Nov 1 2020 - Bible Prophecy Update: "After The Election"

Greetings @MultiverseJoe.

Pastor JD Farag did not say a specific date and/or hour where people should expect the Lord to come.

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Yes. These are the days we are in. I hear your concern. I know CJ. I know him for other reasons…did he say the end is coming? I totally hear where you are coming from. Of the appearance of two extremes, I would be naturally drawn to your point of view. I love JD a lot, even though on some key issues, I disagree quite a bit. I am appreciative of his ministry and that he is very interested in the fanning the flames of excitement in the saints towards Christ’s soon return. I also think it is healthy that you have a place to share and voice your concerns or where you disagree.

I have kind of a different take though than JD or you Joseph. I do see actually both sides or takes, yours and his. It is not so much that i am conflicted, but knowing what the tempered balancing out of those two differing worldviews can produce fruitfully. In respect to America’s conservative movement I am in your isle. And on understanding how varying saints are understanding what is going on (there are quite a bit of saints who hate or are disgusted with Trump and not able to see the goodness as much on the conservative side because of it), I am hopeful to better understand what is important to them. So my interest is becoming how to get a sense in how to help others who don’t see it as I. And what that help (encouragement or edification) might look like or mean. I have some very VERY strong convictions I have shared on this forum. And i don’t shy in saying. Or arguing. I am just saying that there is a large vast group of disenfranchised people that will see patriotism in current American packaging as idolatry or nearing it. I see something so radically different that distinguishing what I see aside from their concerns and is a very nuanced and almost an impossibility to convey. But i try. At the same time though, this forum (since pretty different than I think–although we do agree on much and i do adore JD’s demeanor…and even his stance…even though i don’t agree in places) helps me to sharping fellowship skills in a radically fractured world and church. Not to compromise. But to learn how what I see coming might be helpful. Not the return or Christ or the rapture. Something other. But, like I said, I am learning hopefully best how to go about sharing that.

In any case, I fully hear you Joseph and am encouraged by both a forum for you to speak out your concerns as well as Pastor JD providing a forum to do so as well (not to mention most churches do not believe it is endtimes—this is where you and I may differ Joseph). So the rest of this is kind of an essay of what my struggles are, as I understand them. This is not about the thing I see coming. This is about trying to understand differing ways to approach differences in the body (if that thing I see coming if true and if real).

To whatever extent it may be of encouragement, I have taken the opportunity to use your forthrightness to challenge me to grow in ways helpful to best search out how best to convey things to the siding of others so different from me…at least…that is my conviction. A conviction that is NOT conflicted between patriotism and standing up for the truth–I see those as a complimentary blend, not just because something is likely coming or the end be near, but precisely related to the very nature of what that is that i see coming. In other words, I do think it is end times and believe that God has set up a stage where patriotism, truth, and trust in Him have passionate relationship with one another–not because of the rapture but because of what is likely coming…and if so…and if be true…very soon (having nothing to do or any sentiment related to NAR…NAR is a false Christian cult and I can only hope that some may be saved in that movement aside from their idolatry). I am a cessationist by the way. I am not prophesying, and I am a futurist (meaning that we are on the verge of a 7 year tribulation after a rapture followed by a thousand year reign of Christ). I hope this little essay is helpful. I spent a few hours in respect to your post. Blessing.

Evil as Good / Good as Evil

On one hand there are convictions to trust God beyond what we don’t understand unfolding–which is likely the rubric here. In addition we have a society that has never seen the likes of a politician we have (the good and the bad), and in culture shock are elated or disgusted. Furthermore an advancement exists to demonize that politician by its opposition (which uses both reasonable concerns and radically unreasonable concerns and helps the masses to blend them together as one). More over, we have God fulfilling prophecy, and globalists with their agendas, and well intended folk in the middle with conventional convictions not necessarily aligned with the prime time convergence of events collapsing together into an epicenter witness of the entire world (with all our varying preconceived worldviews focused simultaneously upon it).

