Not doing very well

Heavenly daddy,

please give my sister sweet peaceful rest in Jesus as she sleeps, surround her with your angels to watch over her in the name above all names Jesus Christ Yeshua :two_hearts::cloud::stars::last_quarter_moon_with_face::cloud:


Thank you my dear friend, sister in Christ. Thank you for not telling at me and being so kind.

I thank you Yeshua for my sister who stood up with me. Thank you Lord for the few times a month that I can get out and spread the word.

God Bless


Mental illness from severe abuse from a Narsasistic mother… Result… CPTSD, Depression, anxiety, social phobia, flash backs, night terrors and agoraphobia.

Most Christians… Have more faith. Do you pray, do you talk to God? They say I choose to be like this. Who in the world would choose this hell??

Tired of being judged. That is why I stay in here where it is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit giving direction from Jesus.

People wonder why I hand out tracts and stay in my home clinging to Jesus. He is the only one who loves me unconditionally.

Praise you Jesus. To cry this world calls weakness I call it recharging. Taking out the old and putting in new.

But if staying in this trailer keeps me from the world and close to Jesus then I am fine let us be.




Sad that this may be happening here.
I have seen others posting about the problems with Narcisstic mothers and receiving empathy. If you search that term Narcissistic in the forum you will find what I am referring to.

Sending :heart: :blue_heart: :orange_heart: :green_heart: :brown_heart: :purple_heart:- a :rainbow: of hearts to you.

I am not and do not ever want sympathy. In the ‘world’ we have councilors, therapists, phycotherapists and we go to them pay them a lot of money or the insurance does to ask you " how does that make you feel?" What is on your shelf in your mind? Did you love your dad and dislike your mom? Then we just talk and they say um hum and ah while writing the whole time on a notebook which you never get to see. 8 years never helped me.

The only thing that did work was ask Jesus into my life. Ask Him to forgive my sins PAST, present and future. Some say ask for forgiveness when a thought comes in your head. Jesus said. “It Is Finished.”

The work is finished. He remembers your past sins no more. Stop giving the enemy attention. But we still stumble. Ask for forgiveness He will… Forgive yourself and go on… It is now a past sin. Try real hard not to do it again.

He has new Grace for us everyday. But those of us who truly love Him strive to do the right thing. I had a Grandma I loved she treated me very nice. I tried to be good for her. My mom was mean I did not try so hard. Hope that makes sense.

Lovingly His


Thank you for sharing that powerful testimony.