November 15 2020: Bible Prophecy Update - What If?

Hi Santana, I hear what you are saying. It was a shock to me too. I thought we would have a red wave for sure. May I ask you, if Trump were now to win…well…the world is certainly not expecting that. If he does though, it would be an even greater victory potential than just winning an election straight out. In that scenario, if that occurs, can you think of something in the bible that would relate to that kind of victory?

My take is that the statue and 4 animals can be overlay. But Daniel is not told what the animals are. I believe they are end time nations, America, Russia, and not quite sure about the leopard…and the monster we won’t see…it will be santan’s horrid nation of destruction. Those animals echo in Rev 13:2.

Hi Rene. I thought for quite a while…and did much research on it, that Trump was the antichrist. Ok, let’s try something here if we may. Suppose we are not looking at this correctly. Granted we will all be wrong somewhere. The idea is not correctness…but insight from Christ the spirit of Prophecy (Rev 19:10). Now, I could totally be wrong here. But I do believe Trump is about to be reelected in a big way. If not, ok…my bad…and I walk away with my head down…

But…I have been doing research for 4 years now on related political science trends. We could say that we need to look at spiritual not political. And mostly true…yes. But historically God has used nations. So, please consider to entertain perhaps the twilight zone here. If this is true…it might mean that this event below described might be a big ol’ phat drumroll toward rapture while we are possibly cued in. I am a cessationist. So, this is just my study…and MAY be accurate. But for 4 years…it has been increasingly likely…now we are here…here…we…go…


  1. The first seal white horse judgement is historically thought to be the antichrist. Rev 6:2 does not say that. The reason theologians believe that is because they have an interest to match up the 6 seals with Matt 24. The problem with this approach is Matt 24:11 & 24. If the seals are in order in Matthew 24, why is what is happening in 24:24 warned about in 24:5? I believe Matt 24:5 is not necessarily the 1st of seals in chronological order. I believe Matt 24:5 is first because it is the “most import.” And then restated in 24:24 because that is where it belongs chronologically. Why is it in 24:5? Likely because the Jews biggest problem was that they did not recognize their messiah the first time. The next time they ought not take the mark. Paramount. In addition, we are not told the antichrist reigns for 7 years. In the book of Daniel the antichrist goes through a few battles. And his reign is only 3.5 years. Thus the reason for the bowls. So how can the tribulation start off with antichrist ruling everything? It does not comport with scripture. The other popular view (although not nearly as much) is that the 1st seal is Christ. But Christ comes in on a different white horse at the end. Plus, He’s the one opening the seals. He would likely not open Himself.

2) Zachariah 1 & 6 have four horsemen too. Some theologians think that these are the same four found in Rev 6. But they look different (their color scheme and order are different). So i don’t agree. Plus their function is different in the days of Israel’s end to captivity. However, there is a white one. So we have evidence of what a white horse might mean (a white horse also among 4). That might be a clue, a wink, a way to understand the white horse biblically rather than with mere conjecture (it would also be something a God who would want to share with us to know…might do). Who was the white horse in Zachariah? Most scholars that dare to look believe its Cyrus, King of Persia. He was a builder and king…but not a believer. God called Cyrus His “Shepherd” even though Cyrus was not a believer (Isaiah 45). God used a man of the world to free Israel from captivity and a place to have peace, triumph, and rebuild their temple. And they did. That is what we are told a white horse means.

3) Could the post exilic days of the Old Testament (Israel’s closing of the Old Testament) give us a clue of how the gentile age end might in mirror fashion also close? Perhaps. But I think so. For example, in the book of Esther we see something extremely odd. 1st there is no mention of God. Very rare for books of the canon. Plus, Esther marries a pagan King? Huh? Also to save Israel. What’s up with that? Well a lot could be weighed out. And more we just don’t know or get. But here is something we do see today that Esther was ALL ABOUT: “The providential hand of God.” At every turn in that book IRONY. Whatever evil did, God counter moved and won. So, if we where to think that a book like Esther would tell us something about our age, what might that be? Trump vs. the far left has been 4 years of what many call the “Roadrunner Cartoon.” Wile E. Coyote gets ready to attack and eat bird, only for him to destroy himself. What have we been seeing for 4 years? What are we likely to see?

