Nov 1 2020 - Bible Prophecy Update: "After The Election"

Pastor JD shares serious concerns about what may happen after the presidential elections this Tuesday, November 3rd.


I hope Pastor Farag knows that Pres. Trump is the MOST prolife President in history. I don’t know how a Christian can not support him.


Pastor JD Farag…
“God in His Word has told us what’s going to happen, before it happens, so when it begins to happen, non-believers will believe and believers will look up knowing our redemption draws near!”
JOHN 13:19 | JOHN 14:29 | LUKE 21:28

Dear Pastor JD,
Your ABC’s of Salvation have been a tremendous blessing to me in my outreach, which led to write…

Pic 1
A - Asteroid increase (Revelation 8:8)!
B - Birth pangs have increased in intensity and frequency (Matthew 24:8)!
C - Coronavirus pestilence (Matthew 24:6-8)!
D - Days of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39)!
E - Ecumenical movement led by the Pope Francis , A One World Religion (Revelation 13: 2-4, 7)!
F - Fig tree generation (Matthew 24:32-34 , Psalm 90:10)!
G - Gog Magog alliance is at the ready!
(Ezekiel 38)!
H - Harbinger to the (Daniel 9:27) covenant with many…The Abrahamic Accord Peace Treaty!!
I - (Isaiah 17) The destruction of Damascus!
J - Justification to completely overhaul the entire global economy Via The Great Reset , A One World Government (Revelation 13:1)!
K - Kingdom against kingdom (Matthew 24:7)!
L - Lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2:5-12)Something very important to point out here is that before the “Lawless One” makes his grand appearance the earth has to be conditioned for his arrival and that is done with the “Spirit of Lawlessness” that will be unleashed to prepare the way for the Antichrist! This is clearly seen above in the passage written by the Apostle Paul where he states “The mystery of lawlessness is already at work”. The enemy is working overtime in this final hour to unleash lawlessness to fill the earth to prepare the way for the Antichrist to make his grand appearance!!. LGBT,The exponential increase in wickedness (2 Tim. 3:1-5)!
Pic 2
M - Mocking and Scoffing (2 Peter 3:1-3)!
N -(NWO)New world order agenda-ID 2020(Revelation 13:1)!
O - One World Currency (Revelation 13:16-18)!
P - Purification of 3rd Temple vessels -The ashes of the Red Heifer (Matthew 24:15)!
Q - Quantum dot vaccine compliance tracking nanotech and biology-altering mRNA sequences that literally hijack the body’s cells , change the DNA and reprogram them to produce whatever protein sequences are engineered into the mRNA vaccines! THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS BEING REDIED!!(Revelation 13:16-18)!
R - Rebirth of Israel! Can a nation be born in a day(Isaiah 66:8)?
S - Swarms of locusts (Matthew 24:6-8)!
T- The Third Temple (Matthew 24:15)!
U - Unwalled villages (Ezekiel 38:11)!
V - Voice for Peace and saftey ! The words Peace and Safety have been resounding over the last 3 years ever since President Trump first revealed his DEAL OF THE CENTURY! Well over the last couple of months the echo, the decibels to those words have just gotten louder…
significantly louder!! To the believer its an indicator of the FINAL HOUR that we are in!
(1 Thessalonians 5:3)!
W - Wars and Rumours of Wars (Matthew 24:7-8)!
X - Covid-19 : An eXtermination plan for humanity!! (NWO)New world order agenda-(Revelation 13:1)!
Y - Yellowstone ready to erupt(Matthew 24:6-8)!!
Z - (Zechariah12: 1-3) Jerusalem a Cup of trembling!

Here is the above content on my website…

Pastor JD I’m known to sister Jan Markel and she has publised many of my articles. Your prophecy update last week on the Top 10 prophecies in play led me to write my latest article which sister Jan publised. Here’s the article…

My pdf on the TOP 20 END TIME SIGNS speaks on the 2 words CONVERGENCE and AGENDA that define the very final moments that we are living in!:

Thank you for your amazing ministry! I have been sending out all of your prophecy updates over the last 2 years to wake them up! The next event on God’s prophectic calender is the Rapture of the church!! Amen! Come even so Lord Jesus! God bless you dear Pastor JD and see you in the air!

Your brother in Christ
Keegan Fernandes
Watchman in the Wilderness


Love this weeks prophecy update. Pastor JD really shows his heart for the lost. I must admit, I really got a smack in the head too. I hadn’t even thought about praying for Hunter Biden. Will certainly do that and also for the church’s trouble with ATT. I know how difficult they are to work with just on a personal level.


Yes we ought to have compassion for the lost like our Saviour does.

Hunter Biden sins was exposed and magnified by media and internet many many times. But that does not tell us that he is a badder sinner (sorry for grammar) than us. All of us are born sinners.

Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God; (Problem)
Romans 3:24 Being justified freely by his grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus:(Solution)

The church needs to tell sinners of the solution given 2000 years ago.


