November 5, 2023: Bible Prophecy Update -- Idolatry Within Last Days Christianity

Actually I meant 2023 film directed by Kevin Sorbo, who was the one that made the 10 year who knows the day or hour comment.

The actors I have no ideas.

I am not surprised Cameron has changed his stance on pre-trib. I wonder about Ray Comfort and what his stance is sence Ray brought Cameron into Evangelism?


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Thanks for sharing that Cora. Amen. I believe all of that and have all of my Christian life. i see a difference with God not allowing Israel’s unbelief to nullify His promise to them and how the theater of their nation plays out in their unbelief today.

For example, if Israel uses Epstien nationally through Massad to blackmail global leaders in the way he did, this would be a greater evil than Israel signing on with the Abraham Accords. In their state of unbelief they cannot honor God. For the bible tells us as such. In my etsimation, what Israel does and does not do is not the issue. God’s promise supercedes any of that. So it does not matter that they align with Qatar. They are already in a constant state of unbelief (as a nation) not truting God. As God has partially hardened them

I bring this up because in my humble opinion it is a mistake to see what Israel does and does not do to equate any of that with their trusting God or not. Their condition as a nation is unblief. So if they enter entirely into the Abraham Accords, it would be God permitting certain things to form in their region for His purpose. Israel is not living under a covenant with God. God is faithful in His covenant to them. But they have no covenant themselves with God currently for the nation is under partial hardening. The time they will be in covenant with Him again will be in the tribulation via the 144k is my understanding. Blessing.s


I believe Ray is Pre-Trib. But I am saying this not defending either I think it is a good thing Bible believing Chrisians with different escatology perspectives can be close friends. I believe Kirk is wrong for his reasons why he is no longer Pre-Trib. I believe Ray has some issues as well with Lordship Salvation. But I don’t see their differences with rapture as much an issue.

It is interesting to note that a man making a movie about end times from a pretrib rapture persective does not see so much our times. I did see a review that says the movie is much about our current day times. It could be too he believes the rapture is sooner but says 10 years for the sake of compassion on those who are not yet ready to process things like that just yet. I believe it could be as far out as 6 years. But likely sooner. Blessings.

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It seemed to me an easy out answer to avoid controversy either way. Either way I don’t have issues with any of them even though we are not in agreement on a few things and I do believe they are all brothers in the faith.

I can’t see the enemy waiting too much longer before we have to be out of here. But we shall see that’s for sure.

Thanks for the input.


Hello Brother DEC,
I wonder.
Does the enemy have a choice? I mean, is he the one who decides to start the tribulation??

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There’s a somewhat disconcerting thought.
I’m with you and most [all?] on this forum in hoping for a soon Rapture.
Grace and peace


Not really without say Elohim is supreme but if they are going to take over before the world stands up against them then the Lord may need to allow them to move forward but they will need help.

At this point they do not have an the open door as they believed they would.

So if the die has been caste they would necessarily move quickly before this opportunity has passed.

So no it’s not really up to them nothing is at any time but they do know they can see trouble for them coming and the pre-birth pangs are not going away…

So they need an event to destabilize globally so the AC can enter in to bring calm of sorts.

My hope is of course the rapture.


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I might add, though of course the rapture could be in 5 minutes, the way I would look at 6 years out brother would be to make way for a "but God’ moment. In the latest video I posted with the Tom Hughes interview, Tom says that he sees so much NWO pushback there is no way the AC could walk on the world stage and be respected. For government distrust and push back is as a global all time high, according to Hughes. Tom sees two significant things in this respect:

a) There would seem to have to be a time of peace coming soon for the stage to set, then Ez 38, then the AC.

b) Something MASSIVE has to happen…we cannot get to AC from here. There can’t be a man with answers in our current context kind of thing.

I love Tom because even though I disagree with his escatological trajectory in many ways generally (he wears the staple watcher view honestly on his sleeve), he keeps bumping into my view like an elephant in a dark room. He bumped into something…but not sure its the elephant in the room…lol.

