October 3, 2021: Bible Prophecy Update

Hi Violet. I was never really into Alex. I was into Millennial Millie for a short time. She had some good reporting. Before Alex fired her she did a peace on the Wide Awakes (abolitionists from Lincoln’s timeframe). She compared the “Sunrise,” a group of young Neo Marxists during the 2020 period of riots and activism with Wide Awakes. Saying Wide Awakes went around beating people like BLM and Sunrise. Millie can be adorable. What she did not find in her studies is that the Wide Awakes were often historically demonized by the South that wanted slavery. She’s kind of cute though. But in her New Age ventures she seems to have fractured herself all up unfortunately. But Alex Jones, yeah, I would not get anything really from him. There are truthers and then there is the fringe. I see Alex on the fringe.

One thing that came to mind recently as I was going over my friends deep dive into Ezekiel 38 and how things are literally continually falling in line, that perhaps Ezekiel 38 is the second seal. I have held that belief before marginally. Like Ezekiel 38 as seal 2 or seal 6 (because of the ways in which Joel speaks about the event). The connecting being that Israel needs a red heifer sacrifice in order to inaugurate the new temple. In the KJV the 2nd of the four living creatures is a “calf.” So we have a red horse and a calf.

We also seem to have a potential of the 3rd seal forming from what I can tell. Biden admin stoppage of supply chain sounds a lot like a discussion of “don’t hurt the oil and the wine.” So I could see 3 seals potentially on the horizon. I don’t think the church will be hear for the 3rd or maybe even the second. I am not sure how closely they go off. But on the first two it is interesting I find to note that the white horse could be how God concludes the gentile age, and horse 2 taking the Israeli mantel for the 70th week to pick up. Its almost too poetic for me to get it out of my head…lol. But I think truther’s might be a part of the 1st seal wave. But not via conspiracy theory, but possibly exposing fake news. I would see unfortunately Alex too interested in the image of his show to be a part of the wave. Well, anyway…all in God’s timing and whatever He might have planned. Just some updated thoughts. Mega blessings Violet.


Romans 1 disease…


I am wondering weather or not to believe these studies shown here? Wish Dr GOLD or Dr mcCOLOUGH WOULD REVIW THIS -

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Oh my came across this unbelievable

Zeez Sleep addresses the fundamental problem of poor sleep: our too fast brain. Other devices use electrostimulation, powerful magnestic fields to change brain activiity, or sound to amplify existing deep sleep. We have copied the alpha, theta and delta frequencies generated by the brain of a good sleeper, and use those in a timed sequence over 4 sleep cycles to prompt a good sleep pattern in poor sleepers. These are extremely gentle - not strong enough to cross the skull. There is no sound or vibration. Most people follow the pattern of the Zeez signals and sleep much better. This can take anything from a few days to a few weeks. We have users aged 9 to 90, some of whom had tried many other techniques before finding us.


New findings

Amazing solution for those being shed on

starts at minute 18


"Spike proteins create blood clots:

A fact well known before they were designed into Covid vaccines.

Covid and the vaccine to treat it were patented before the pandemic began:

Based on the forensic patent analysis of Dr. David E. Martin.

Blood vessels can overcome spike-protein damage if they have an abundant source of nitric oxide: A healthy body makes its own nitric oxide, but production declines with age. (and jab aftereffects)

Declining production of Nitric-Oxide can be overcome, not by patented chemicals from a test tube, but by supplementation of food factors: And this is where we took a deep dive into what those natural substances are and what is necessary to maintain healthy blood vessels in spite of ageing - a protocol that I have personally followed every day for many years.

New Findings on Preventing Blood Clots from the ‘Vaccine’ - G Ed Griffin"

end quote


@NamDoc @Gracings and anyone else who has been praying for me, I want to say thank you. After I made my post where I publicly prayed for God’s will to be done with regard to my marriage, there have been some dramatic developments.

I have also been seeking a local church to attend. I was going to check out a church in Chilliwack and had a plan to attend that church on Sunday morning with a teacher friend of mine who is in a small group of Christian friends with me. We are working hard to prevent the leaders in our school district from mandating the vaccines for our teachers.