4) So if the white horse 1st seal is not the antichrist, what is it then? I believe it is “the last call” before some major smackdown. What about the white horse to you looks ominous? I see no evil in it. We think because it is in the tribulation he has to spank. I think it does. But is it a good or bad nanny? Does God take pleasure in the death of the wicked? If we were God, we would open the tribulation with rambo likely. But we are not. But God still might open it up with Rambo…lol. But what I mean is that we presume God would start out the tribulation with both guns blazing…handing out retribution. He has several severe years for that. I don’t think He is trigger happy. I believe the white horse first seal is actually merciful. How then a judgement? Well, how about to evil government? For decades we have known the globalist plan for a one world government. But if we don’t have them, how can the antichrist later rule the world? Well, it doesn’t have to be globalists. But i think it likely will be…just not now. I think now is a time about God showing His character (as the opening act into tribulation). Kind of like: “Lady’s and gentlemen, welcome to tribulation. Before we get started, I want you to know it will be nearly impossible to see my character. You will be hit so hard your head’s gonna spin off. But for now, please, take a moment…like you did when the world economies shut down from COVID. Take a moment from what you think life is about. That is all about to change. Therefore, last call. Here is who I AM. On the other side of 7 years I have a kingdom planned to reign over for 1,000 years. Here’s a taste. So you know the character of the One who is about to assault the earth is good, desiring your good. Don’t let the tribulation hurt you spiritually…because it will hurt. Here is who I Am.” And then start off a time of unprecedented world economic increase…preceded by, of course, a justice smack down on the globalists…for now. When we get to seal 2, they’ll be back. But remember the character of the one who overcame them for you apocalyptically.

He received a crown (Rev 6:2) – For four years we have seen nothing but why Trump does not deserve the crown of the most important office in the world…in a country that is the most powerful country that has ever lived on the face of the earth. That’s some crown. And we are constantly reminded how by surprise he received it. Also, during his reign he receives a crown that made the earth stand still. He received the pandemic to deal with. Noted by global cease of industry and photos from all the populated tourist sites, barren (first time ever in history–a time that put the world on hold–the day the earth stood still). Corona Virus = Crown Virus

He has a bow (Rev 6:2) – I know there are cloth renderings for the Greek here. But come on…he’s on a victory horse with a napkin or cloth? Does not make sense. I believe the bow is as in bow and arrow. The context is “warrior.” But this warrior has “no arrow.” He conquers peacefully. Like say for instance bringing soldiers back from all over the world. Those places globalists wanted America to be in to secure oil and power. The world was America’s globalist’s playfield. But a bow without an arrow would bring soldiers back to peace and leave the world to heal from us. A bow and no arrow would negotiate. He would use tariff and sanction, and economy. This designer of the Trump Float was not a Trump fan. But he sure noted that Trump would use economy like a weapon. Until COVID, he was…and COVID came from where?

He went out to conquer (Rev 6:2): Trump Float:

Trump’s Never Tiring Motto: “Tired of winning yet?” And Israel minted a coin, honoring Jerusalem affirmed as their capital, of Trump’s head and Cyrus’s head (this is a temple tax coin in hopes for their 3rd temple…hint…hint…builder Trump…wink). And told Trump, he is their Cyrus. Now we have the Abraham Accord.

This is what I see about the white horse. When have we seen a president so constantly assaulted accomplish so much and still want more? What might “more” look like TODAY?


No, I can’t really think of anything off the top of my head. Will Trump ultimately win the election?..I don’t know. My thinking was that he had to win a 2nd term for prophecy to continue to play out, which I don’t see as the case now. Prophecy will play out as GOD intends for it to regardless of who is in the whitehouse. If Biden and Harris ultimately are installed, it will happen because that is the way GOD wants it per his plan. I may not understand it, or even like it, but things don’t happen in this world according to my will…

I think this whole thing has been very confusing. I find it strange that GOD would lift Trump up to office, have him do all the things that he accomplished, particularly where Israel is concerned, only to have him ousted 4 years later when he is right in the middle of getting the “many” to sign onto the Abraham Accords. But with that said, it may be that a Biden/Harris Admin will be what brings some prophecies to fruition. I suspect something will happen down the road that will be that AH HA moment that make all of this clearer…or at least that is my hope.

