November 15 2020: Bible Prophecy Update - What If?

Hi Rene,

I believe the roman theory has been an incorrect teaching over time, especially if one does a diligent study of Daniel.

Please see a post where I gave a high level overview in the 10 nations topic.

Right! I get so frustrated with Christian’s who don’t take any responsibility with voting.
As John Quincy Adams said, “Duty is ours, results are God’s”
Why would you not support Pres. Trump when he is a strong prolife and religious freedom fighter? On the other hand Biden, et al, support abortion up to and after birth. They want to suppress religious freedoms. They are making lists of people who disagree with them so you can lose your job!
This is why we support Pres. Trump. It is not about his character.


Thank you for articulating so well what I wanted to say. Amen!

Amen. We have the duty, as Christians, to vote our values and fight the spread of evil.


I apologized in an earlier post for being so blunt about Qanon.

I retract that apology.
You can see by massive influx of indignation and outrage by JD’s update how Qanon has
captivated and blinded a nation to a “loyalty” for Trump that has become their total
fixation and passion.

Qanon is another branch of Lucuferian worship disguised in a cloak of Patriotism.

The culmination of Qanon is an event they call The Great Awakening,
a global event will draw all who have accepted this spirit.

Pastor JD explains this in his update called the Great Awakening (available on youtube)
and here it is in print.


Wow…I’m really kind of shocked at some of the comments I’ve read here. I thought JD was right on the mark as usual. As far as Trump goes, I had a scenario playing in my head as to how things were going to play out: Trump would easily win a 2nd term, he would quickly further the Abraham Accords, signing “many” others countries onto it, the Pals would refuse to come to the table again because of Trump and would look to the European Union for a negotiations partner Someone wold step up to the plate to work with the pals and would eventually confirm them into the Accords for a 7 year period.

A Biden/Harris win would really throw a wrench in how I saw bible prophecy playing out. But I was reminded recently, that regardless of who is president, bible prophecy will unfold as GOD intends for it to on his timeline. If ultimately Trump does not get a 2nd term, it won’t take GOD by surprise, and won’t keep things from playing out as his will dictates. As much as many folks may not want to hear it, Trump may have served the purpose for which he was raised up to do…and a Biden/Harris Administration may very well be the next step in GOD’s plan that ultimately brings prophecy to fruition…including the rapture. In fact , for all I know it could speed things up considerably.


I agree. I have said from the beginning , this division is Biblical, the Great Reset , the craziness of the votes, everything going on , God warned us about … you can not change bible prophecy, God does not change his mind, we must put on our full armor and watch everything play out, stay focused on God , read our Bibles, and put all our faith and trust IN GOD ALONE. Trump should have and could have done many things differently, done what he said he would do, but he didn’t. For a reason. They’re all in it together , the antichrist system is at work. This entire vote thing, is a huge distraction to cause us to divide the nation, that is biblical also.


When he made that deal in the Middle East I was wondering…hum that’s exactly what the anti christ will do. I wonder if he is the anti christ?Maybe I shouldn’t of voted for him after all. I wasn’t after watching videos from e511.

I love Pastor JD and look so forward to the Sunday morning updates. He has giving me answers during this very difficult time when nobody else seemed able to. I have appreciated so much his speaking of the word and telling the truth, and stating the way he sees things. I was a little disappointed in this Sunday morning message, even though I completely understand where he is coming from. Trump is not my savior, and I believe he’s not the savior of many, many peoples. I have turned it over to the Lord because I don’t know the way things should go but I know God does. With that said however, I feel it is important to stand up for what is right. If we sit down with a “whatever” attitude, then we will certainly see evil prevail. Things will still go towards evil, as we know they’re going to anyway, but at least I will be counted as one who stood up what is right.


Well said. Totally agree.

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God anointed and used Cyrus, who didn’t acknowledge God, to free Israel from captivity and help rebuild the temple. Is 45

Second term Trump will be much more aggressive at overturning abortion laws. When re-election isn’t an issue, it changes everything. Cheers



Thanks, JD

You attacked a major stronghold. YEAH!!!