This is not to say my view is correct. For I may be very mistaken. Brother of course the rapture could happen today or tomorrow. If anything, we have been shown by how prophecy plays out that He is God and we are not. We are all surprised to still be here and see any of these events unfolding. It seems like we are late in the game for the rapture in a way. Which of course only means it is all that much closer.

I don’t mean for it to be disconcerting. Since none of us know, and I found Pastor JD’s emphasis on Elijah wanting to end his life AWESOME vintage JD. Love, love, love…so love that. But if we are here for years yet brother, I don’t exactly see it running from Jezabel. I believe something MaSSIvE is coming. And I believe it is peace. By a batsim of fire. But peace nonetheless. If true, the church has a front row seat at :butgod: in the world. Possibly His final act for the church. Whether we pass in the night or are raptured soon…we will be with Him soon.

My 6 year sense is roughly looking at 2030. As there might be some things relevant to the well known 2030 prophecy…i tend to look at that date is the start not end of tribulation. So there are differences. Although we are coming up on 2024. Which has been known for my intial year of choice rapture. I came to the forum in 2020. So perhaps this coming year (very strong chance).

Overall though as seeing how things have developed, it would seem that what i would see as a :butgod: moment has more to do possibly with a finishing touch on “revealing” which looks like it may have more longevity than to be merely spectacular. In other words, it seems like it might be that if :butgod: then more than a sensation flashpan moment of splenderous intervention…it could last a few years. I would see this as the greater part of “revealing” as the closing chapter of the age of grace and the story of mankind on earth who was created by God ends. I see the tribulation era more like the 1,000 year reign era (outside the norm of the 6k years of His story in man’s history). 1 is an add on week for Isreal (the 70th), and the other is a very different world and era for His glory. So the ending of the age of grace, in my mind, has a much hotter significance likely to our Creator…in that He might see quite a bit more than prophecy blueprints unfolding, as He closes the era of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Daniel, Peter, Paul, John, the church fathers, and 2k years of His children in grace. That is quite a family album to look at one last time on the couch together. From His perspective, being His creation, it would not be out of context to believe He might end the “age of grace” uniquely aside from all the prophecy blueprints fanfare His creation (from our earthly perspective) tends to be often very focused upon.

I totally understand the reason to not want to be in a world where men compete in women’s sports and the age of consent drops so low for lawless purposes. What beauty is there in a world where gender no longer matters. Yeah…i’m outta here with that too brother :slight_smile: :butgod: perhaps…blessings.

Hey Teren!

The deception will be supernatural, as you know. I was caught up in that QAnon stuff, hoping for a pre-Rapture fix. These patriots and QAnon-types are exactly the kinds of people who will receive the AC with open arms. The AC will appear as a savior to the world, and an “apparent” opponent to globalism and the NWO.

It seems that way, for sure. It also appears global compliance and submission is, as well. I think the world will be so sick and tired -“ripe”-when AC is revealed.

1 Thess.4:16-18
I love Tom, too-although I have not listened to his shows in a few months.
Not sure what a “staple watcher view” consists of. Que est ce que c’est?

Yes, it feels like we are in “extra innings.”
I know 100% for certain that the Rapture is closer than it was yesterday. :wink:

or, perhaps you meant to say ‘wanting his life to be ended’?

lol I just love your poetic writ, Brother! lol!!

yes-our Daddy is gonna be pretty hot-and there will be fire on the earth. Only by His grace it is being restrained.
What an amazing time and era he put us into together.
I further agree with you and add that, in my mind, there is no prophecy being fulfilled today, although we may see and feel the birthpangs.
But now I recall that you hold that the first seal has opened, in which case we are not 100% in concert. Which is totally fine, since you will be set straight on this at the Rapture (I could not even type that with a straight face!).

Interesting thought
Appreciate much your thoughtful post!
Grace and peace


The devil is God’s devil, in the sense that he only gets to do what God allows him; he has to ask for permission, as in Job’s case.