That ground zero actually has a better rubric than our first. It would appear to be the rubric of, “What do you think you see?” Which, to me, is reminiscent of “Who do you say that I am” or a Canaanite woman’s challenge of “I came for the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” We are called today to make of what well intended reasonably overzealous patriotism does when it meets a genuine concern to trust God in a world perhaps where neither extremity of either of those senses most profoundly discerns the actual soundness of its sublime context. Meaning likely that neither the social hermeneutic of patriotism by itself nor not patriotism but trusting God alone instead are, by themselves, the key to see correctly. If we look at the big picture, the picture that takes both extremes into account and works toward the healing and consideration of where there is divide more than the picture of the “selfie” (which we all do) of how well that conviction looks on us, that, I believe, is overcoming the enemies use of our convictions.

I perceive part of the dynamics the enemy uses today is to pit one against the other. It is a ripe time for that. I believe our generation has a measure of confusion over the place of convictions in our lives, not knowing the difference between having convictions and knowing what they are best for or how to use them in the moment. It is almost as if we got to a certain grade level in school where they taught us how to have convictions (convictions 101), how to tell others about ours, how to defend our convictions, also how to contrast our brothers convictions effectively.

In some ways we almost have to learn how to be overcomers…like we need to overcome overcoming one another. Even though we missed the course on “What to do with convictions” (convictions 102), it is good to realize before setting out a course for our own convictions that we best and deeper realize that even though we do not always know how to make best use of our convictions…the enemy certainly does. For this is his day. The age of ripe convictions primed at the ready for supernatural use…only that light too can get us into dark trouble. Trouble that may never be seen. But trouble non-the-less. Which is why I say: It is a day, not so much of whose conviction is more correct, but a day the enemy uses our own convictions to serve his interests of them–thus, we have need overcoming the enemies use of our convictions. That, to me…in Christ, is what to do when good is evil and evil is good and it becomes increasingly more difficult to know convictions conventional boundaries or which end is up anymore. Is it right to be patriotic? Yes. Is it right to proverbially support a sitting president (proverbs calls it folly not to…and all authority is given by God). Is it good to resist in a free society? Yes–or can be. Is it good to riot? No. is it good to trust God more than man and government? Yes. Is that conviction (which is good for you) good for another who understands trusting God in actions differently than you? Yes. Is our convictions of what is best for others or what is edifying for others always correct? No. Is understanding that others that see things differently may not be wrong? Yes. Is it necessary to have discernment to distinguish the difference between what is helpful and what is most edifying? Yes. All these things swirl along together today within the tornado of ideology implosion all around us. And the enemy loves that. The task, as I see it, is not to be the last man standing, but the first one standing outside the paradigm of the flesh…where both good and evil are the same.

The result of brewing in that flesh mire might have the tendency to become a pop-up book artwork story land where convictions become our avatars of personage. The dilemma of postmodernism is to be the person more than the avatar, and the dilemma of post postmodernism (ppModernism) is, I believe, to not allow ourselves to be intimidated by the versions of what we have believed about social norms. By intimidation i don’t mean that we should not continue in healthy respect of them. But rather, that we may tend to allow other ideologies (even good ones, like “Trust God,” or “I’m patriotic”) to war against our members where they might intimidate and move us slightly from a reasonable and otherwise steady course of an otherwise well grounded conviction.

For we are likely entering into an age where (we see it all around us) social norms are inverting, imploding, distorting, and dispossessing their originally understood form. ppModerism, to me = the ability to operate outside the social avatar. For example, social norms are colliding when we think, as a society, we should defund the police. Or let mass prisoners out of jail. Or accept intimidation and violence as healthy social correction etc. There is a blend of ideology that has ceased to be ideas and in its stead has become a conspiracy of our fragile idea boundaries intermarrying with categories that belong in completely separate idea families). We are the generation of good is evil and evil good.

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Hi Selise. Thanks for sharing. I will pray for your teen son. It is a very surreal time. I just wanted to say that I agree with your encouragement to trust on the Lord and not focus on man fixing things here…it looks way too far gone. However, I would like to offer something if it might be of interest (not knowing what might or might not be encouraging in your specific situation). I am very blessed to hear your heart in its positive outlook. Sure things will get severely dark for this world, but understanding how the Lord would have us navigate these days (beyond the basics of sharing Christ, prayer, bible study, reading his word, church) has an air of surrealness to it. I think your attitude toward voting is accurate. From my own research over the past several years, I believe Biden will not be our 2020 president. Not by a long shot. For the record, I am a cessationist. I don’t subscribe to NAR, and I believe a 7 year tribulation is heart beats away…followed by a thousand year reign of Christ–to give you an idea of my perspective.