“Yikes” – PS…my very first post here. Thanks for starting me off on a humorous foot. Blessings :slight_smile:


Years ago I told my peeps that I went through the Bible and only read what Jesus said and that it was an eye opening as I disregarded the time, the place, the people but not the attitude. Many I told this to chastised me as taking things out of context. Well in today’s problems, as JD pointed out, Jesus’ words once again are right on the mark(pun intended).
As others here have lost their church home due to the plandemic I too have suffered this. My cause is different as I refused the cognitive dissonant thinking. Jesus turned over the tables because the church had been infiltrated by outside thinking. My heart aches as I see Christians falling prey to the over reaching Government control into their faith. Warrior has become a verb now as that is what Jesus eluded to in how to be strong in our faith. ‘Be still and know that I am God. My peace I give to you.’ is needed more than ever in these last days at the end of Earthly history. But God…


Hi Myrtle, I am very blessed to be here. I have been watching Pastor JD for a few years now. I really appreciate his heart and passion. I have never met another man or woman, nor pastor that I have ever completely fully agreed with. I think it is great that there are varying opinions even in the Calvary Church ranks. I come at this from some rather unusual angles. But in brief, to the “all in on this” view I do have a few thoughts. 1) I lean in the direction not so much that prophecy was written in part to figure out men’s plans but a bit more so as witness to the authority of Christ in operation, the Spirit of Prophecy ('Rev 19:10), a little more clandestine perhaps…but a great spot in shade 2) and although i do believe it is good to keep a pulse on heathen schemes, such as understanding masonic messages through Superbowl halftime, Olympics ceremonies, albert pike projections, the economist year in review deciphers, the 2016 Gotthard Tunnel opening ceremony, etc. I believe it also is of equal importance that those approaches and intellectual gems be kept in our spare proverbial glass jars (not that you are inferring that some of these is what you might be leaning–just mentioning in the sense of my own logic flow type contrast to–how deceptively broad the world stage is for Christians today in general).

I know it is tempting to see into things. Even though I differ with Pastor JD’s outcome, I cherish his take that both New Age and Christians are joining forces these days in conspiracy hunting. I love conspiracy as much as the next guy, but something that has intimidated me a bit from time to time is in every when I consider the first conspiracy theory: “Hath God said.” That is rather profound, a thing that often stops me in my tracks while I’m holding 150 puzzle pieces to my chest. We live in a postmodern era. We are the selfie, “I” phone, “lovers of self” generation. Being a part of our generation and era, it can come with “blinders on” or “tunnel vision” like customs as come with any cultural norm as well…which is why your reach for bigger is commendable and makes sense…but if the postmodern era is about seeing through everything, and getting at the big picture behind the picture…maybe there is a streetcar in a neighborhood around the corner from that that can steer us clear of some potentially messy construction zones?

Myrtle (by the way love that name…because it reminds of my my almost most favorite book in the Old Testament, “Esther”–the Hebrew name of Esther–“Myrtle”), I have researched 3 ideological paths so far (as I have greatly appreciate JD’s take as well as so many others within the Calvary Chapel Church):

A) It’s time for the globalists–in “as is” fashion,

B) It’s time for the great awakening deception–globalists repackage, or

C) it’s time for something else.

I actually opt for C. And it is rather well refined in my thoughts. But in brief here I just wanted to hopefully add to this particular thought you have brought to light, something considerable: If we might understand something out about Trump counterintuitive to A & B, would it be acceptable to consider? Not in a NAR way…for they are false. Not in an antichrist way (but closer), for I don’t see Trump to fit Daniel’s description, but in an alternative C option…might there be room for that? As in an expanded scientific notation equation extra “mint” along side “what if it is bigger than we thought,” but bigger like in a 4th or 5th dimensional way? Blessings.

H Lynne. Yeah I saw that video too. It was really really good. However, I have looked at a lot of things, particularly over the past four years. For instance, I have also researched a channel called On Point Preparedness. Mike is a great guy, but he is not a pretribber (as I am). There is also something I differ with Mike at On Point Prep on. He is basically saying everything e511 is saying (and to where it blends too with what Pastor JD is saying), but i don’t think that quite captures the picture.

4 years ago, I did a bunch of research on Trump. His own building, Trump Towers, has a huge planter that hangs outside above the main entrance (it is rowed like, 6, x 6, x 6). Also Trump has a mural painting of Apollo on the ceiling of his penthouse. In addition his son in law, Jared, owns “666” that is the buildings name on 5th avenue. There are other things, but lot’s of reason to consider him the antichrist. But when i read Daniel (11:37) it says that he won’t be a respecter of others religion. Whatever Trump is, he does not seem to be the antichrist. Hated by half the nation, loved as a patriot by the other half, going against abortion like no other president, and trying to preserve the freest government document in world history, the constitution. This antichrist bad tree would not bear good fruit. Sure the devil can deceive, but he won’t be able to evade the book of Daniel.