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Sorry to interrupt, but I’d like to make an observation here:

Yes, there’s very much pushback against the NWO - and here I mean the tyrannical NWO such as the WEF, Gates etc.

But I see vey little pushback against the False Light, which , I believe, will be the response/solution to the NWO tyranny.

By False Light I mean ideas and people such as Musk, Trump, T. Carlson, J. Peterson, Charlie Kirk, QAnon, and countless others who are currently pro-freedom and truth, anti-death shot, anti LGBTXYZ aggressiveness, and so sick of the current tyranny etc.

The pushback against the False Light, at this moment, is mainly from the Church.

Once the Church is raptured, the False Light (and NOT tyrannical NWO) will be the AC’s solution. And I don’t think it will seem tyrannical at the beginning, to those living in those times.

Many will be deceived by the AC’s False Light, but there will also be many who will realize that what God spoke through the Christians was true.
They will get saved, they will not worship the AC, and because of that they will be killed.

I often thought about people like Jordan Peterson, that if they are truly sincere in their pursuit for the truth, God will give them necessary discernment to refuse to worship the AC.

And because of how many people follow and respect people like Jordan Peterson, if he gets saved, God will use his influence to bring many to salvation.

Just thinking out loud here about how the multitude will be saved after the Rapture occurs. I could be wrong, for sure, but I think it’s a possible scenario. :thinking:



Thanks Robbie. Always enjoy your posts and replies brother. You are a very valued member of our forum family. I would like to address your opening point at the end. Its kind of a bit bright to start with that the way i will address (to be taken with the grain of salt it may only provide…or not).

I believe there are 2 main ones, neither do i subscribe to:

a) NWO leads us into beast system, America collapses
b) Rise of false light, harlot church emerges

These are the two main views in the watcher world. I have seen no other, so to me they are staple concepts. They are conventional concepts. Most pastors who are not “watchers” but weigh in (like John Macarthur) would see (a). And most watchers are, in my estimation, (a).

Pastor JD along with Good Fight Ministries (parent ministry of E511) hold to (a.5). Where (a) is likely true, but then (b) might be the way (a) occurs. Just a footnote about Good Fight Ministries. They make high quality videos and i have found them often sound on sober biblical takes. However, they have gone extremely out of their way to disprove Darby. They reject pretriib rapture. And believe you can lose your salvation. I believe they run the risk they warn of in their first E511 video. In that video they demonstrate accurately that the first conspiracy theory was Satan in the garden telling Eve that God did not want her wise. And they rightly assign this to New Age thought today trying to see past deception and break out of it. My concern would be, how this sort of sense (breaking out of deception the New Age has as their shrine belief) could spread its shadow upon the believing church. Making deception the ultimate thing we need to break out of. Which for the New Age has its roost in 1st century gnosticism. THIS is why i love when Pastor JD emphasizes…“What gets us closer to Jesus,” emphasis added. In that there is no risk of falling prey to New Age escape deceptionism. And “right there,” is where my view flourishes in contrast. If true of course…lol. I’m not in (a) or (b).

Two problems with (b): AC only rules for 3.5 years. Not 7. It is most likely the harlot cannot ride a beast unitl there is a beast to ride. The harlot does not appear biblically to come prior to the AC. Yet this view would look upon the mess of the church and potentially assigning her a harlotry ahead of a beast to ride…which we do not find in the bible. I would guestimate earliest arrival of her would be 5th seal-ish?

Jack Hibbs is the only pastor i have heard that attests to things going down in early judgement or God providing a stay of sorts. I align in part with Jack in that i believe the best view is the one deferring to what God might do in our age, leaving the details to Him more so than assigning it to a particular blueprint of our own views. I do have a concern with Jack’s previous support of NAR, and I have no alignment in my view with the NAR concept.

Yes. Better…its in reference to Pastor JD latest BPU.


In a nutshell, this is where my premise is divergent.