I decided to leave my teaching position after one month. I made it through the month of September. Honestly that decision was because of things that were literally making me exhausted. I could no longer cope with wearing the stupid mask while teaching physical education and science. I couldn’t cope with being that person who told 13 and 14 year olds to wear masks in my classes. In fact I kept taking my classes outside and telling the kids to take off their masks to breathe in some fresh air. Some of them kept their masks on which made me very sad. I couldn’t handle looking at the newly placed rainbow benches and flags in the foyer of our beautiful school building. It was hurting me every time I walked down the stairs to see those objects strategically placed as the main event or point of focus. I know this message is rambling but I will bring it to a point. I couldn’t cope with any more stories about teachers having to honour the choices of our female students who are binding their breasts because they identify as “boys”. I couldn’t handle watching all those children who have now become confused about their gender identity because there is a counsellor who actively promotes my provincial union’s agenda, the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation’s agenda, to educate our kids with the LGBTQ curriculum. I couldn’t handle stories from my colleagues about the gender pronouns they were told to use in order to respect the choices of these kids who don’t identify with their actual God given gender.

As a science teacher with a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, I never told my students anything other than females are females because they have two X chromosomes in the 23rd pair. Males are males because they have one X and one Y chromosome in the 23 pair. Sometimes I taught a little bit about epigenetics (the switching on and off of genes) which can affect our hormones, and I taught them about chromosomal abnormalities due to mutations which lead to some syndromes involving XXY for example. I taught them, that, sometimes, people are born with both male and female physical traits, but that was rare. I showed them the video, “The miracle of Life” in grade 9 science class which illustrates that life begins at conception.

All that said, I couldn’t cope with masks, rainbow benches, the child abuse called LGBTQ curriculum, or the psychological damage that is being inflicted on teenagers who are rejecting their own bodies. If this body image problem was the result of thinking you are fatter than you are, that would be called anorexia and children would be given psychological support. I am going to call this phenomenon of rejecting one’s body parts as they are developing during puberty “gender dysmorphia” and I really hope that it gets into the Diagnostic Statistical Manual some day. Sadly, this disorder is not treated. It is actively promoted and it is harming our children.

The people promoting this stuff are committing child abuse. The children being psychologically confused during a very vulnerable time in their identity formation are victims of child abuse on a massive social and cultural scale.

Regardless, I didn’t have the strength to continue working in my dream job under these conditions. And there is the other thing: the investigation that was put on me last Spring, because I stood up for an indigenous elder in a classroom where she is teaching her language and culture. I protected her from being bullied by people in our union who wanted to get her out of that job by making complaints about what she was teaching.

The investigators won’t even get to that file for about another year. I’m confident that truth will prevail in the end, after all, it says in scripture that we will refute every tongue that accuses us. I know that I didn’t accuse anyone of being racist, but I’m being accused of that by a mean-spirited person, again in our union, who is attacking me. The stress of that situation heaped extra stress on me at work, and made me second guess myself every time I had to correct a student’s behaviour. Please pray for me about the outcome of this investigation.

Now the points I’m making:

  1. Since I quit my dream job, I have been researching behind the scenes, going down the rabbit holes to find scientific articles and other authentic information to arm my friends at work on the front lines who are trying to stop the vaccine mandates before they are implemented. I have the time because I’m sitting at home. My Christian teacher friends are the boots on the grounds influencing our union to protect all members; that means also protecting teachers who do not want to get vaccinated.

  2. I didn’t end up going to Chilliwack to go to church on Sunday morning. Instead I was in a battle with my husband yet again, but this time he said and did something that was the proverbial last straw. I knew then and there that I could not live with this man anymore. I believe that the scripture that informs us to separate if we can’t live in peace with our spouse puts me in compliance with God’s will.

  3. Yesterday, the neighbour who does work on our property came over to fix the fence that the bear damaged because I forgot to bring the bird feeders in at night, since my husband was staying at a hotel and he normally does that task. I asked that neighbour if he was a Christian because I kind of thought that he was. He is, and he goes to a local church in my town where people can attend without being vaccinated or having to wear a mask. I actually know the pastor, because he is the next door neighbour of the other people who have been in our “covid bubble” and one day he joined us with his guitar when I was playing music with those friends. I didn’t think we, the unvaccinated, could attend church anymore due to the vaccine mandates, but apparently there is a church that I literally could walk to, and walk into without a mask or a vaccination. Hallelujah! Also, I asked our contractor if he was vaccinated and he said he has had one Pfizer shot. I warned him not to get anymore and explained what I knew about the science around spike proteins and mRNA. I asked if the pastor teaches Bible prophecy and was told that was not his focus, but I still have pastor J.D. and this forum wherever I may go. Maybe God wants to plant me in that little, local church for a reason. Please pray about that.