I do think Trump is something, but not the antichrist. I do not think you voted for the antichrist. I can give you a hint of what Trump might be…Zachariah chapters 1 & 6. Blessings.

God does have a sense of humor :slight_smile:

Awesome Eric. Most that would read this might walk away scratching their heads thinking, NAR? My suspicion is that you are not NAR. Am I correct? The reason I ask is because it does seem that to be too pro Trump for a believer could possibly be idolatry or we’re a member of NAR.

I know Pastor JD understands the surprise package in a president that actually shows up looking to give a darn. I know Pastor JD appreciates that too. I am somewhat bothered though when Christians go Trump goo goo eyes…lol. Not saying you. If you knew the esteem I have for the man, I would be ahead of you in line guilty as charged. The remarkable thing is that is it possibly for similar reasons.

I believe that your capture of Isaiah 45 is correct. I’m with you in spades on that. Ok, so if you’re in the mood, let’s play a game. If Trump were an animal…what animal would he be? lol. Just kidding. Here’s the game…if Trump is not the antichrist (and he is not), and Trump gets re-elected (which I also see happening in spades), and he now or eventually gets both the house and the senate…who then is Trump? If you were to place a recognizable symbol, picture, or concept from the New 'Testament with Trump, what might that be? If you had to pick. I do believe there is a match, and in my description i left a clue if interested. God bless.

As I look at that verse, I know I have heard this before. It does look to match up the time of not respecting religions with his blasphemy though. Yes, but a few thing there. The timing is certainly blurred with Antiochus here, the reader not knowing if rhetorical literary device is overlay or intermittent (does antichrist mirror Antiochus exactly or is Antiochus merely a story unto himself prefigured with the antichrist whose actions would have similarity in places but not necessarily an exact matching story line).

In respect to Antiochus, the antichrist might, as you say, pay subtle homage along the way, and then become utterly blasphemous. Which could rightly be accurate. Especially in how much along the course of what antichrist does…it is late in the game (when we see he becomes blasphemous)…granted. But on that note I would say if then a mirror of Antiochus, the antichrist won’t favor the religions of others even in his non-blasphemous presentations or ventures. In addition to that, as God would provide a clue, unless He had helped us see a great contrast (from an antichrist type being involved with the religions of others–such as Antiochus–which we don’t see–to then becoming later utterly blasphemous), we would not expect the antichrist to initially support religions prior to his blasphemous revealing.

Although Trump is surrounded by heretics (even inaugurated under them and by them–a twisted scene) he is the most pro-religious president in American history. That would not follow the echo of Antiochus. Following along the mirrored path of Antiochus, Antiochus was the first Seleucid king to use divine epithets on coins, perhaps inspired by the [Bactrian] Hellenistic kings who had earlier done so, or else building on the ruler cult that his father Antiochus the Great had codified within the Seleucid Empire. Antiochus known for building an impressive religious sanctuary of Mount Nemrut . When He reigned as king he was creating a royal cult for himself and preparing to be worshipped after his death. This sheds little light on Antiochus playing footsie with other religions that surrounded the man’s territory. If we were to find that he did, then perhaps a match with Trump in that would make sense. But we see no similarity. So the contrasting difference a) president defender of religion and biblical stances like anti-abortion do not exactly fit anywhere in the heritage build up of antichrist in Daniel. and b) Trump’s boast of being the “chosen” and the second coming of God seem to have much more to do with goading the left…as his strategy all along has been consistent in wanting to drain the swamp…part of that is getting them to hate him even more, think he is less educated than he is (a relative of his uncle John who was an MIT genius and decipherer for the government of Tesla’s inventions when he died), and them not being able at all to imagine such a narccasist to be able to think outside the box. From what I have seen, Trump makes a vantriliquest doll of himself and plays his dummy self upon his lap to the media as a means of psychological warfare. It may not be all that easy to see initially, but we have a lot of tweets and 4 years of how he roles.

Karen, I totally hear you. Whatever is occurring is certainly providential. If I were to say to you that i believe that Trump is the 1st seal white horse judgement, how might that fair with how you may or may not be looking at things?