I’m not sure why you’re highlighting an article written by a lesbian, supposedly pastoring a lesbian church. Can you explain?

Hello Brother, no this is not a robot. Glad you are participating on the JDFarag forum✝️

Pastor JD I was a bit confused on your message. I totally support being raptured ready and hoping for our Messiah’s immediate return that’s not based on earthly events. But, who is gaslighting Christians? What was the Orwell quote all about, and “fight, fight, fight”? Just preach the word and leave Pres. Trump and politics out of the Gospel message. Our POTUS stands for righteousness and I support him. I am not distracted with MAGA.
But I am really confused on your strong conjectured that God can’t enable another revival or Great Awakening. Are you getting ahead of yourself or God? The greatest revivals were accomplished during difficult times and persecutions. I love your messages but this one was off. I leave with this word… "“And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.” (Joe 2:28, NKJV)

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Pastor JD, I respect you as a man of God and have really enjoyed & learned so much from your research, but I ask you to just search your heart about criticizing other believers and also please be open to the gift of prophecy. I believe you are a humble man who loves God with all your heart, and don’t want to be negative towards you at all. God bless you sir! See you in heaven one day!!

“Let’s be careful not to be so busy on the business of The King as to forget to make time for The King.”
Dr. Chuck Missler. (And I would ask myself what’s more important to Jesus? Our closeness to Him or what we can do for Him?)

Luke 10:42 the lesson of Mary and Martha rings true in these last minutes.
The son’s of Issachar new what time they lived in and knew what they should do!(Chuck Missler

1- What’s my source for truth. (God’s Word? or other sources?)
2- Knowledge and study of truth. (If it’s The Word of God. If not you got bigger problems)
3- Correct training in the truth. (Learning your common biases and errors and eliminating them.)
4- Learning to rightly divide the Word of Truth. (True systematic and cultural training to understand what’s actually being said in the first century Galilean/Jewish culture.)
5- Learning how to discern situations accurately. (Godly wisdom, critical thinking and analyses)
6- Learning how to prescribe the correct portion of scripture to the correctly discerned situation.(“If a man won’t work than neither shall he eat.” Does that go for a man who just lost his legs in a crash?)
7- Learning how to be consistent. (How to stand in truth when your getting tomatoes and not amens)

Is the tribulation kingdom of the anti-christ now getting it’s finishing structural additions and components set up?

Then what does scripture say is next in Fathers plan for us?

How do we respond IN FAITH to what He has written?

Sense it is impossible without faith to please God, then it would make sense to do what ever shows the most faith/trust in His written plan. For me I am concentrating my efforts on making sure that I understand what the extra oil is in the parable of the ten virgins.(A haunting depiction of christian condition at the time of the end!) Then I am praying constantly to help me be filled with the extra oil so that I am not left out of being ready to be a Bride and by default become a foolish virgin.

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I don’t know if the white seal has been released yet, I def don’t think Trump is the good guy everyone says he is too be, but that is my opinion. He is a man who says he doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness , and as we believers know that is the only way to Jesus, putting it on the cross with him, saving us and forgiving our sins.

My entire take on the current situation, it is Biblical, God foretold us thousands of years ago what is to happen, and right now nation is divided, wars , rumors of wars, pestilence, disease, and so much more…the hope people are putting in our President to change things or keep them great, is WRONG, God will NOT change his mind, so no matter who wins, its for the time, the agenda behind everything going on is the antichrist system at work, cashless society, one world religion, government, the Reset…


@marietjie.kleynhans Hi Marietjie. Thanks for your informative post. Are you also from South Africa? Ek staan saam met jou…so wonderlik dat ons almal so by pastor JD uitgekom het. Liefde… Kariena