  • Premise 1 – We are in age of deception
  • Premise 2 – We are in age of reveal

Although i don’t disagree with premise 1, I would see premise 2 as the salient one. Based on the character of God. During the tribulation He will exhaust His displeasure. During the age of grace I would see His non-anxiousness to ramsack His own creation. But rather provide max opportunity for rapture ready saintts. Thus, reveal seems to be consistent with His heart during the dispensation in proximity most to Christ not coming to judge but to save. The tribulation proper is the train leading to the day of the Lord when He comes to judge (the caboose). Until we cross that threshold, I do not align with pulling elements of the tribulation into the sequencing of a still yet age of grace. Thus the rampant lack of swift judgement and evil running a much. As evil and deceptive as that is, it is a testimony of His patience, not just a view of His wrath withholding, in my estimation though.

Amen. I’m on this forum in part to be “straightened out” :slight_smile: I don’t actually believe the 1st seal is necessarily opened. How that works i don’t know. But i would say we are in its season. I would see the first seal proper as a plundering of the NWO. Which staple watcher (b) view would see as false light angle. As a caveat, i would add that I would not rule out sacrasm as part of the 1st seal. So even though i would see seal 1 as a major takedown of the NWO (a good thing) i would not see it free from human frailty and potential narcacism. But overall would view it as the best of temporal outcomes in our age of grace. And see it as temporal, but with affect mostly aimed at Israel.

Thanks for letting me know your background with the Q thing. I had my moments too. But i always thought…“How much sense is it to track with this whole thing if Q is saying much of it is disinfo?” lol At that point, i was just interested rather in God’s providence on the matter. That is of course after the word, amen.

I would view Qanon as camouflage to an age eager to have a view, a conviction, a perspective. I would see it as crumbs to feed bias (but multi-sided bias). The bottom line for me in that is no one fits the 1st seal potential like Trump since Alexander the Great (regardless of Q and the E511 enlightened perspective). This is a hard verse to fit with cause. It does amaze me that the potential seems so abscent at least as a consideration in general today. Trump fits that verse with a so far 7 year legacy, yet it has to be entirely unhinged because it does not fit contemporary narratives. Dallas put a post out about how the 1st century missed a lot of the obvious. I realize i have my bias too. So i am totally open for correction. But it does seem that the zietgeist to package themes into bias is also kind of a “staple” today. In a whirlpool of that colloquial current, a 1st seal genre i hold of course may not be accurate…but to not consider what things might look like outsiide our commonly themed story board arhcitype blueprints might mirror similar 1st century like missteps. Albeit by God’s grace, even if that might be the case, the 1st century error would be the greater trouble i believe.

Thanks for engaging Robbie. I know my views are whacked…lol. I appreciate your brotherly heart…and in your kind soul God find me to be a convert of sorts through the likes of you brother. Blessings.

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Thanks Anca, I always cherish your views. For you may be correct. Although our views may differ, I really appreciate that you heart cares to interact on such themes. It is quite a blessing among saints. And edifying regardless of how we might process differently on some matters :slight_smile:

I just posted a reply to Robbie you might find of interest to see where some of my views derrived from. Anca, I would admit that the likelihood of a rapture prior to whatever happens in 2024+ does have a theological appeal. And stands a solid reasonable consideration. Where I would have pause is in being so close to an event like a falsse light event and be removed prior to its ultimate playout. I would also admit that my first seal view could be nothing more than your false light view. They could be one and the same. And that would be consistent with it being the first seal of a train of judgements.

The reason i would have pause though is because I tend to back out of the book of Revelation. Which is a different typical view we hold today of driving into it. What i mean is that i try to look at where it ends, and back out slowly to see how it might be trailed into. Whereas, the conventional approach is to see it from its start just believing we definately trail into it.

The other main reason for pause for me is the epicentric different views we have as transition occurs. Here are what i would see as two very different filters of focus as it relates to “transition.”

  • Transition A – The main theme of transition is beast system from age of grace to tribulation
  • Transition B – The main theme of transition is Israel’s 70th week.

