October 30, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update - The Emperor Has No Clothes

:bible2: Prophecy Update – October 30, 2022 (with Worship)

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_4: talks about the well-known parable, “The Emperor Has No Clothes,” and how it applies to Bible prophecy.

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#diedsuddenly example



COVID19 AND THE INJECTION. Some of the biggest lies, withholding of real information, being harrassed and barred from social media, unnecessary loss of jobs and businesses and using people as rab lats I’ve ever seen in my life.


Thank you Pastor JD for being our Michaiah. We love and appreciate you sooooooo much for bringing the Truth to us. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Pastor JD- THANK you for todays message and not sugar coating it - we are in days of huge dececption all around us - amen - and the majority has bought it! Most churches are not talking about what is going on and we are blessed that you continue to speak the truth -thank you and we pray that the HOLY SPIRIT continue to speak thru you the truth of our BLESSED HOPE - BLESSING to you JD and again, -…… thank you for todays message of hope and truth -MARANATHA

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Thank you again Pastor JD for another Holy Spirit led message. I look forward to the BPUs every week, and you do not disappoint!


JANET - AMEN! JD hit it out of the park today - I am with you on todays sermon - MARANATHA :pray: :+1: :latin_cross: :+1: :smiley: :latin_cross: :pray: :ok_hand:


Fuel Company Issues Diesel Shortage Warning, Says US ‘Rapidly Devolving’ (dailyhonker.com)

Railroad strike will be ‘bad for America’: Rep. Troy Nehls (rumble.com)

41-year-old Florida Democrat candidate DIES inexplicably while walking his dog after BLASTING health advocates for not getting same Fauci Flu jab he had just got – NaturalNews.com


Although not going in person, a virtual contribution by the King- such as a video message - has not been ruled out for the summit in Egypt.

Made me think of the time he showed up as a hologram to do with climate change in Abu Dhabi


Eph 6:10-20

10 Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.

11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

15 And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;


In Sinai, a Prophetic Call for Climate Justice and Ceremony of Repentance
Between November 6th and 18th, 2022, the UN climate conference COP 27 will take place on the Sinai Peninsula, in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Religious communities and religious leaders have a key role to play in addressing climate change and climate justice, which requires deep transformation within society.

To support, challenge and inspire discussions during COP 27 at Sharm El Sheikh, interfaith climate events will take place in Sinai that will be heart-stirring, transformative and a moment of inspiration for religious communities and for humanity. Religious leaders will call for a reexamination of deep-seated attitudes and for identifying ways to transform these attitudes for the wellbeing of Earth, our common home.

We come to Sinai in a movement of repentance and quest. We seek a new vision for humanity and its endangered existence, and we seek to receive and amplify a message of life-sustaining living and habits that humanity needs to hear today. In this spirit, the project partners will bring together premier religious leaders from the world’s major religions to put forth a prophetic interreligious call to action: “Climate Justice: Ten Universal Commandments.”


An excellent and very strong Prophecy Update from Pastor JD.

I think we should cherish these Prophecy Updates as there might come a time when they are censored or worse. The proposed mind controllers are only going to allow contrary voices that expose them for so long…and yes, I’m aware of Pastor JD’s Channel setup.


Great update! Thank you Pastor!


As Pastor JD decried the idea that we’re in the “new normal” today, it seems most appropriate to comment on how the discourse is indeed developing.

The first 3 waves of the “Pandemic” appear to have passed us by, and injection uptake rates are nosediving. The crises du jour seem to be (1) the war in Eastern Europe and the economic damage its champions in the West is inflicting on an increasingly-polarized world that is reorganizing along an East-West axis and (2) the associated political tensions in the West, of which the current election in Brazil and the upcoming U.S. election are symptomatic.

Of course, I see all of this as part of a controlled demolition of the pre-Beast system and an incremental setup of the Tribulational order.

What concerns me the most about this change in the COVID narrative, though, is that it appears to have been folded into the rest of everything, like a cup of sugar is folded into the rest of the mix while one is baking a cake. Fold it in and mix everything up and the less-observant might start to think the sugar was never really there.

It’s still here, though, and will always be here, along with its attendant (intended) effects. Removing it from front-and-center is the dangerous part, though. The world seems blithely oblivious to the 4- to 10-sigma events such as excess mortality increases, skyrocketing cancer and other cases, and profound harms to reproduction and infant vitality. Commercial insurers and statisticians are literally screaming alarms about these disasters-in-motion.

That’s one of the most insidious aspects to this deception—persuading people that it’s just gone, faded from relevance.

Ezekiel 13:14:

“So I will tear down the wall which you have plastered over with whitewash and bring it down to the ground, so that its foundation is laid bare; and when it falls, you will be consumed in its midst. And you will know that I am the Lord.”

Come speedily, Lord Jesus! Grace in the Bridegroom to all…


I have a question about the addressing of the letters to the churches in Revelation 2-3: I was surprised to hear about a difference in the way Jesus addressed the Laodicean church in 3:14. I looked at all of the addresses in chs. 2-3 in my NA28 Greek New Testament, and they all appear to me to be of the same form:

Καὶ τῷ ἀγγέλῳ τῆς ἐν <πόλις> ἐκκλησίας γράψον·

In each instance, “to the angel/messenger” is in the dative (to…), the conjoining article τῆς is in the genitive (possessive), the city is in the dative case as required by ἐν, and ἐκκλησίας is in the genitive.

The consistent NASB 2020 rendering, “And to the angel of the church in (city) write:” seems reasonable. I do see a variation in the translation in the KJV and NKJV at this point, for Laodicea, but I see no textual reason for it. Λαοδικείᾳ (Laodikeia) is singular dative here as elsewhere, but the KJV and NKJV translate it as if it were a different plural genitive noun, “(of the) Laodiceans”. Perhaps the KJV translators found those words more poetic? I see no UBS5 apparatus marking textual variants for this verse.

Am I overlooking something?