I do have something interesting and unusual I can share if you are open to that. It has to do with Trump and God’s timing. Not that he is the antichrist or the savior of the world. But some things have stood out to me in scripture recently that might be helpful to understand if it is the way I am starting to understand possibly. If true, it would not be small. But i don’t see any churches open in teaching the possibility. It would have to do with understanding something a bit more clearly if Trump gets reelected 2020 (which I see mostly as the only path ahead–I would be incredibly shocked if Biden remains the winner). This is based on biblical research and political science studies over the past 4 years. I’m thinking it might be helpful in the event Trump gets reelected because I believe (from what we have seen already in the church and in the world) it might get rather more confusing than it is now. I still have a lot of questions myself. But so far for 4 years…what i have been noticing is increasing in likelihood over the years…not decreasing. In any event. Thanks again for your post. Blessings.

Hi Chris. Good points. A little about where I am coming from. I am believer and don’t think that Trump is a Christian. I disavow NAR as a cult. I’m a cessationist. I believe Qanon is connected to Trump because there have been numerous confirmations of it over the years. Recently when asked a few times Trump always says something nice about them. If they were a Soros group, Trump loves to run his mouth and calling people out. He treats Q with gentleness and care and affirms their work even though he says he does not know about them.

I will share my thoughts about Q in a moment. I believe the concern that JD has about heavy new age beliefs associated is true. It is a blend of that and Christianity. JD recommended a video of those interest to pursue why he believes that. I do not believe it is a cult. But I agree with being aware of concepts surrounding Q. It is good to have an idea of what varying believers perceive around the world and what the potential pitfalls might be. Here is a link to the JD recommended 2 hour video about from Q to lucifarian light. - YouTube

I doubt you will run into another like me. There are a few of us out there…but I have only met one other. I believe 1 of 3 things may be occurring.

  1. Globalists clamp down on us now (looks ripe time)
  2. Globalists get taken down by Trump and Q (great awakening = luciferian light)
  3. My view.

From 4 years of research I believe that Trump is a huge candidate for the white horse 1st seal judgement (not antichrist…but something else…if interested I could post a bit more on that). I will be shocked if he does not get reelected. I believe the 1st seal is a take down of the globalists, and a resurgence of global peace and unprecedented economic strength. Not luciferian light, but “last call” till horse 2, the red one. When all hell breaks lose and the tribulation is in full gear (I believe the globalists reemerge at this stage). To me, Q is just classified intel from someone who is somewhere between Christian and new age. The irony is that we have both Christians and New Age kinda going after a great awakening. To me, although this is not a godly unity, it symbolizes the age we are in. The truther age…exposing evil. I believe it is for Gods purposes. Luke 12:3, the grand finale…the bridge between the age of grace and the tribulation (Q does not see a tribulation). So the 1st seal might be, “THE TRUTHER.” The judgment would be in that case upon evil government for God’s glory…because if its strength is apocalyptical in strength, He would own it.

On a stranger note, we feel as though Q has New Age doctrine. And i believe he does. He also speaks of the bible. That does not make Trump or Q Christian. But neither was Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus. It’s God’s seal. Not mans. No Christians needed. That is if that is what the 1st seal is. I am a cessationist. So i don’t believe in modern day prophets. When the tribulation comes, yes. The two witnesses +. But if we ask ourselves, “How might God imply some things in modernity in special ways if He wanted to?” He would not use prophets. But He has used governments. If Q is real, when has their ever been the power of a government to inform the common man with its own classified intel? Never. That would be a miracle. So if God would permit leaks from gov intel to inform a direction He might be going in order to transform America into purer constitutionality…it would make sense since all authority is from God. I realize the antichrist wont be one to follow–an “authority,” when he demands worship at the midpoint. Sovereignly placed upon the earth for His purposes. Q however might be bread crumbs to something other than the great awakening. In fact, Q refers to intel as bread crumbs.

