother’s friend taught us:

My mother and your mother
Were hanging out clothes
My mother punched your mother
Right in the nose
What color was the blood?
(Tapped person picked a color to be spelled out to finish)


And the new version looks like overgrown Weeble Wobbles.