November 7, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

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:hawaiianshirt_4: Pastor JD talks about how Bible prophecy has the much-needed effect of loosening our ever-tightening grip on our lives in this fallen world.


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Pastor JD mentioned this months ago, this is the video interview at Daystar:


in case you’re wondering why JD was Live early is because Hawaii’s time zone stays the same.


Thanks Stacey, I did wonder that but would have never asked. Hee Hee. I do appreciate it. :two_hearts:


Letting go of this world is not the problem :tired_face:

Being stuck here is the problem!!

Can we leave now?? :pray:


Shadowy military-intel outfit at center of push for globalized digital health passport system –


The globalist will overwrite any obstacles:

Just added Andy Woods Rapture sermon in first post.


Interestingly- Data Analysis Proves that Certain Batches/Lots of this Vaccine seems to be far more Lethal and dangerous than others, and have a very fast rate of affecting you. The analysis was from The VAERS system and was concerning all 3 MRNA Vaccines. Uh, That's Not A Conspiracy Theory in [Market-Ticker-Nad]


A lengthy read, but worth the Time. The Author makes a great point about how real education looks nothing like what we see today in the school systems. The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher - By John Taylor Gatto, New York State Teacher of the Year, 1991


Dear Pastor JD,
Thank you for standing strong with the Holy Spirit.
I know the anguish you have been feeling and how it’s been tearing you apart.
You have been warning people from the very beginning NOT to take this. There is nothing more you could have done. You did what was asked of you. What happens next for all of us is ultimately between Jesus and us.
We love you Pastor, may your heart be at rest over this.


Pastor Cioccolanti and our brothers and sisters in Australia need our help. If anyone is in a position to help, please do. Pastor Cioccolanti also describes the horrific tyranny Australians are enduring. IMPORTANT PERSONAL MESSAGE - I Never Thought I’d Say This

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It would be too obvious if they all had a negitive effect at the same time.


For Canadians on this forum (even Canadians not currently living in Canada), there is a Petition to make Ivermectin and early treatment widely available for COVID-19 treatment in Canada. It is open for signatures until December 25, 2021. Please share!
Petition to Make Ivermectin Widely Available for COVID-19 Treatment in Canada Now Open for Signatures – Canadian Covid Care Alliance


Not yet! your life is still reverberating throughout time, affecting untold amounts of souls. Focus on the love Jesus has shown you, and reflect that back onto those around you, near and far!!


Karen Kingston shared that the stuff inside the jab will be activated at later time inside human body, therefore real injury or death begins when the evil decides. Some will have saline shots.

Dr P said that the stuff inside varies from batch to batch, therefore make it hard to pinpoint which lot is dangerous.

We need to watch this dark winter season to see the effects.





P&G is answerable to top 3 investors and practise ESG (Business Social Credit Scoring System) mantra:


It is certain that nothing good has ever come out of humanities deadly deceptions and lies, which is paramount with today’s globalist agenda and these sinister mRNA experiments on humanity.

Are these mRNA injections even experiments ?…or is humanity being used as disposable fodder for a global Transhumanism and Depopulation effort ??…I don’t know anything for certain, however, it sure is looking in that direction to me personally.

We do know that a massive PR campaign and global government tyrannical support are behind these deadly lies with obvious subterfuge. Great global population numbers have bought into the lie, which has given the globalists their power.

It might take several years for we in the public to know what is (or was) in these injections and the true mortality rate (and injuries) of taking these mRNA injections.

Those who are behind the scenes orchestrating the intentionally created anarchy and chaos might not even yet know the full scale of what they have done nor the consequences…they are apparently compounding their wealth, however.

As divided global societies fight each other over their ‘For vs. Against’ stand, the globalists agenda moves forward according to their sinister plan towards the New World Order and ever closer to the Biblically Prophesied Tribulation.

Our hope, as Pastor JD tells us every week, is to have our Hope, Faith, and Trust in Yeshua Ha’Mashiach and His Word and not of the things of this world.

This is NOT our home…


Our HOME is Above which is where we should keep our Heart, Soul, and Mind…



I know nobody wants to say this, but I bet you are thinking it- how long until they put a vaccine mandate requirement on your right to vote or participate in any elections…


Oh boy…it just keeps moving ahead. Food, energy, disease…


Amen, David.

When Pastor JD spoke of finally letting go of this world, I could totally relate to his struggles in doing that. It’s been a process for me, cause I had a death grip on my job, my finances, my country, my politics, and anything else I thought I had control over. I was only deluding myself, and I do have regret over my wasted time and opportunities for the Lord. In saying this, however, I do feel more free than I’ve ever felt in my life. It’s taken awhile, but I’ve slowly realized this world has nothing to offer me.

By the way Pastor JD, it’s probably best to leave the volume turned down when Brandon pops up on the TV. As for myself, I left the volume up and my Tourette’s kicks in. I’m still working on that problem in my life.