So for any of this to have any merit, Trump needs to be reelected 2020 i would reckon. If that does not happen. Scratch all of that. But if he wins…


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I don’t agree that Q is “new age”.

Hi Teotwaki. Thanks for sharing your interest here on this point. Before your read too far, I want you to know that I agree with what you are saying here. Any one of us could be wrong. It is an incredibly unusual time. I left quite a bit of details I think you would be interested to read regarding Q and Trump. I posted it in Fluidicice’s response to you in this thread topic. Please check it out. I agree with you but I believe that there are New Age concepts with Q in that he shares a light and darkness theme with them. I know believers have that too. But if you read what i wrote on Fluidicice’s response…in combination with what I am writing here to you…it might make a bit of sense how Q can be New Age-ish and yet something God could yet use. God is not subject to our evaluation of His tools. He explained that to Habakkuk. The New Age share is being a truther, i believe. Can a Christian be a truther too? Of course. Not all truther stuff is new age. But there is a bridge. Some Christians see going against totalitarian rule as rebellion (the first conspiracy theory was in the garden of Eden told by a serpent), and that we should rather submit to God through government. I don’t agree with that holistically though. However, that is in scripture. We should submit to government…even globalists. When the New Testament was written, parts of the explanation to submit to government and fear God was under Nero, a full blown Tyrant.

However, there is a caveat. In the book of Esther, Mordecai did not bow to Haman. Civil disobedience. Much like we won’t overly comply to stay at home so America crashes economically because globalist need a reset to blame crashing central banking debt machines on. I believe we are in the age of Esther, in like a way that perhaps God echoes through to our age via post exilic books (that last days of Israel’s accepted cannon) like Esther…superimposing “irony” the main theme, onto us these days (the last days of the gentile age of grace). What have we seen these past four years if not irony? It is New Age if there is no tribulation…like NAR. Q does not see a tribulation. But, like I said, i think you will find it interesting what I have also included in my post to Fluidicice.

Please see my Fluidicice reply. Blessing

Hi @TCC, sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this, but there was a lot to read, watch (the video) and absorb, and life got in the way a little too!

Firstly that’s a very informative video with quite a lot to think about. I’m watching it while writing up this post actually. You make an interesting case about Qanon

An interesting thought. So do you mean that they will be destroyed/disbanded? If so i’m wondering about how the global government mentioned later in Revelation takes place? Would this be achieved solely by the antichrist’s efforts?

Since I’m not so familiar with Q, do the majority accept this ‘great awakening’ premise, the one linked to Aquarius and the position of the stars visible from earth? Or is that something only the ‘fringe’ Q believe?

Personally I’ve looked into Q a little prior to JD’s message on it but didn’t get involved over reading the ‘drops’ and some “American Thinker” posts on what it is. I think that it’s somebody else’s calling to call out the deception it is and get people into Christ instead of Q - perhaps that’s your calling? You lost me near the end of the post, but I’m trying to stay away from the conspiracy side of things anyway. My gift is to create Christian content and to spread the gospel any way possible. :smiley:

I agree with your view of cessationism. There’s quite a lot of ways outside the ones mentioned back in 30AD. Ones that come to mind are the Holy Spirit’s guidance, His complete works - the Bible, Dreams and visions (Acts 2:17) and the two witnesses (Moses and Elijah?).

We live in some crazy times where people push lies as truths, and tell people the truth is a lie. Stay strong in the Word!

God Bless,

Hi Chris, thanks for getting back to me and taking all that in. Very grateful. First off, your call to share the word and the Lord is the highest calling. When I look into these things it is because I have seen so many different versions of things, I wanted to understand better myself. To the extent the Lord might provide us insight, I would want to be available. I have seen what bad theology can do. It is not just correct data or not, it has huge implications sometimes on large percentages of our worldview and how we approach and interact with others. I am not so head over heals for prophecy, but more like interested in why to know more than what to know. In cases to warn, but I believe there are other aspects. We live in a day and age where many of us feels we know what’s up with prophecy or are overly certain about this or that. Where it is more like the more you know, the more you know you don’t know–but can be blessed with little.

