October 3, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Friend, if you have true faith in Jesus, why not rely on him to provide instead of the government??


A new car wash was recently installed in my neck of the woods called " Ritz Express car wash “. It boasts of a new technology that they apply to ones car. It is supposed to be a ceramic coating that they say is composed of the new and wonderful " Graphene Oxide”. Strange that this new wonder ceramic coating is rumored to also be added to the likewise wonder vaccine to cure Covid???


:thinking: hmmmmm

Amen. If you have enough true faith in Jesus then you can rely on Him to provide you with spiritual provisions (Insight & Understanding) as well as physical provisions and not have to rely on another entity.

Leave the Brethren alone… ‘friend’.

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I truly hope you get yours. Keep us posted.


I had to call them and once I did they said they could send it and get it approved. Supposedly sending it out in the next 24-48 hours. None of these sites seem to have good reviews. I will let you know how it goes. I saw where they are trying to stop shipments. I doubt mine would raise any flags lol @Rrush I hope you get yours. As long as they aren’t from China, we should be safe!


I will! Says it takes 2-3 weeks.

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That’s what they told me three weeks ago - 2 to 3 weeks?? - praying we both get ours-MARANATHA

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My chiropractor who told me about the pharmacy online and where to order said his took 6-7 weeks before he got his. As long as I get it, I will be happy. I am a rebel like that. The government and evil powers that be want to cut off Ivermectin supply, I find it and am determined to get it. They aren’t shutting me off!


If not try here. https://goodpriceremedies.com/order-stromectol-online-en.html
Had good outcome 2-3wks


Awesome thank you!

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Short, uplifting video. Only 10 minutes…for anyone who could use it today.



Supporting the Nightmare:

Some translations translate tax to register or census. In Greek:

Just as Jesus Christ First coming, there is a Roman taxation in its provinces, hence history repeats itself for his Second coming. Pastor Brandon mentioned global tax in this sermon.

Coping with Crisis continued:



Does this pharmacy require a prescription?

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Well it’s open enrollment for health ins. We have to pay more because we are UV.
We hope and pray that mandates are not implemented.


Can we do anything to stop this? Or are we witnessing prophecy come to pass, for lack of a better phrase, nothing can stop what is coming - I still find it so surreal.


This is so scary!

Come quickly Jesus!!


No it is not a sin to take the vaccine.

It is not the MotB. The tracking system being built around it is a precursor to a componet of the Mark though. Plenty of spiritual reasons to be creeped out and concerned.

There are legit scientific concerns about the technology used in the mRNA vaccines because of how they work. They are specific to the original variant for one thing. My understanding is that strange – potentially serious – things can happen when they encounter another varient. That this can case an autoimmune reaction where the body attacks itself.

J&J gets into use of aborted stem cells and is mostly a moral issue as they function like the vaccines we know fairly well. Which is a dead or weakened virus to let God’s designed immune system respond in a more complete and wholistic way. Not that those are completely without problems either though.

As to your material needs He will have some kind of answer. You don’t need great faith in God (mustard seed), but faith in a great God.

Maybe a job where they do not require the jab? Maybe sell things? Maybe this never happens to social security? Not while old Joe Biden is at the helm. Almost certainly would not happen with a Republican in the White House either. If you can convert truly unneeded items for things you can survive on then that might prove to be prudent. I do believe this is our reality now.

These are tough times. And will only get tougher as this Third Birth Pain Wave continues to deepen. There are rumblings of outright genuine civil war in this country. Literal blood in the streets.

If people find themselves antsy over the next two weeks then go stock up on things before one of three things happens…

  1. Inescapable inflation hits, skyrockets and eventually becomes hyperinflation.

  2. Supply chains break down or continue to be clogged up and it won’t matter if you have enough money or not.

  3. The ‘mark’ of some kind (passport, etc) to qualify to buy or sell. So then it won’t matter if you have money or the items are available, you’re still excluded.

This is what IS coming. “A day’s wages for a loaf of bread” is seeing the end. Then looking backwards to ‘see’ where we are headed. I said we could know that the inflation is not transitory from the time the FED said it was. Bible says otehrwise. So the persistent inflation should have been expected, right? Its, IMO, not hard to understand these things, but hard to accept. Accepting these facts as HERE & NOW! fully is extremely difficult. Don’t kid yourself. Don’t condemn yourself.

Having gone into ‘Labor’ we will not reverse course. It just doesn’t work like that! Jesus chose labor pains as His example for a reason. We’re locked in.

He showed me the pattern of birth pains back in 2017. Intense then eases up and then more intense. The pattern repeats until ‘Delivery’. We entered the 3rd such ‘wave’ a couple of months ago. So the last half of 2021 and far into 2022 will be worse than 2020. Birth pains lengthen each time too.

Which a wave constitutes a grouping of “unprecedented” events from among the Bible’s end times signs. Record earthquakes, fires, hurricanes, famine, war, etc. Not just some random instance from any of those categories, but that is not even record breaking. This pattern has held until now and continues.

