October 21, 2021 - Topical Study - My Temple, Masterfully Made

:dna: My Temple, Masterfully Made - Topical Study

:hawaiianshirt_2: Assistant Pastor Mac delivers this topical teaching discussing the human anatomy as designed by the true and living God. This teaching will go into the science that clearly shows beyond a reasonable doubt that our bodies are the result of intelligent design, as well as how we as Christians should cherish our designed temples. In addition, we will explore our makeup from the micro level and upwards in the hopes that all who would reason would seek the intelligent designer who created us all; Jesus the Christ, the very image of God.

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Excellent!!! Thank you, Pastor Mac. Great job!!! To God be the Glory.


I have 2 doctorates in health and I can say Well done pastor Mac!!! Perfectly and wonderfully made!!! Thank you!