With the deep state takedown, I believe it will reemerge…just later. There are 3 main views that I can tell:

  1. The deep state (globalist) takeover is now…and American becomes her prisoner…along with the rest of the world.

  2. Trump and Qanon take down the deep state but become a replacement Luciferian light that deceives many and becomes the antichrist system.

  3. Trump globalist takedown, season of prosperity until horse 2, the red one…deep state reemerges. (This is my take).

I showed the video to you, because I respect Pastor JD a lot and even though i have different convictions, the possibility of #2 is greater, to me, than #1. So, in due diligence, I like to be able to give multiple sides to a concern so believers may seek His spirit for what those things might and might not mean to them.

. . . . .

I sent you some links to tweets to just display the confusion out there. I don’t advocate anyone get into Qanon. I wanted to show how a media artifact was handling something apparently that Qanon had posted. Basically to show that whatever Q is, the media (even the good guys) seem to either twist facts or maybe sort of play a mystery figure in the media game themselves.

Qanon is basically not that well known over all. We live in a day and age where Christian truthers and New Agers often seek the same thing. Not the age of Aquarius (Qanon does not even seek that). Overall, that is what occultist seek (deep New Agers). But there are believers that are not New Agers that believe Q is a patriot and its just about overcoming really bad government and having nothing to do with anything related to New Age or deep New Age philosophy. So it can get confusing because it is a seriously mixed bag.

The Great Awakening premise is hyper controversial in churches. Some like Jack Hibbs believe not in a great awakening, but God buying the world a few more years before the rapture through Trump. Where believers that do not agree with that stance (particularly those who understand Trump as a ruffian of sorts) see that believers are buying into a Great Awakening notion by Q they feel is New Age-ish. Qanon’s Great Awakening is the realization that as a people if we unite we can preserve the constitution in America. It has been under serious threat and in reality yes, we are about to lose the country.

. . . . .

Well I hope this helps a bit Chris. Thanks so much for taking the time. Also, I am starting to consider a 4th option…one a bit closer to JD’s take:

  1. Trump is the white horse, at this juncture of voter fraud, Trump goes against deep state and it becomes shortly an apocalyptical event (white horse, conquer, bow). Then deep state provides a distraction (false flag event) to take the focus away from their being exposed and through events they create, Damascus goes down, and Israel attacked…Ezekiel 38 via seal #2, the red horse. This scenario could develop a year from now, 6 months from now, or even just a few months from now.

That means that the rapture may even be this year or perhaps by Spring next year. The difference between this and my original take is that I would see God giving the world 4 more years during Trump, and then horse 2. But #4 could happen in our current scenario. We have never been this far off the ledge before. In this sense I would understand JD’s heart all the more. Blessings.

. . . . .

Firtst let me say that I am very thankful for Pastor JD and how he is couragously speaking truth, in a day where so many Pastors are not speaking anything at all as to what is happening today. Your ministry is a HUGE blesssing and I am beyond releived to hear the words of truth spoken by a Pastor. A Pastor who has knowledge as of what is happening and who is sharing that knowledge. I really don’t know of any other Pastors besides John McArthur who is speaking as couragously as JD is.

I have a question. I am looking for the message, I think it was concerning Prophecy messages, where Pastor JD has his assistant Pastor Mac come up and speak about BLM and explain what the organization actually was about. I have scrolled through many messages and I cannot find it. If someone could please share it with me so that I can share it with my daughter who believes BLM is a very good organization to help Black peoples , please and thank You!

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We Need To Talk – Joshua 5:13-15 - Thursday, June 11th, 2020 - YouTube

Hope this helps Michele :slight_smile:

I really appreciate you finding this for me! It is VERY helpful!
Thank you!

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Hi Bro. Keegan, I went to your website looking for anything about something I saw online a couple days ago. It was on a Christ-follower’s headlines video, but of course I can’t remember which right now. But it was an image of some Israeli surveyors on the Temple mount within the past week and I believe the headline was something like “Israeli Surveyors on Temple Mount with No Explanation”. I will continue to look for the exact video, but do you know anything about it?

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No sister…but i will look for it!

