November 28, 2021 - Hebrews 12:4-13 – Why God Disciplines Us

:hawaiianshirt_3: Pastor JD talks about those times in our Christian lives when God deems it necessary to chastise and discipline us, and what doing so accomplishes in us.

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By way of Job, found myself referring to these exact verses today with my brother.

I feared my dad’s discipline yet there remains no earthly father that I held in higher regard.

I fear the Lords’ discipline yet there remains no Heavenly Father that I love more.

Job 5:17


Truly … not only did God give HIS only begotten SON to die for us but to suffer unimaginable pain that should have been inflicted upon us. What Jesus endured on out behalf NO human being ever would.
If THAT isn’t love in its purest form then what is?

Praise and glory to HIM THAT WAS, IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE.


God is pure light :white_heart: and pure love :heart: thank you Jesus


how many of you call on Abba?
if not how do you call on Heavenly Father?


This idea was new to me so I had to research it further.
I found this excellent explanation which fits so much with Pastor J.D.'s teaching on the reasons for God’s disciplining/chastising of us.
Thanks, @staceylovesJesus for sharing about this deeper meaning of “Abba”.

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Hi :slightly_smiling_face: @Pax

sometimes i call Heavenly Father Baba. it’s personal to me that only the Father knows. i know there’s many ways to call Heavenly Father… some call him papa, some call him daddy, some call him Abba.
Baba is personal to me when i need Heavenly Father’s love. :heart:
i am happy you are blessed by this. God bless you sister!