November 7, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

For me the thing that is most upsetting is that they are “in no way” telling people NOT to go and get the jab. That’s the difference between Pastor Hibbs/Amir and others like Pastor Brandon, Pastor JD and Pastor Breaker. Is the shot evil? Is the shot form the Devil(Even though God is using it to bring about judgement)? Is it the precursor to the mark? Does it change our DNA? Did the lives of aborted babies get used in the manufacture of the said “Vaccines”? If the answer is yes then why can’t we, as believers in Jesus, call it for what it is. Can’t we agree that we should stay away from this evil and not willingly have it injected into our temple of the holy spirit!


The Crazymatics had these wrong…



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Proposal to Overhaul the Fed and Eliminate the Banking System

Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has proposed “The People’s Ledger,” a new system under which banks would be eliminated and you would have a digital wallet directly with the Fed itself. The Fed would have power and authority to put money in and take money out of your account as it deems fit. The Fed would also have power and control to determine what percentage of your money could be spent on X, Y, or Z. This would give them power to control markets, “encourage” certain behavior in society, and “discourage” other behavior.


Right if we are still here then what needs to happen to take us out of here ? NOTHING.

AND THEN the lawless one will be revealed.

After this happens he confirms/makes a covenant THEN he causes all to take the mark.

So if we are still here and he hasn’t been revealed to the world, HOW CAN IT BE THE MARK ?

Go back to scripture.


This lady can explain better than I ever could,
Please have a listen 18:30


There is someone who can explain even better than me, you or this lady.

GOD can explain everything much better than any human ever could. Read his word and compare EVERY explanation from ANYONE to it.

I would suggest reading GOD’S WORD, or you are just going to be constantly flagged. What you are doing is robbing people of any hope or peace and once again potentially bringing up an issue that is going to cause division and discord.

This is not of God. I would ask you to please refrain from posting things like this unless they are in agreement with scripture.


Some are being too hostile here.
I won’t comment further.

I am deeply shocked. I didn’t hear Jack hibbs say that, but I admit to my horror my own church are encouraging people to get jabbed. Public prayers of Thanksgiving for it!! In a small prayer meeting one of our leaders prayed against those too stubborn or stupid to get it and patted me on the back. They needed volunteers I went forward was told I wd need to take lateral flow tests every time I was on
I agreed. A few hours later I recieved a phone call from the ministry leader telling me I had to get jabbed. I declined. Its like the churches have gone mad. They are fully co operating in Satan’s agenda to kill steal and destroy mankind


There are already 3 Question Marks on her “sermon”:

  1. Using dreams to interpret the Bible

  1. God can undo the Mark??? There is NO U-Turn at all.

  1. Separating Tribulation and Wrath as two separate events, most probably Post-Toasties

These are my points, @alllllz and @JaimieOxford.


The love of the world is strong in their hearts.


@Macadamianutgm Is this too hostile of a question? I’m not trying to get into with you over rather or not the vaccine is the MOB or not, but I have been wondering something recently, and since your the first one I have seen in awhile who thinks the vaccine is the MOB I was wanting to ask. With young children now able to receive the covid vaccine. Based on your belief that the vaccine is the MOB, do you believe young children who receive the vaccine are now dammed to hell for all eternity? Serious wondering.


Your church does not LOVE you at all. Dr Peter said 15 months of spike protein which is toxic inside human body for vaxxed. Add-ons like booster shots will ensure whole body is poisoned for good.


Dr Andy Woods often refers to Renald Showers in his rapture series, so I’m guessing that he’s sound :slight_smile:


Hi Matthew,

It’s a tough question way above my spiritual pay grade.
Harvest of the Tares, I always thought kids would be spared, but it is looking like they are not.
Just have to put it all in Jesus hands.
God is just.
Sorry I cannot answer you.



Ephesians 4:31
Let bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice.


So sometime next year we will see a massive death toll of those who have taken this poison…oh God have mercy. The gvt is saying 90% population…not just adults have been vaxed. The poor children…and all those in care homes who had no say . Sorry I feel like crying but I know God is in control and he is merciful


Amen. While my own church has an abundance of those who took the jabs, the people who did are finally settled in their minds to realize that this is their own personal choice. That’s the best we can hope for, after the fact. I am so sorry that there are churches where this poison is being pushed.


I don’t know this man, but this, this right here seems very appropriate for this time :wink:


Great to know - thanks MARANATHA - I really love Andy Woods bible studies and Ppov’s - and for sure …. MARANATHA !!!:- :smiley:


I don’t know about anyone else but one day I woke up to the fact it’s my own fear of failing the final test to resist the outward appearance of succumbing to evil. I thought to myself why don’t they just start lining us up and make us choose! The mark or beheading?!? A one or the other kind of choice. But it’s this constant thorn in my side that digs at me wondering if my Saviour will find me worthy when the time comes. We all have doubts it’s human nature. I believe it’s exactly when we begin to feel unworthy that we actually become worthy.