  4. Our daughter’s friend who is a realtor is coming over this morning to talk to us about our house, which either needs to be sold, or one of us has to buy the other one out, because we are separating and going our own ways. The marriage can not be saved. Please pray about this.

  5. The thought of this kind of freedom that I have acquired has me looking at all the possibilities for my life going forward. I am not tied to this place anymore. I don’t work here, we are probably selling this house which means that I can no longer afford to live in this province unless I take on a huge debt which does not seem practical at 63 years of age. The idea that gives me any hope for whatever future I have left on this planet is this: I will take my $300,000.00 after we sell this house, or my husband buys me out and move to the other Coast in Canada where I was born. I will buy a house with an ocean view, join the fiddle community which is robust on the Eastern coast and finish my days there.

  6. This is the sad part: my youngest daughter called me yesterday: she had the abortion. Immediately afterwards she had abortion remorse and now she and her boyfriend are grieving the loss of this baby. I am so broken hearted. Two out of three of my grand babies have been aborted. The only comfort I have is that I will meet them in heaven and frankly, I can’t wait to get there at this point.

I do apologize for this lengthy and personal post, but I continue to seek prayer for all these decisions and situations.



I’ve been praying for you. So sorry this decision had to be made, and so very sorry about your grand babies. You’re right though, they are with Jesus, which is where we all long to be. Know that you are still in my prayers every day.


I believe you are correct in standing on this. (1 Corinthians 7:15)

Praying as always for you, and your children.

As for the new found freedom, obviously you can’t sit still on something like that, but also try not to make any rash decisions based on emotional flux either.

Take time to think about it all, just step back and breath a little, get a plan together, pray about it (as I’m sure you are anyways).

God will see you through this change, trust Him as you are already doing. :wink:

Now that you are cutting the connection. Be sure to keep it cut. God is allowing this for a reason, as much as to protect you, as well as to protect you from yourself in this change.


Dear Catherine, I am sorry for the trials you are having now. Thank you for letting us know. I will be praying for you. I totally understand why you had to leave the school. I left after this last spring too- it was too ungodly and God said no more. He gave me Psalm 1 and it was how I was feeling for the 4 years there. I pray your Christian friends there can be a light and stand. I pray they don’t compromise on anything. May God give you peace and direction for your next steps.


@catfaire Catherine, I will continue to pray for you and your wide open future. You have had so much unfold in the past couple of months. I agree with Jack that stepping back and carefully moving onward is a very wise approach. God be with you as you process this whole thing, going forward!:pray:


Thank you, I liked this very much.


Dear Catherine,
I am currently in Langley caring for my elderly mother as she has cancer in her lungs. I used to live in Langley but now I reside in Birch Bay. What a process to cross the border because I don’t have the evil jab. My husband and I also had to quarantine for two weeks and be Covid tested before crossing the border, after and 8 days into the quarantine. My Mom was taken to Langley hospital on Sunday as she suffered a bad fall. So here I sit now in her beautiful little condo knowing I most likely will not see her again because I am not permitted to visit her unless I am double jabbed.
I am so sad to hear what is happening in the education system in Chilliwack. Satan is going after our precious children. Your story is heartbreaking. I am so sad about your marriage. I too, am divorced and I remarried a wonderful Godly man. I also have two aborted little grandchildren in heaven also so I understand your heartache, May it comfort you to know that I am praying for you. God promises never to leave or forsake us and I know he is right there with you, watching over you, leading and guiding you. He is your ever present help in times of trouble and he will see you through this difficult time.
It won’t be long now before the trumpet sounds. And oh what a glorious day that will be.
God bless you Catherine.
Your sister in Christ, Janet


Hi Janny,

Thanks for writing. I’m actually in Mission. I was writing about the Mission schools, but I’m sure the teachers in Chilliwack are having a similar experience. I was going to attend my friend’s church in Chilliwack last Sunday but I didn’t make it. Now I have found a little church near where I live in Mission. I intend to attend the service in Mission this coming Sunday. Hopefully nothing interferes with this plan.

I am so sorry to hear about your mother and that you are facing these brutal barriers for visiting. I will pray for your mom and your family.