I am absolutely NOT anything to do with NAR, I am SOOOOO looking forward to leaving this earth and going home, but I do believe we are to occupy till He comes for us. By knocking those who vote for Trump (me), or lumping all of us into one big pile, you are basically saying we are kingdom now-ers? No sir, you are wrong about that if that is what you are doing, and it sounds like that is what you are doing. I have agreed with 99.99% of everything you have said for a couple years now, since I first found you. I have loved your prophecy updates. But I disagree completely, and am a little offended actually, that because I support Trump I am not looking forward to Jesus coming and taking us home. I do NOT consider Trump my hope, but I do consider that Trump is the only man running that supports the lives of the pre-born. Your update has made it sound like you are absolutely not in support of Trump, which is fine, unless you are in support of Biden, which is absolutely NOT fine, considering he wholeheartedly supports the shredding of pre-born babies limb from limb. Trump’s support of Israel is unprecedented, although I don’t 100% agree with the Deal of the Century, certainly the part that divides, but I am STILL not going to vote for Biden to put the JCPOA back in place, send a ridiculous amount of money back to Iran, etc etc etc! If you don’t support Trump, then you support Biden, those are our only choices. Unless you choose not to vote, in which case you are voting for Biden by omission and NOT occupying until He comes. I believe with all my heart we were gifted this country by God with its freedoms and laws and yes we as a people we have squandered and nearly destroyed it and kicked God out of it. But wanting to make America as good as she CAN be, not that she will ever be what she was when God was still in our schools and courthouses, isn’t a bad thing. Voting for a man that supports life in the womb and Israel isn’t a bad thing either. He is NOT my hope. But he IS the only candidate that a thoughtful Christian should support. Supporting Biden is supporting his platform, which is killing babies, plain and simple.

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I couldn’t agree more!

I replied to Pastor JD and only wish I had replied with as much love as you did. I said basically the same thing but I KNOW I came off with way more aggression or frustration or animosity than I intended to. I do love him and his message and updates but I have never been known to be much for tact. Ugh. Great job on your reply!!

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It is BECAUSE Christians haven’t voted (or haven’t voted from a Christian perspective) that has allowed the Bible to be removed from the schools, the Ten Commandments to be removed from our courthouses and God to be removed from our entire country! This country was a gift from God and we squandered it! Voting was how we could have preserved God in and throughout our lives and instead didn’t.


Hi Karen. Thanks for your reply. I understand your concerns with Trump. Scaramucci (Trump’s previous press coordinator) once loved Trump. He made a mistake, and was fired. He was man enough to take the hit and admit fault. Later Scaramucci started to lose luster toward Trump, when Trump tweeted against Scaramucci’s wife. “A sitting president going after civilians?” What a horrid thought. Since that time Scaramucci came on several broadcasts disavowing Trump. He formed the Lincoln Project and successfully pealed a number of Republicans away from the party.

I don’t support what the Lincoln Project. But in listening to Scaramucci I could understand his frustration. Why are we letting a US President turn America into one big Facebook arm wrestle? I agree. I don’t think that is healthy. Even evangelical pastors I know that vote republican wish Trump to be more of a statemen than an adolescent. But, even so, I believe we should ask another question. Antifa, BLM, the Green New Deal, are these normal trends for the US? We know that over the past decades leftists have focused on our schools and universities…churning out more and more liberals in government. Then attorneys generals not only look the other way on riots and street violence, but create a judicial revolving door to put criminals right back out on the street (to down a Trump “on watch” administration and to further steep America into Marxism–the very antithesis of what the founding fathers had in mind). Then we have “defund the police.” This is a way to change the US constitution from foot soldier efforts rather than court lead efforts. If you change the nature of the police, the rights of individuals change under restructure…therefore you in affect undo the constitution from the ground up (rather than top down–although they do that too). This is America. This is who Trump is set against. A country that has had all globalist presidents at least since after Reagan (regardless of party). They all wanted the globalist agenda (war/control around the world for military industrial complex profit…war/oil control via enforcing countries to use US petrodollar…the reason Kaddafi was killed–he would not accept US dollar as Libya currency).

Trump, from everything i have seen is an outsider and not globalist. He is one man against goliath (a huge criminal enterprise to hijack America). This is America. We may ask, “But as a Christian my citizenship is not here but in Christ, why does any of that matter?” Well, there might be a lot of reasons. But aside from reasons, I would ask you to just consider one. Sure this country is kind of the last Bastian superstructure for democracy in the world. But the tribulation is soon coming anyway. Yet a reason to know, I believe, is because Christ is the spirit of prophecy Rev 19:10. We know God did not write revelation to be a book thankfully no believer will remain through…amen. But He wrote it too for us to know Him in His time of soon coming…and all that leads up to that. Otherwise, He would not have written it. We think maybe because of “no one knows the day or our” that Christ would not want us to know prophesy…maybe not the day and hour…but certainly the 22 chapters in Rev and how we might understand this difficult portion of His love letter to us. He likely wants us to know if He wrote to us about it. And God often throughout history has used governments.