Well, now that Trump is officially out of the picture and we are faced with a Harris administration (I don’t believe Biden will be making any decisions on his own), now how do you see it? I am down for a rapture any second! I want to bring as many into the kingdom as I can before it happens, but I am so looking forward to Jesus calling us home!! I know millions of Christians worldwide prayed for Trump and this country. I know God answers all prayer. But I heard (John MacArthur maybe?) say it’s like we pray in high school for a certain BF or GF, then we go to our 10 or 20 year reunion and think, “WHOA! Thank You Jesus for not answering THAT prayer!” Well, thing is, He DID. What is happening to our country right now will somehow play in to His answer for us. I don’t get it yet, but God knows the end from the beginning. Have faith. Pray. Share the Gospel. Give thanks. Repeat.


Thanks for asking Leslie. My position holds still that Trump is the faster path to rapture. With Biden, he does not fair well toward Israel. Thus the Ez 38 war is more likely under him or whoever pulls his strings…lol. If that occurs, I do not see it as the rapture. My reasoning is that without a first seal, Ez 38 poses as peace taken from the world not as a second seal. Therefore, it would likely be years (3.5 at least to 7) leading to the tribulation. We need seal 2 to take peace from the earth. Which means we have to have peace. Israel will take 7 years to burn weapons according Ez 39 (which I see as that same war). Therefore without a seal 1 in sight, Ez 38 prolongs our being here, in my estimation.

I have been studying Trump for 4 years. And Leslie it is really gracious that you ask now in contrast to my recent views. Really, and well appreciated. :slight_smile: My research conclusions on Trump by no means makes me a prophet, for I am a cessationist. But my research was is contrast to a lot of the fan fare and drama we now see. From the looks of things, the climate is too aggressive against Trump (such as Schumer’s decision to impeach him out of office). They have to because he is too much of a threat to them. But the fear to have to do this is too loud. They are too afraid. And too loud about it. The rhetorical value of that transcends media hype and colloquial conjecture in my estimation.

As I understand it, there still is one constitutional option for Trump. I’m thinking that is what they are going after more so than him running in 4 years. In 4 years Trump won’t be able to run, not because of impeachment but because they will have changed so much by then, there will be no in for him. The impeachment looks to discredit for sure. But it would appear there is a window in constitutional law that would give Trump an advantage this term 2021. If I were them and knew of this, I would impeach him too. Its too risky leaving a window open for the short term.

Whether Trump goes that direction is anyone’s guess. If he does a lot could go wrong. If he succeeds, well that will have me perceive him as Rev 6:2 pretty much in spades. But at this point, its a long shot. Otherwise, we are protected from God’s wrath, but it would look like the American church (and thus increasingly churches around the world) would be leaning toward or be under persecution. How awesome our Lord considers us worthy if so. I hope that makes sense. Blessings. :slight_smile:

VP Mike Pence and a book deal looks like he got his payment for not interfering with the Democrats plan to successfully steal the election

Mother of all book deals: Mike Pence signs seven-figure deal for memoirs | Mike Pence | The Guardian

IMHO He had an obligation to stand up and do what is right but he did not, he turned his back on God and his oath to protect the USA and now we know why…he distanced himself from President Trump in a hurry…


Welcome to the forum Robert. :slight_smile: I agree.

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Well we can now add Amy Coney Barrett to the payoff list for doing nothing to right the wrong.

Supreme court justice Amy Coney Barrett reportedly signs $2m book deal | Amy Coney Barrett | The Guardian

so much for what she said in terms of upholding the US Constitution…


I opened the article, and considering it’s The Guardian (I’d expect deeper from them), I was surprised to see that for the title to be all about her book deal, the article had only one sentence about it. the article focused far more on other people. just odd.

but as for what you say, can you please explain? do you just mean this is the most she’s done with her position, a 2mil book deal? thank you for your help, I want to understand your point, and I myself have heard like NO noise from her since she was put in this place.

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as this whole election farce unfolded and more details became known, Only Clarence Thomas actually stood up and notice the travesty of the last election

Clarence Thomas Dissent in Election Cases: ‘Our Fellow Citizens Deserve Better’ (

Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett voted with the liberal justices to deny review of the lower court decisions.

Book deals are basically payments for her silence on the issue. Just like Judas, she took the so called silver for letting the US burn…


gotcha, thank you so much for your filling me in!!! very much appreciate the info.

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