November 9, 2021-Luke 19-24

Chapter 19:

Jesus and Zacchaeus
The Parable of the Ten Minas
The Triumphal Entry
Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem
Jesus Cleanses the Temple

Chapter 20:
The Authority of Jesus Challenged
The Parable of the Wicked Tenants
Paying Taxes to Caesar
Sadducees Ask About the Resurrection
Whose Son Is the Christ?
Beware of the Scribes

Chapter 21:
The Widow’s Offering
Jesus Foretells Destruction of the Temple
Jesus Foretells Wars and Persecution
Jesus Foretells Destruction of Jerusalem
The Coming of the Son of Man
The Lesson of the Fig Tree
Watch Yourselves

Chapter 22:
The Plot to Kill Jesus
Judas to Betray Jesus
The Passover with the Disciples
Institution of the Lord’s Supper
Who Is the Greatest?
Jesus Foretells Peter’s Denial
Scripture Must Be Fulfilled in Jesus
Jesus Prays on the Mount of Olives
Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
Peter Denies Jesus
Jesus Is Mocked.
Jesus Before the Council

Chapter 23:
Jesus Before Pilate
Jesus Before Herod
Pilate Delivers Jesus to Be Crucified
The Crucifixion
The Death of Jesus
Jesus Is Buried

Chapter 24:
The Resurrection
On the Road to Emmaus
Jesus Appears to His Disciples
The Ascension

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