On that note, one in particular stands out to me in Zachariah. But before I’ll get to that, we could ask, “Does God use the world for His purposes?” We know for sure He does. But that legitimizes no one. Yet, is the point of whether Trump is a believer or not (I don’t think he is) indicate whether or not God might use Him in a big way? Well NAR would say “Amen!” But can true believers say amen too but for a different reason? I believe so. If Trump, just looking at the man in office, is president at the verge of America becoming socialist and globalists…well that would matter to those affected by it for years, decades, centuries to come. We don’t have that long. But still, the face value virtue of a man standing against the take over of America is a still a virtue in historic human rhetoric. Even if that man is not a believer. Would a believer be the only person good for cause if they stopped a rape? A murder? At that point…it does not matter whether heathen or saint, we needed an honest heart to help. That would be what mattered for that job. Not whether he has manners.

I believe Trump is ego ridden. Prideful, arrogant, and adolescent. His understanding of God is as an unbeliever or Christian only by name…like many unbelievers. But if we needed a strong Christian in office, now would have been the time. Who else could withstand a 2 year Russian probe, impeachment, pandemic and 24/7 deliberate assault to dethrone – while getting so much done – but a man full of the spirit…or a man whose skin is too thick for his own good? In what we face in our nation is not left vs. right. It is freedom vs. socialism/globalism/totalitarianisms. This isn’t a time for pleasantries. It’s a time for war. And I believe what Trump does with rhetoric, tweets, and attitude is sit a ventriloquist doll of himself on his lap, and uses it against globalists in our country as psychological warfare. We may not like it. It won’t look tame or domestic. But if it captured tyranny…might it be ok then?

In Zachariah 1 & 6, we have a sample of a white horse among 3 others (just like Revelation 6). But they are not the same. Not even the same color scheme. Yet there is a white one. In a long shot, it could be a heads up for us of sorts. Because while theologians superimpose Rev 6 seal judgements over Matt 24 and try and shoehorn the white horse in with Matt 24:5 (even though the same appears is 24:11 & Matt 24:24–to many first seals) and call it antichrist, there is a white horse clearly seen in history. Theologians call him Cyrus. He was not an antichrist prefiguring. Funny how not only is that the same Israel called Trump, “their Cyrus.” But minted a temple tax coin placing Trumps head along with Cyrus on it too. Sounds like a comic book right? I don’t think this is about Trump worship. Although perhaps many in the church are guilty of that. No, not worship. Just an apocalyptical seal. Just that. Perhaps. I could explain how that matches in exact form if interested. By the way…I am a cessationist. This is just 4 years of devoted research. I could be way wrong. I am no prophet. But like Cyrus was not a believer and God called him His shepherd in Isaiah 45 (the 45th predident…lol…it does get a little corny), I guess I could not be a prophet and just stumble across something in research. And Trump of course could be called by God for this…being an unbeliever. But a New Yorker with an attitude that is not easy for crime families to deal with. Hope this might be helpful in any way…at least to reach toward what we might be looking at. If it bears witness amen. If not, well either way…I have no idea of knowing if this is real. If Trump does not get re-elected we can round file that. But i think not only will he be re-elected…but with surprise power like his first election. Hopefully not apocalyptical surprise power…I want to go home, but maybe that stuff comes along later…but not by much. :). Blessings.

Hi Santana. Yeah for sure. Trump does not have to be president for further middle east prophecy to occur. To me, it would be a lot harder to make heads or tails of things if Biden is elected. It would be like catapulted into an alternative universe. The symbol/animal that conquers in the NT is Rev 6:2 the white horse 1st seal. I don’t think that is the antichrists’…most theologians think 6:2 is antichrist…and a lot of believers think Trump is the antichrist. I find that ironic. I used to as well. I can give you more details on why i th8ink that. If interested. Otherwise, yeah…God is sovereign and whatever happens certainly won’t be aimless. Unless he walks us around the wilderness for a bit waiting for all gentile conversion.