It so cool how the Holy Sprit moves. I literally said something nearly identical to what J.D said about the thief on the cross to my dad who is a catholic. That blew my mind lol.


Great message of Pastor JD. I just watched it on YouTube. Praying that his Church will find a good lawyer who can find a loophole in the lease. I agree what JD says about the US election destroying America. Although I live in the UK I am hearing a lot about it. Some are turning the political event into a Christian Issue and claim that if people do not vote for a specific candidate they cannot be real Christians.As one who believes that God is STILL on control I really appreciate Pastor JDs neutrality on the election and the eventual result.
Maranatha Jesus.


That is so true. Lincoln also was not popular. The press of the time ripped him to pieces.

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I have been listening to your updates for several years now. And I’ve always respected what you have to say. Still do. But I’ve noticed a shift in your tone this year. Or maybe it’s a shift in mine?
It started with your take on Q. Or what you call “Qanon”. I don’t agree that it is new age. Perhaps there are those who are “new age” following Q. But I don’t agree that Q is “new age”. Like you pointed out in this video…A house divided cannot stand. Even Jesus himself asked: can Satan cast out Satan? When I read Q posts, I read about the desire to expose evil. And those that do it in our government. It’s unfortunate that new age seemingly has possseion of certain terms. But waking up people is what needs to happen.
The problem I am having is this: if Q is a deception. Then so is Trump. If Trump is a deception, then how can I vote for him?? Why has God seemingly answered prayers to expose these people only to do so with a deception?
As for people acting as Elijah, I believe that is human nature. Right or wrong. If God is silent, how can one NOT question the meaning?
Anyway, I was struck by your comment asking if we pray for Biden. I admit I haven’t. But I will start. But…I still believe that his crimes, his fathers, obummers, clintons, should all be exposed. I will not apologize for wanting that.


@K7 Hi Keegan… tx for your wonderful A to Z… I watch your YouTube videos… and Barry’s. What happened to Barry? Praying for you both. Lol Kariena from South Africa :pray:

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Hi sister Kina thank you so much for all your encouragement! The A to Z is up on my website as well…
Please do share it if you can.Bro Barry has just taken a brief pause due to his health condition. God bless you! Thank you so much for all your prayers.:ok_man:Final countdown!

First of all, my wife and I received great and timely humbling benefit from “After The Election”. From all available information is seems Trump will so overwhelmingly win this election both popular vote and electoral college that is will be unreal, huge, magnificent, EPIC.

But God.

God knows what He is doing and despite all indications seemingly clear enough regards who wins, it might NOT turn out that way - and to be sure, the devil and his minions both here and in the spiritual realm would surely have a role in that outcome; all allowed by God for nothing happens without God allowing it.

Like what JD stated, He may have something far different and even bigger in mind and He will achieve it. So, “But God”, and let’s pray, pray, pray.


Dear Pastor,

Been following the Bible Prophecy Updates now going on 5 years now. Many of times I watch what is going on in the US and it angers me, but the Holy Spirit convicts me and reminds me that Jesus died for all and instead of getting mad, need to lift them up in prayer. So when I was watching this last night and you made comments about specific individuals, they need Jesus. Well that same conviction came back. May all of our leaders from President to the lowest government office clerk come to know Christ. I am often reminded of Ephesians 6:12 that we wrestle with evil, not people. I am also reminded that many have given themselves over to seducing spirits. My prayer is that they all be set free from these seducing spirits and come to Christ. One thing I do know that God is in control. God bless you brother Farag, keep on going.


Thank you kwinford for your post. It reminded me of something, until right now as I type this, I had said no prayer for Hunter Biden. Well, he is in a very dark place and needs prayer deeply. Jesus died for even him on the cross, so I lift Hunter Biden up to you Lord.


I am trying to find out which update contained information about the Palestinians no longer being in existence.

@Jaggedrock Amen. We pray and pray. I have sorrow in my heart today for everyone… this world is so messed up. I just pray for all the weak, lonely, poor, sick and lost people… I pray that many more will be saved. Let’s stay strong and very courageous… Josh’s 1 v 7


We all desire the enemies of God and his believers should be revealed and put to shame in some way. However, all of these people do need Jesus. They need salvation. We should all want what Jesus wants. He is not willing that ANY should perish. But that ALL should come to repentance and salvation as WE did. The choice is up to them. But we should not want them to suffer loss in that situation. Yes, there are particular left liberals who we think deserve Hell for their anti-God views. But we need to see them through the eyes of Jesus. This remains the age of GRACE and not JUDGEMENT. Judgement will come at the proper time in God’s way of doing things. The best case scenario would be for them to see the error of their ways and beliefs as we did in our former condition. May God have mercy on us all.


That’s awesomely good. if that’s a word. lol

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Very powerful word today Brother JD! Continue speaking truth! I bear witness in my spirit with your messages every week!


:grin:Amen! All glory to our Lord! Please do share if you can!