🚫 NOT today, satan! This letter nearly broke my heart

My youngest daughter has cerebral palsy, uses a power wheelchair and is dependent on us for pretty much every aspect of life. At nearly 5 years old, she accepted Christ as Savior after hearing Bible accounts in church and I shared the gospel with her using the wordless book.

However, about 8 years later and she still struggles with assurance of her salvation. Because of that, overhearing prophecy/news related talk makes her afraid. Here it is in her own words, transcribed by her sister. Please keep her (and other kids with similar challenges) in your prayers! (and us parents that we find ways to help her grasp the Truth of God and his great love for her). :two_hearts:

Edit: And please ask God to keep satan’s minions and his stinking LIES out of our house and our kids’ heads!


Dear Paula, such heavy thoughts for a 13 yr old. The enemy is surely wanting our kids, but I will agree with you right now for the Holy Spirit to minister to her and you. I could say quite a bit right now about what she is feeling, but for now I am going before the Lord on her behalf.

The Lord, thy God in the midst of thee is MIGHTY! Zephaniah 3:17

as I finished praying the Lord brought to my remembrance the things I did will my girls and my kids at Sunday School when they were fearful. We sang their favorite worship songs, read Bible stories, memorized the books of the Bible, played games that taught about the Bible. Pray over her room, removing anything that is not pleasing to God from her surroundings. Even things that may seem harmless (Harry Potter books, etc) are not harmless. I pray this is something that can help!


Praying for your beautifully honest daughter.


I’ll be praying tonight that she opens her eyes and heart on this topic in ways she never thought possible.


Prayers for her god bless


Praise God for communication, first of all. Those are heavy things to carry in one’s heart. Praise God for a family who sees to the spiritual needs of each other—especially in reaching out to a family member who could so easily keep these thoughts hidden. I am stopping to pray for your daughter in her sorting things out, and also for you all as you look for ways to nurture her spiritually.:hibiscus:


Oh Paula, this breaks my heart. Such heart felt words. God knows her heart and she wants to ‘do’ things so bad. If she didn’t believe, she wouldn’t be worried about those things.
It is a heavy burden for her to carry and I will pray for her and your family.
I do pray and hope she finds the comfort and assurance she needs.
God loves her so so much and I am sure he will reach down and give her that assurance she needs.
Praying along with all. :pray: :pray: :pray:


I accepted Christ when I was 7 years old and I heard a lot of prophecy in the 70’s. So I can relate to what she is feeling. I grew to love prophecy but I was fearful at times when I was young. What if….I’m not saved and thought I was etc. yes those are Satans lies, but there is a lot we as adults have a hard time understanding. The concepts and information about BP may simply be too much for her age or maturity to handle. ( I think that’s sometimes true for young or immature believers as well) ( baby steps)

She needs to know in her heart that Gods got her. That’s what I am praying for.

“And the LORD, He is the One who goes before you. He will be with you, He will not leave you nor forsake you; do not fear nor be dismayed.“ (Deuteronomy 31:8 NKJV)

Edit: I too found scripture so hard to read when I was young. As a young adult I was determined that would change, so I started out with a flip calendar with one Bible verse on it and meditated in that. I also went to a New King James.

That simple thing of committing to being in the word and expecting God to teach me changed my life forever.


Hello Paula @pbandj,
First, what a beautiful and articulate girl your Megan is! Most 13-year-olds do not have that clarity of heart or mind. I can only imagine how proud of her you guys must be. It’s quite a blessing that Megan can be so honest and that she trusts her sister enough to bare her soul. How thankful you must be for those things, even though the contents of that letter break your heart.

Second I will pray Miss Megan finds the comfort and assurance she needs. She said that having a relationship with God is difficult because He doesn’t talk to her. I’m 60 and I still find myself struggling with that very thing. I think we all do, at least every now and then— probably why Jesus told Thomas that those who do not see Him and believe are blessed. Hopefully as we mature, we learn that He does speak through scripture. You might show Megan James 1:5 and encourage her to pray for wisdom.

Megan said that she has a hard time staying focused when she reads the Bible. I know that there is a Bible that’s done wholly in cartoon… here are a couple more girly ideas.

Listening to the Bible is a wonderful way to learn. In the mornings we use an audio Bible narrated by Max McLean. We saw him do the Screwtape Letters and the audio Bible was my ‘souvenir.’ I had wanted it it for a while….

I have bought another audio Bible— the NIV Live, A Bible Experience. I will gladly send it to you. It’s brand new, complete… but I like listening to Max McLean better. Look up the one I’m offering and if you’re interested, send me a message with your address. I’ve tried to give it away several times; perhaps it was meant to go to Megan. Just googled ‘audio Bible for teens.’ There might be something online or an app that would resonate with Megan as well. Most the people that were alive when the Bible was being penned heard it rather than read it. I would encourage Megan to follow along in a printed copy though— even Max McLean leaves a word or sentence out every now and then. Maybe you guys could listen as a family!

There’s also the option to listen to one teacher go through one book and Megan might enjoy that. I like Brett Meador from Athey Creek and Jay McCarl from Georgetown Divide right now. But they both add history and prophecy into their teachings. They are both alive and that might be more appealing to a teen than some dead guy like Missler, Feldick, or Sproul. Maybe there’s a youth pastor who teaches through whole books… or even who teaches topically. YouTube has tons of videos along this line.

