Oct 25 2020 - Bible Prophecy Update: Top 10 Bible Prophecies

I must take this opportunity to say how EXTREMELY thankful I am for your ANNOINTED ministry. Thank you so much, for your courage and faithfulness to HIS CALL upon your life!

I personally don’t believe that the vaccine itself will necessarily become the MARK of the BEAST, but rather, for a person to PROVE that he/she is compliant with COVID-19 LEGISLATION, they will have to have an embedded PIN. I believe that the BILL GATES PATCH of 100 needles (very interesting conspiracy FACT that can be trace back several years) will be the PRECURSOR of the MARK of the BEAST. In my understanding, the PATCH will be composed of 100 soluble needles, but that make contact tracing feasible. What the PATCH will not have is a LITHIUM BATTERY that I believe will explode when the LORD’s wrath is poured out on all of those who have taken the MARK (cancerous sore that lasts 5 months).


Yes, Praise God! I pray a hedge of protection around you if the enemy tries to steal you back.


Thanks for getting back so quick! I’m Ok finding the videos each week. But J.D. mentioned in his latest video that there would be links to the quotes he makes from sources like the World Economic Forum, etc. I can’t find those links.

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Thanks again! Patience is a virtue; guess I need an increase in being virtuous:)


Thanks for asking this question. I had the same question and is now resolved. Hugs!


Thanks for doing these updates. I started watching years ago. You have been a real blessing in my life. I love Bible prophecy and you help me to keep all that is going on in this world straight.


So very pleased that you responded with your heart to our Lord , I am also in the UK down on the South Coast, just wanted to encourage you in your walk , and thank God for JD and his church for sound teaching.


I always watch these updates and JD does a fantastic job on getting the Word out! I had a very troubling experience at my job today concerning getting my temp checked-- ( I work at a hospital as a hospitality worker) as I usually get my temperature checked, as everyone is expected to, I have them take a reading on my wrist, not my forehead. This is what JD suggested in one of his past videos on this subject. But this morning turned very sour very fast but the security personnel administering the temp checks. She insisted on scanning my forehead and stated the wrist is no longer valid to read, I refused politely and said to use my ear instead. she threatened to email my superior and indeed did so as I was notified later on. There are many that are opposed to this procedure and most could care less. My Superior was gracious in recognizing my religious stand on this however, did state that the forehead procedure was to be adhered to and if I do not comply there’s the door. (I’m paraphrasing this) I then recanted with an alternative of perhaps I could take my own temp at the check point with a regular thermometer, by mouth, and my own equipment but was told they’d get back to me on that. It is interesting since the point of check point is for temps not the method of getting them… or is it? this has been an ongoing thing at my work place since they started doing this. I’m not sure if complying with their demands would displease the Lord since we can see this is conditioning of us for the Mark Of The Beast .


@Holmes @anon27008535 Here are the resources from that message. If there is a PDF, it should be attached to the video, although sometimes it takes a day or two for us to get it up there. Thanks for your patience, we will get faster at this.

Prophecy Update LinksTop Ten Bible Prophecies 2020-2021 PDF File – https://calvarychapelkaneohe.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/TOP-10-BIBLE-PROPHECIES-2020-2021.pdf

World Economic Forum Great Reset - The Great Reset | World Economic Forum

Patent WO2020060606 Cryptocurrency system using body activity data - WO2020060606A1 - Cryptocurrency system using body activity data - Google Patents

Event 201 - Event 201, a pandemic exercise to illustrate preparedness efforts

COVIDcheck - https://thecommonsproject.org/covidcheck

The Worker – Dominion and Form” by Ernst Junger - Use Of Face Masks To Enforce Conformity - https://finanz.dk/author-of-dystopian-classics-predicted-use-of-face-masks-to-enforce-conformity-70-years-ago/

March 29th, Urgent Prophecy Update – - YouTube

April 19th, World Order Reset - - YouTube

April 26th, Where is all of this going? - - YouTube

May 10th, The Point of No Return – - YouTube

May 17th, What’s Coming – - YouTube

June 7th, What is Happening to America – - YouTube

June 14th, The Coming Reset – - YouTube

July 12th, The Mark of the Beast – - YouTube

July 26th, The Mask Mandate – - YouTube

August 9th, Pre-Tribulation Rapture Proof – - YouTube

August 16th, Peace With Many – - YouTube

August 30th, Programming - - YouTube

September 6th, Deception-Confusion – - YouTube

September 13th, Making Sense of all This – - YouTube

September 27th, What is the truth? - - YouTube

October 4th, But God… - - YouTube

October 11th, Initiation Rituals – - YouTube

October 18th, Conspiracy Theories – - YouTube


I’m so happy about your new website and looking forward to all your videos. I have been watching you for about two years and I love your channel. Here we can all learn about the Bible and our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Wow, thank you sister for sharing. God bless you and your family


I have had many thoughts and discussions about adhering to the numerous satanic procedures and protocols such as these enforced forehead temperature checks and also about the priciple of lying to avoid them. I’m so sorry about your experience at work. I will pray that your employers find a way around this for you. Stay strong; with God in your heart you have everything that you need.


Just wanted to comment on how great your videos are. I’ve been watching your sermons on youtube since early this year from the Netherlands and I love them. And congratulations on the new website!

Concerning the video, thanks for the comforting words. I really try to understand how to be saved and how to request help from the Lord. But it seems like my life only get more difficult the more I believe and do my best to be a Christian.


Same goes for me in Sweden :grinning: Its 20:00 at us when i look at the first live sending :smile:

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South Africa here…some of us have been watching for months…sharing far and wide…

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You guys are awesome! Thanks!

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My wife and I listen to JD Farag and I know we are living in the last days. We also listen to Jack Hibbs and we attend Calvary Chapel Lack Houston. I personally believe Pastor Farag’s time line is off mostly because of President Trump. I believe that everything the Pastor has said in the 10/25 message would be accelerated If President Trump were not actively destroying the globalists plans for America and the world.
I believe there will be a dividing of Jerusalem but not yet, the Palestinians have not signed the peace deal with Israel and If I remember correctly they have a list of things they must do before they can sign and they just will not do it. Also I have been following Q for a long time now and when Q says trust the plan he is not talking about the globalist plan with this pandemic. Q is talking about the plan that was outlined at the very beginning of the posts that started in 2017. If you go back and read the posts everything is happening just as it was said to happen. The plan Q is referring to is the plan to take back America from the Godless, corrupt and lawless people in positions of power and authority and give it back to the American people. QANON has nothing to do with the globalists or their plan.

This is going to take a few times to figure out, but I’m very excited too!

Hi @Jerry,

I’ve followed Q almost from the beginning. It appears to me that it’s a well planned military operation that’s closely guarded. However, I’ve been convicted that I was spending too much time with my eyes on the world and not on Christ. When everything is all said and done, I’ve come to two conclusions: 1. God is in control no matter what man plans, 2. The globalists will win out for a short period of time.

Keep your eyes and focus on Christ. All will happen in our Father’s time. The following verse gives me great comfort:

“For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness”;”
‭‭I Corinthians‬ ‭3:19‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

Your brother in Christ,
Jonathan Tarr