November 19, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- How Does All This Get Me To Jesus?


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When the devil’s trap snaps shut, his followers celebrate.

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My recent dreams, this can encourage you, seems linked to the rapture: - I am going to become father and I already imagine that I will take the child in my arms (rem: I have not seen a pregnant woman) - I see 2 of my old friends very well dressed to go to a wedding.

Rem: I’m not prophet.

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What does it mean?!
An european, an italian :thinking:

Everyone should keep in mind that Mr. Tsarfati has been wrong on numerous occasions. One only needs to look back on his history.
Too many people consider him “The Authority” on Israel and prophecy and flock to him.
Too many people buy into what he says hook line and sinker.
I am not saying don’t listen to him. Just keep him in proper perspective and not on a pedestal.
He is just as fallible as the next guy.


That’s Amir’s view on who the AC will be…

I don’t know how he knows that…

My opinion is the AC will be a person in whom Israel will put her trust for 1,260 days.

There are a few competitors out there…

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I find myself often at odds with Amir’s views. But sometimes I believe we agree in places. I am actuallyy surprised he had this view on 9-27. I would actually see similar to Amirs views here stated in general though. Anca, has their been much of a change in how Amir is now looking at this? I don’t really follow him all that much online. Thanks. Blessings.


They absolutely should, and I have a few things to say about that as well, In due time.
He is not the authority and is not the only one capable of understanding the situation at hand (more on this in a future post). He sensationalizes when he really shouldn’t. I am not a follower, nor do I listen except when those who ask me to give my outlook on what he is selling to his audience.

Awaiting the announcement and then will proceed to a long awaited response.



Hi Teren, I’d love to tell you if there has been a change or not, but I don’t know as I only followed him sporadically in the last year… mostly now after the war started.

But from what he posted on 9/27 he didn’t seem to see a war coming…

I agree with him in various areas, he’s pre-trib after all - but what throws me off most is his trust in elections/governments (US and Israel). How does he not see that politics is just a distraction now? Nothing good, no progress is going to come anymore from governments as they are Godless. They no longer restrain evil, but rather promote it.


Thanks _ maybe 55 days :smiley: but I have 4 total :+1: they are closed and food grade and I put chlorine in every year :ok_hand:


I agree Ken. I stopped listening to Amir long before he took the vax. His “Hollywood” style is not for me. I like that he is on the ground in Israel. I believe some things he shares out of that perspective can be helpful. In some ways he has been rather off on my general understanding of how globalism works in the world. But he has lately been coming a little closer to how I would understand things (not that my views are without potential flaw–just that it seems that finally n some ways Amir is catching up to them).

It looks like both Anca and Uturn would see some level of perhaps inaccuracies concerning Amir listed in their posts. As far as I am aware, it would seem the majority of this forum might lean away from Amir, being the distance Amir and JD have put between themselves. That being said, it is always a good reminder to, as JD says, “Don’t follow any man. Follow Christ.” And I would see this apply to prophecy armchair quarterbacking. Blessings brother :wink:


I also think the AC has to come from Israel, a Jew to mimic Jesus and be able to deceive them with a lot of prophecies already fulfilled by Jesus.

Did you know (all) that Jesus fulfilled 365 prophecies :interrobang: You can check the list here:


My distancing started on Jan 6, 2021 when he went to Washington…



  1. 50 living Israelis will be released in beats of 12-13 each day during the 4 days of respite. It is possible that more nationalities will be released, but they will not be at the expense of the quota of 50 Israelis.

  2. During the ceasefire, Hamas will try to locate more abductees, estimating that it can locate up to 80 women and children.

  3. An additional day of respite will be given for every additional ten that are released.

  4. Kidnappers not in Hamas hands will also be released, Hamas is responsible for bringing them.

  5. Murderers will not be released from Israeli prison.

  6. The population of Gaza will not be allowed to return to the north of the Gaza Strip.

  7. Fuel will enter the Gaza Strip, but only on the days of the ceasefire.

  8. Fighting will resume immediately upon the end of the truce.

  9. Collecting intelligence from the air will be suspended for 6 hours each day.

  10. All the security branches - the IDF, Shin Bet and Mossad - supported the deal. The War Cabinet unanimously supports.

  11. Israel insisted for two weeks not to accept the original proposal of Hamas.

  12. After the deal is approved by the government, 24 hours will be given to petitions against it, after which it will be launched.



Jews would probably put more trust in a Jew, it’s a good point.

I didn’t know there were 365 fulfilled prophecies by Jesus. Thank you.