I taught confirmation classes for a couple years. The two stories that resonated most with the kids I taught were the story of Mary and Joseph (and Jesus eventually) and the story of Ruth (my very favorite). I gave them tons of history along with scripture, using PowerPoint for visuals. My kids said the extra information made those stories come alive.

Well this post is way long so I will close. I’d love to talk about why prophecy is there so we won’t be afraid, but will leave that for another time. Know that your family is ever in our prayers, and I’ll be specific for what I now know Megan needs. Be blessed in your search to make the Bible come alive for Megan!


That’s a lot of deep thought for her especially when most 13 year old girls basically focus way too much on makeup, clothes, boys, etc.

I’m praying for her. It is a good sign that she is saved because she is so worried about ….not being saved. The end times prophecies, Tribulation and what’s going on is scary for adults let alone a young teenager. So she has valid feelings. It seems she needs assurance that God has her in his palm and will not let her out of it.

For her to link the concept of believing with her whole heart is quite perceptive. But what sticks out in her sentence of saying that is “ I THINK “.
It may be helpful to show her the difference between faith versus feelings( facts versus thoughts) when it comes to the promises of God.

It may also help to read scriptures with her that focus on the love, faithfulness, care, compassion, and heart Jesus has for children in general and of course his children ( believers). There are many comforting verses that could counter her fears and calm her mind.

She does likely need a break from news, prophecy, and the “ doom and gloom “ that is coming and that accompanies the world now and in the future.

It may help tiniest with her and have her tell God out loud what she feels but also to have her simply ask him to help her, protect her and comfort her ( not a salvation based prayer, just a good old what she is feeling prayer).

Well, my two cents of advice may or may not help but I will definitely pray for her and your family to navigate all this together :pray::relaxed::heart:


Excellent advice (as always) Steph @Stephmerm. I really like the advice to clarify (for Megan) the difference between feelings and faith-and how faith is superior to experience.

I’ve borrowed the idea of “boom and zoom” from Brett Meador; so much more comforting than doom and gloom. When they predict doom and gloom, remember boom and zoom!


Paula - A very poignant and touching letter, and I agree with others on this thread, who have noted her maturity, her thinking skills, and her ability to articulate her thought. You have clearly raised a gem, which is far from the usual these days. And Merrilee is right - at least she is communicating about things; something almost unheard of with 13 yr old

Just being 13 is tough enough…I wish I could offer you “the answer” but it may help her to know that many (most?) mature believers have struggled with the exact same things at some point in their lives - including me - and that the things that were most confusing to us then ultimately became clearer enough to give us peace. For now it may be enough for her to know that she is not alone- which is a tactic that the enemy uses al the time, convincing people that no one else has the same problems. And to GR’s point, God has rarely spoken to my heart (3 or 4 times) in the 38 years since He saved me. It has been said that if you want God to speak to you, read His word; and if you want Him to speak audibly, read it out loud!
Regarding Revelation, she doesn’t need to be reading that book until she is older. My daughter - who turns 37 (yikes!) on Sunday - told me that she has never studied Revelation for the same reasons your daughter has!
So for now, until God works it out, it may be better for her just to reads a chapter of Proverbs each day and Psalms 1-31, and repeat that every month for awhile.
You can also point out the Bible verses that provide assurance of her salvation
Here is a link to a few but the web search I used came up with lots more…

I will pray for God to bring Megan His peace and comfort


Paula, this is such a crushing burden for a parent to carry. And for a 13 year old. She’s obviously crying out for help. I will pray that you will have wisdom on helping her . God loves her and wants her to have peace.


I am praying for your daughter. May God ease her fears, anxiety and show her HE is with her. In Jesus’s name. Amen.


This is a great rendition of the Gospel of John word for word. I have used with my kids

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Dear Paula - so sorry I have missed this. Have prayed for the Lord to encourage Megan’s heart and for continued strength for you and your husband as parents to an obviously amazingly bright and articulate daughter.

It may be worth mentioning to Megan in passing how she has moved so many to pray; this is not something that happens absent God who is love - 1 John 4:8 and who works all things for good for those that love him - Romans 8:28.

As for being “left behind and that no one will be there to help me” - utter pish-posh. Megan you will not be left behind because if you have sincerely accepted Christ then regardless what you feel day-to-day your salvation is secured in Him:

28 And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand. 29 My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand. 30 I and My Father are one.”

John 10

3 For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior, 4 who desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth. 5 For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus,

1 Timothy 2

In Christ


@pbandj Hi, prophecies are indeed difficult to understand and to know if it’s fulfilled… the prophecies are more for Israel.

We already know the coming prophecies: Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 37-38, Daniel 9, Psalms 83.

Maybe you should focus her on the Gospels of Matthew, John, Genesis, the life of Jesus, the parables, some articles…

Did you already see the gospel videos of Lumo (YT)?
All the gospels are read and played.
Check the playlists.

Today I found that GotQuestions.org has a GotQuestions for kids: Bible Questions for Kids

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That dvd is on YT.

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