Of the two, one focuses on the beast system and one focuses on Israel. One focuses on AC, the other Israel. One focuses on judgement, and one on Israel. This is a rather “fine” and “technical” point, but i believe a lot hinges on it perhaps. Is the trajectory we hold “beast system” transition or “Israeli” transition? See this is something i would see in view if I “backed” out of Revelation rather than approached it from a “diiving” into it approach. Regardless of our themes (and including the world being judged as a given), I believe we would see a 70th week proper by it as 70th because there was a 1-69 too. And those were labeled as “weeks given to a people,” the Jews. So in this sense i would see the 70th week being about Israel more than about the beast system. Although both themes coexist in the tribulation.

As for a transtion though, if we hold Israel in view we might see some very different things than if we hold beast system as a main themeatic transition focal point. I believe it is possibly a miscaculation to favor a beast system transition focus in part because of Romans 11:18-20 as somewhat prophetic. In considering how this kind and type of verse might play out in the transtion period, it could look something like this:

  • The church views “beast system” as the go to focus toward tribulation. It is our understanding of our context with our filter to percieve our understanding of the blueprint.

  • If Israel is to be the transitory focus perhaps she herself might also become a filter by which to view end time events. By esteeming Israel as a filter to interpret what other things in transition mean, it might parce out to more accuracy perhaps in how things unfold and what is their meaning in proximity to her.

In the first view prophecy is about the esteem of the church’s view. In the second view, we might consider that as God is the architect of how the end time road map works, He might prefer the church to defer to how God is looking at Isreal in this transition period over and above our own senses of our own blueprint of how that should look. If this has relevance, then no matter how spiritual a context might appear to be, if it is a perspective of the church, by the church, for the church (in contrast to an Israeli transtion – tradiing off the baton) it could be seen as a temporal or earthy view regardless its otherwise wise and helpful spirtiual ramifications of insight. I don’t mean here to address the accuracy or innacuracy of church ideology as it relates to how certain themes we have of current concern might or might not be spiritual. i am only trying to view this finite point on the hinge point of “transition,” as it relates to Israel or as it relates to the beast system.

So if we as a church are to look at how things transition from age of grace to tribulation using our own logic, senses, or leanings (even though some are actually very spiritual…amen) of our own understanding (and our significance to hold such views) in contrast to a simple differene of: It should have been on how God was looking at Isreal in transition instead…well…yeah…so that is where i would have concern. In that way, don’t you find it in the slightest peculiar in the 70th week being about her, this kind of consideration is on no one’s discussion table?

In holding a church centric view we see NAR doing it. We aslo see the reformed camp looking for Christian Nationalism as the answer. We see the reformed camp of John Macarthur asserting a focus on how we lose down here (a similarly shared motif of JD’s) and we just wait for the Lord as we occupy. Not a bad view. Likely a very spiritual view. But do you recall the saying that discernment isn’t so much between right and wrong but rather what is better and what is potentially best (Phil 1:9-10)? Well this is the sort of notion I would suggest is possibly on the table for us. Not that the false light view might not be best…but how do we arrive at “best” wihtout a contrast? Where is the contrast? NAR? lol

If the focus is best Israel, how might false light theory look? At this point Anca the best i could put forth (if accurate at all) would be that if we are still here when all this goes down…at that point we might have a choice to make. If we rapture and false light happens, we won’t face it. If we do face it though, then what? If the Lord tarries, and we see it, I believe we have a choice to see what we will. We coud see that the only way it makes sense is if the rapture is really soon but a bunch of people might be really deceived on the way out. But if Israel is the focus, might NWO conquer possibly mean: “Hey Israel, remember the promise to rule on the seat of David coming? Talk to the church on your way out…or be refined.” Looking at the heart of God in that (especially if Ez 38 is on the horizon at that point), would it not make some sense to see some “earthly/temporal” conquer for a benefit outside of perhaps the churches view not seeing how it might extend to Israel from the heart of God? Must we insist upon a sense of it as evil because God would never lovingly provide such a apocolyptically unique opportunity for Israel to rapture with church? God would never allow it to be about that? I mean, in all honesty though, for it to have to be only about the cultural themes “we” see more than a possibility of it being for Israel, could this not sensibly not be considered to be looked at? Yet where in the church is that?