Also there is the Division Theory of mine too.

Since this is due to our efforts as a nation and ultimately the world via the entity of the UN to divide the Holy Land, we are being divided. Cut to pieces!

Since we look at the end and work back we can ‘know’ that neither the World nor this Nation ceases to persist in the folly of poking God in the Eye because of what is soom to happen. So we will continue to be ever more further divided. The vax/mask and so many other issues dividing us is alreadyenough to breakdown society such that global unified leader is needed to patch things up.

Social media lathers this up into action these days. I’m scared. Emotionally. Not a Spirit of Fear. I’ve gone through that in some very good times. Now I know why. To learn to discern between the now common vague ‘no fear’ thinking. That ANY fear is some sort of demon spirit. There is indeed a spirit of Fear or we would not have been warned. However, there is an emotion of fear too. It is an ‘emotion’ in that sense like any other. One must distinguish between the two. This is very important.

If one believes that this is truly the end times and they are not emotionally afraid then that is just unrealistic thinking. The Word says that men’s hearts will fail them for fear. Is the Bible saying that believers will live with absolutely no emotional fear about anything while the unregenerate (the sole focus of the ABCs) drop dead around us?? No, you should probably expect some ‘healthy’ fear. Fear is an excellent motivator! The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. Yes, yes… reverence. With fear and tembling.

Do not fear your emotional fear. Do not embrace it either. Do not chide yourself anytime you fear as if you have weak faith.

Even if you do have weak faith then your real mistake might be having your faith in your faith? Your faith is to be in IN Christ! Regardless of however weak or strong your faith is, if it is IN Christ then HE has to fail in order for your faith to fail.

This is another VERY IMPORTANT thing to understand. If your faith is in Christ then Christ has to fail for your faith to fail. It is the Object of your faith that is most important and not even the faithfulness of your faith.

WADR respect to all, and in Love, it might well be the constant feeding on ‘what ifs’ that causes so much of the stress around here? We know what MUST happen. And it is bad to contiually worse as things ramp up to the things described that are just down the road for the World. The Bible is clear. Any other ‘positive’ message about the Body overcoming the World as the World slides into Judgment (like none other in history!) is false according to the Word. Though the concept of the individual overcoming is promenient. In submission to Christ. By the Power of, to the Glory of and yes, (and I SO struggle with this as a worm!) to the Delight of.

If we are in Him then we are safe. Even if we know Him, but we are outside of Him then do we expect the same physical/spiritual protection? I don’t know? His Grace is boundless it seems. I am a very imperfect man so if my performance is the only factor then my path from here to There may be unnecessarily difficult and painful? Even so He promises to get me There ultimately. And my faith is IN Him to the uttermost! Where else shall I go??

Yes the System is coming upon us and is being constructed right before our eyes. Almost regardless of the specific – IMO interchangeable – details and mere parts. It is global and therefore inescapable until we are removed from it (the World). The Bible declares it. If this is God’s plan (or prophecy) then what can we do about it? What should we even want to do about it?? So take care of yourself and others. Should Joseph have stored grain or [just] ‘trusted the Lord’ for those 7 lean years? Come let us reason together.

Do what you while you yet can. No panicked in a spirit of fear. But with a sense of purpose and perhaps even duty. I think most benefit by feeling that when they have done their part then they can more easily trust God to do His. Whether or not he was going to do His gracious sovereign will in your life anyway. And we marvel at the angels marveling! :slight_smile:

So ‘secure’ is not necessarily an emotional or physical state of comfort or ease to be pursued or used as an indicator. You ARE SECURE IN CHRIST whether or not your feel secure at the moment. You security is IN Christ and so has he failed? He cannot deny Himself. Don’t we also believe that He would NOT do so even if He could?

The physical body which the vaccine affects is doomed anyway. It is not redeemable like the spirit and soul. One day, and likely one day soon, it will not matter in the least. Forever.

Until then there will be trials for all of us. The Lord will see us through those too. But let us be realistic also in that this can often take place in a way that we do not anticipate or prefer. So do not let this deceive you. We most definitely need to be watchful. If people get that I ignore current events from this then I have done poorly. Obsessing over details is what I think is wearing people down in an unprofitable way.

Is it that people are still needing enough evidence to be fully convinced of where we are? This is my only theory about that. :slight_smile: We ARE there and so certain things must happen. They must. Things must get worse according to how the natural example of birth pains as labor begins follows. Nobody needs to start forming some (manmade) clever miscarry theory or, God forbid, the abortion of God’s plan (Stated course of things from here). Once labor starts it proceeds to delivery. Period.

Be good to one another. Pray for the enlightened Found and the deceived Lost.

Peace Out


Nope. Just received mine shipped from hitler’s area, sorry for being a bit cryptic due to the shenanigans they play these days