I was listening to CBC radio and heard that today is the deadline for hospital workers to get jabbed or lose their jobs. Apparently over 1000 people will lose their jobs, but the premier is saying that it’s extremely important for these measures to be implemented. How can it be extremely important to understaff hospitals during a pandemic, especially when these same staff members have been employed in these places during the last 2 years? So crazy.

Langley was the place I lived when I first moved to B.C in 1990. In fact, I met my current husband in Langley. On that note, we met with the realtor today, and the plan is to purchase another property so that we can separate without losing our house. There is no need for a divorce right now, just a separation. That seems like the most rational plan at the moment.

Both my parents passed away in 2019 before all the covid restrictions. I was fortunate enough to be able to go to Ottawa to attend my mother’s funeral and be with my father during his last days. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to have an elderly parent in a hospital during these times.

That you are praying for me brings much comfort. We need all the prayers we can get right now.

I’m sorry that you have also experienced the pain that goes with the loss of grandchildren by abortion. Yes, we know they are are heaven.

I do feel the Lord’s presence. I would never be able to cope with all this if I didn’t have my faith and trust in God. I know that God can turn all this ugliness into something good. I will continue to pray that God’s will is done in my life so that I stay on the right track while we wait for the trumpet to sound. I sense that we are going downhill on the roller coaster toward the rapture, but it requires patience and trust to occupy while we wait.

I was talking with my Christian teacher friend yesterday about vaccine passports and told her that I’m glad we will at least be going to the same internment camp due to living near each other. Sometimes I have to make fun of things. The humour helps. Even if it comes to that, I trust that if we are still here, God will have work for us to do in those places too.

Reading this response has already blessed me today. God bless you too, Janny.

Your sister in Christ,



Catherine - I looked online at churches in mission canada - wow - or sad - I do not see any churches that online has church statements anything like a church serving JESUS CHRIST - KINGMOF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS - PLEASE TELL US. WHAT CHURCH YOU ARE LOOKINGNAT ATTENDING/???

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I don’t know the name of it. I just know where it is. Apparently it is affiliated with the Methodist denomination. At any rate, I’m not that impressed that the pastor is not paying attention to prophecy, but our contractor/neighbour assured me that it is a spirit filled church with good bible teaching. I’ll go check it out on Sunday and decide if it is for me or not.


Thank you. You must also be a teacher. I just read Psalm 1. 4 years is a long time to spend with ungodly people. I have had both a nephew and a brother randomly tell me that I should set up a home school for the unvaccinated children who shouldn’t have to wear masks. Haven’t wrapped my mind around that idea yet, but I have thought about offering my services to a private Christian school when things settle down in my personal circumstances.


Thank you for your prayers. I agree with Jack as well. I have stepped back and the plan is to purchase a condo so that I can separate from my husband. No need for a divorce, just separate residences to take some space. It makes a lot of sense as a plan for the entire family. It gives my husband and I some much needed space and keeps everything else intact.


Thank you jenn1. It will be forever. This is temporary. We have the strength and courage in the Lord to endure until Jesus takes us to the mansion that he has prepared for us.


We are broken hearted for you Catherine and I am personally so sorry for the loss of your grand babies through the abortions. That is a deep sadness for you, I know. I am praying about this specifically that God will use the heartbreak and turn it into something for His glory. It can happen. In fact, though we don’t see it at first, it usually does.

You are very brave, Catherine. I mean really. Maybe even akin to biblical stories of brave women like Esther. It’s encouraging to see someone going through so much at one time, flex their faith muscles and boldly let God lead in full trust.

God always has a plan and wherever you go, God will be with you.



Hey I’m in east Maple Ridge! I don’t attend church in person (it’s complicated but not by covid) but my parents’ church in Langley is excellent, Riverside Calvary Chapel if anyone’s looking. The pastors teach prophecy and have been very vocal about our being in the last days, and stood up and refused to close, taking the government to court.
Prayers for peace for you. My marriage is also a mess (mostly due to hubby’s head injuries that have turned our life upside down) and there’s just no worldly way out. It feels like this life is a nightmare from which there is no waking. I desperately long for the day we are awoken to be with our Betrothed, for our true Wedding Day.

When we all get to heaven, what a day of rejoicing that will be! When we all see Jesus, we’ll sing and shout the victory!