Perhaps we never need to consider. But if we are still around a year or two from now…we might have a choice in believing what we are seeing. Again, wow thanks so much for your heart Anca and even to consider such a discussion. You may be correct dear sister and we never come to this, amen. But in like fashion to leaving tracts behind for family after the rapture, perhaps this might be symbolically a sense of leaving ourselves a tract prior (to our future selves) to the rapture. Thanks for reading blessed and dearest sister. Blessings.


Hey Anca! Hope you are well!
May I chime in?

I like this observation, as it fits in line with the modus operendi of the Secret Societies (create a problem, the people react with desperation, and the [false] good guys provide a solution); and with Scripture:
“with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,” 2 Thess.2:10-11
These verses also tie in to your point about the false light (anti-Light) being the solution. And far from seeming tyrannical, he will seem like the Messiah.
Also, you noted that these “truth seekers” reject the Truth (the Living and written Word of God), so ultimately they will end in darkness.
The only ones who are not in darkness are those who have at one time trusted in Jesus.
“But you, brethren, are not in darkness…” 1 Thess.5:4
Thanks, and have a good night and or day (not sure about time zone in Romania lol).


Teren - dear brother in Christ - I thank our Lord for a brother like you. You really fulfill Colossians 4:6

“Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt, that you may know how you ought to answer each one.”

You are such a good example for all of us on this forum. God bless you for that!

That’s such a good point, Teren. I could definitely see that happening. Do I know for sure? Sincerely, no, I don’t. But it seems possible.

Because the 70th week is The Time of Jacob’s Trouble, I would view this final week of years being about Israel first.

But because our God is a God who beautifully and perfectly “works things together” (Romans 8:28), I view all other events in Revelation being perfectly orchestrated by God, so that He:

  • saves a multitude of people (in spite of the tyrannical beast system that exists at that time),
  • judges the wicked rulers/people on the earth,
  • judges the spiritual powers in the air, including Satan

You have put so much thought on how things would transition, Teren. A lot more than I have… and this is the reason I am not able to interact on all the points you bring up in this discussion.

But I can at least explain that my reasoning is mainly based on 2 Thessalonians 2:11

“For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false,”

The delusion obviously comes after we are raptured.

But I look at the Church now planting many seeds (especially on the internet) that will be useful to those left behind that will refuse to worship the Beast.

And one other detail that’s stuck in my mind is the fact that, once this dispensation (Grace) ends and the Church is raptured, life on Earth will be very different, I imagine it as something out of science-fiction movies lol. I say that because of what we see happening in the first 1260 days - the presence of the 2 witnesses, the seals - there are many miraculous things going on in those days.

Also, I think the rulers of the earth will have to come up with a satisfactory explanation to the Rapture. I think they are aware of it, and have been preparing the explanation for quite some time. They just don’t know when!

Again, I could be wrong, but I enjoyed exchanging our thoughts on these issues.

Blessings, grace and peace from our Lord Jesus, to you dear brother!


Anytime Robbie! We can learn so much as a team, eh? (That was my Canadian EH :joy:)

You are so correct :+1:. And that Modus Operandi is from the enemy’s playbook.

He also manages to, sadly, divide people by giving them 2 options to choose from: left or right, NWO or Great Awakening, Democracy or Communism, Israel or Palestine (more currently) etc.

That’s what I believe, too.

The AC (NOT air conditioning :joy: I think that’s from one of you posts yesterday. Hilarious!)…

anyway back to the story…

The AC will be attractive and seem like a Messiah which means Christ, hence Anti-Christ or in lieu of Christ.