I believe Trump will be re-elected in spades. I believe he is the 1st seal of 6:2. But only God knows. If true…i think we’ll get that ah ha moment a lot sooner than later.


Hi Rus, not sure if that comment was directed to me. If so, I am honestly not sure what that means. The only article I recall included is from which is a secular news source that gathers collective updates to news stories and builds on them over time. I checked author and news source in case it was me…but i still did not see the connection. Please let me know how i might clarify if that is to me. Best :slight_smile:

Just wanted to jump in here quickly Karen. This is to your comment paragraph, “the hope people are putting in our president…is WRONG…” Well, I am actually responding to the whole paragraph…but i am still getting use to navigating around in here and just want to respectfully match my comment with yours

I think Trump worship is not healthy. But I do understand a nation not used to having support on the right to this degree. It is understandable after decades of presidents that just fill an office…we get to witness one that actually stands up. That is reasonable to have a measure of culture shock for a minute. How God’s plans fit in with man’s responsibility is an age old mystery. However, I would say equally that we should not fall inadvertently tempted to perhaps think to move the hand of God for Him. Meaning, the church having knowledge and insight into what is coming should hopefully never overshadow what God wants to do with church and or government now and in the short term.

When Israel was captured and given a choice to remain listening to false prophets that told them God wanted Israel to fight and remain for their national ID and heritage (this would get them killed), or get captured and do good to the captor, Jeremiah 29:

4 This is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says to all those I carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon: 5 “Build houses and settle down; plant gardens and eat what they produce. 6 Marry and have sons and daughters; find wives for your sons and give your daughters in marriage, so that they too may have sons and daughters. Increase in number there; do not decrease. 7 Also, seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper.”

For Israel the purpose was they were not their own nation. They were likely feeling displaced and not exactly thrilled of giving honor to their oppressors. From the look of how that way of looking at things turned out in Malachi, they lost the joy of their living God even though they were free again (even in Haggai). Just saying…like…this is God’s creation. This is His timing. I just think also we can tend to think a bit much too much upon where this is heading. We are “here” today. Tomorrow we see in a mirror dimly (at least not as clear as God showed us it will be). I believe God wants us focused on the now God has us in. To witness, but too to demonstrate that next move for them toward Jesus (as JD says). It would be important I believe that we encourage that in each other. For it may well be the grand finale hours to serve His majesty this side of eternity–whether someone is too focused on Trump or our country I would think to be secondary. If we are here another decade, would not helping that generation remain free to worship and witness not be important to them…rather than being in interment camps with masks on? It is not the antichrist kingdom until it is…we are excited…I just don’t think we should rush that for Him. All these people are gonna be left behind…and He probably is not all that excited to to do to His creation what He must. I am hopeful to encourage for us to live in between that tension of hopefully.

What if, and this is just a what if…our part is going with God’s lead. What if that lead is that He wants to prosper America for a purpose leading dead smack into the tribulation but He is doing it for more freedom to evangelize…or that God might do it to display His majesty to His creation. We would not want to deny our great Lord and Savior His honor in His having the directors cut on that. We would not want to turn that into how those not well wise who desperately need Him focus too much on the temporal. Or those that say they know Him not to find months down the road a friend in us who could be their for them when they will need us to help recalibrate an orientation toward reality, helping them in being a source of light for them and their need of a reality compass. What if that is the harvest He might be preparing for all of us? We really don’t know if so or not. I am just saying…what if making America great again is a part of His plan that is the hour for His believers on earth before the tribulation. i believe it would mean for us to lean into that rather than contrast it to according to how we understand the book of Revelation might or should go.

Respectfully, I think there is more than two options: 1) The NWO conquers or, 2) the great awakening deceives and becomes the new NWO. It could be that God is using America to do His will through the 1st seal (and the 1st seal not being antichrist possibly). I have not heard that much as a 3rd option. Our observation mean well…our thoughts struggle to sort it out and make sense of the circus. But with such fever pitched blends of convictions converging, as supernatural children of a most Holy King, I would hope we may all be more encouraged than discouraged. There is an over abundance of lunacy…all the more need for that inch ward Christlikeness in us they will need. We are of a supernatural species not limited to either/or. This could be AWSOME. Just saying. Blessing.