November 6, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update -Connecting the Prophetic Dots

:bible2: Propecy Update November 6

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: connects the dots of what’s happening in the world today with specific prophecies in the Bible.

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Will be watching after Pastor’s sermon/teaching on 1Peter today.
Silly us, didn’t check beforehand to see if Hawaii switched times last night like most of the US…


During the PU, Pastor was describing the colors and deceptions of the horses in seals 1-4. The last is chloros, the pale horse—and with him, rides Death. Made me think about just how deceptive and deadly this new Green Deal/Agenda really is.

I know most people think the seals kick off or are just moments before the Seven Years begin. I personally think the riders have been riding since Jesus went back to Heaven, and there are more and more scholars voicing that idea, still unpopular in mainstream thought that it is. Through their long years of riding, they’ve just kept ramping up their fierceness. And I think that the first group of people being killed (the 1/4 of mankind) is mostly made up of people killed in this current genocide. The 5th seal is the resurrection of the dead in Christ, followed in the twinkling of an eye by the 6th seal, our airlift rescue and the entrance of the Great Day of Wrath.

If you don’t agree, lets agree to disagree. There’s not one thing in scripture that indicates the first four seals are judgement. I think they’re the beginning of birth pangs we’ve been told would come. And wrath begins at the 6th seal.

If you’re thinking about the argument that says the last generation going through tribulation (small t) is akin to the groom beating up the bride before the wedding, I have a couple questions. Is only this generation the bride? Cuz God’s people have been in tribulation since Day One. Think of the millions of martyrs throughout history. And does going through trouble in this world really equate to our God beating us up? Maybe it’s the enemy. Maybe it’s just a natural result of our fallen-ness. I’ve read Scripture of God using the world to chastise and punish His people and Scripture that describes evil men beating up God’s people but I know of no place where God beats up anybody.

If the AC is waiting impatiently in the wings, I would submit that the actual wrath (his on God’s people and then God on him) is closer than we realize and that we are far further into the book than we’ve been taught to collectively believe.

Again, we can discuss my very unpopular view or we can agree to disagree. I just wanted to put it out there for you to think and pray about. At this point, edification and encouragement of the saints is important. I’ve been wrong about some things before.
But what if I’m right?


over the past like 2 years or more, my husband has been reading through the Bible with me cover to cover. (yeah it’s taken a lot of time but we’re almost there.) it’s his first time, and it’s my 2nd time. it’s amazing how much more I comprehend this time around. we are in Hebrews now, so we’re very close to Revelation, and I’m looking forward to understanding it better than before. maybe I’ll find insight as to your perspective of the horses. as of now, despite the studies I’ve been in, I have not felt I understand it well. I am still trying to decide what I even think of what the “rapture” is. the other day we came to the part about us in the future being “caught up in the air,” and I was like, hey I know what that’s supposedly referring to! so I’ll see how the pieces fit together in my eyes this time. thanks for the food for thought, always appreciate your perspectives @GR .


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My dear lady, that was not a rant.
That my dear is THE TRUTH.
Please keep preaching it. Very well said. Thank you.


Curt Reed and special guest Pete Garcia.


@GR I share your perspective actually.
I’m not gonna say I’m sure, but the same idea keeps running through my head everytime I read the word…

Time keeps proving it too. All we have to do is look around.



Thanks for stimulating thought with your take on when the tribulation begins.
My one thought regarding the Christians down through history which have died for their faith is that the difference in the tribulation period is that the hunting, attacking and killing of Christians will be globally all at the same time, not sporadic and in select nations. In the past, others in the nations were Christians have been attacked and killed, had a moral standard by which they condemned the attacks of others against Christians. I have understood that within the Tribulation period, the wicked will fully turn on Christians leaving them with no one to turn to but our God.


Hey Nancy @Grandma5,
I appreciate your insight—- but maybe I don’t understand your reasoning. If you can help me to, thanks.

In my humble opinion, dead is dead. Being killed for your faith standing alone or in a group, whether someone else objects or approves— you’re still martyred.

I’ve heard many reputable preachers and teachers say that more Christians were martyred in the 20th century than in all the other centuries combined. I admit, I have not vetted the statement but I do know that entire groups of people have been and are even now being killed for their beliefs. So I’m betting it’s probably closer to truth than not.

I don’t understand your statement about how the killing not being condemned by others would/could make a difference. But it’s late and I’m tired…

Anyways, if you can help me understand your point of view, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.



So happy to see this morning as I was reading at whatfinger news that they have posted a link to Pastor JD’s prophecy update for November 6 (along with a YouTube video of Hal Lindsey on the Book of Revelation). God is so very good…in all things. As things are going to become really HOT, unbelievers will be looking for answers. Keep looking up, brothers and sisters. Keep focused on the reality, a sure reality, that we are going home so very, very soon.


Until the end !!! :point_up::relaxed::fist:
(like martyrs, never forget them)


I am watching this now and it is so good! I love all of his sermons and prophecy updates but this one right here **chef’s kiss