Deceiving times those will be… But God… He will save many in spite of the deception.

Amen. The anointing of the Spirit in us teaches us about all things…

“As for you, the anointing which you received from Him abides in you, and you have no need for anyone to teach you; but as His anointing teaches you about all things, and is true and is not a lie, and just as it has taught you, you abide in Him.”
‭‭1 John‬ ‭2‬:‭27‬

And yes, for us, He is not coming as a thief…

“So remember what you have received and heard; and keep it, and repent. Therefore if you do not wake up, I will come like a thief, and you will not know at what hour I will come to you.”
‭‭Revelation‬ ‭3‬:‭3‬

We’re on the same time zone as Jerusalem, maybe because Romanians are at least as stubborn as Jews??? :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::joy::joy::joy:

7 hours ahead of Toronto (EST)

As you sometimes say…
Grace and Peace!

They’re much needed these days!


Awesome, Blossom!

Hey Anca, I wonder then: since we know that we are not in darkness; and that He will not appear as a thief to us; and that there is no judgment for us, then whom is He speaking to in this verse?

Oy…such a statement!
Thanks for the good post! So many solid points. Some may be controversial to some, but not me, as I agree with 99-100%.
Nice chattin’ with you, eh? :canada:

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:heart::heart::heart: So totally agree with all you’ve said and loved the format of your reply. I tried a less articulate reply to this effect yesterday but the Lord saw fit to prevent it posting. Do you have a book coming out on Amazon that I can advance order (to get it out in supermarkets like Amir aspires)? I’m not joking. There’s a book in everyone by all accounts. There’s defo one in you!

May God bless you and others through you richly :pray:


I think this verse, and the entire rebuke to the church in Sardis, is directed at believers (saved people) who do not walk according to the will of God.

I believe in the Assurance of Salvation, once you have eternal life, you have it forever. That’s by pure grace, our works don’t play a role here.

On the other hand, our walking, growing, perseverance is dependent on our obedience to the Lord. If we don’t obey His commandments we cannot grow, we remain babes and there’s no fruit.

So the church in Sardis (except for the few described in verse 4, who are NOT rebuked) is dead, meaning it does not produce the fruit it should produce.

Their deeds are not complete/perfect, meaning their deeds were not demonstrating obedience to God in their Christian walk.

They are told to remember, keep and repent. This exhortation has to do with their Christian walk, which was not good. They were not walking according to their identity.

You see plenty of Sardis Christians nowadays. They don’t watch, they’re careless in regards to coming of the Lord (rapture), they may think there’s still a long time until the rapture, or they don’t even believe in a pre-trib rapture.

The consequence of NOT watching is the inability to recognize the season we’re in. And if one does not recognize the season, and the fact that the hour is late, one cannot prioritize accordingly, and is in danger of getting lost in the cares of this world.

In contrast, a good example is found in the verse below.

“Of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do…”
‭‭1 Chronicles‬ ‭12‬:‭32‬a

These men discerned the times, hence they knew what Israel should do.

It is the same today. If we know the rapture is near (or better said here), we don’t waste our time in this world. We watch, pray, witness, and serve the Lord and others according to His will.

In short form - the letter to the disobedient Sardis Christians, is a call to return to a life of watching and obedience.


Dear Emma… what a beautiful name you have - God is with us.

Thank you for the amazing encouraging words you wrote.

There’s no book on Amazon coming lol, that was really cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: … but I try to write the book in my interactions with people in my life. I tell everyone I can that the Lord is near, I try to encourage because I need so much encouragement myself. The days are perilous and we need to love each other. As pastor JD said, I can also say, these days are the most difficult of my life… but God. His grace is sufficient, His power is made perfect in weakness.

I praise the Lord for everything good comes from Him. And I know that by His grace I am what I am.

The Lord bless you Emma, may He provide you with His rich blessings, according to your needs. Be encouraged and strengthened every day until we meet our Lord Jesus.

With love in Christ Jesus,
@Channah (Anca)