October 9, 2022: Bible Prophecy Update - The Proof is in the Prophetic Pudding

:bible2: Full Video: Bible Prophecy Update (with worship)

Pastor JD :hawaiianshirt_1: draws upon the well-known idiom of “the proof is in the pudding”, from the perspective of Bible prophecy.

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Soon and very soon,
We are going to see the King,
Soon and very soon,
We are going to see the King.
Soon and very soon,
We are going to see the King,
Hallelujah, hallelujah,
We are going to see the King


Today’s sermon is 9/11 again, only for those who have ears to hear, yes?

Regarding the second coming of Trump@ But God testimonies, maybe that brother refer to this one:





I don’t want to believe the lies of 911-pandemic. I asked the Lord to open my eyes and ears to hear His Truth through you Pastor. Thank you Bro JD. and especially the Lord for breaking through It seems layers and layers of deception I’ve believed in


I was touched by Judy’s testimony and JD’s sermon. :two_hearts:


Thank you so much Pastor for trying to get people to see how much and how bad we have been deceived. Praying for you always that the Holy Spirit will give you the words and wisdom that His flock needs.


Great update. I missed the two before this one. Thank you JD and your church staff for all you do. I loved the praise report also.

May God bless you always. :heart:



Excellent message again today, JD!
Just curious…does anyone know which “well known” prophecy teachers the writer of the but God testimony was referring to?


PERFECT! Thank you so much for the entire thing! Thank you Pastor Mack for allowing JD to read your testimony of what the military did. I am so, so very sorry for what was done to you. I always felt like you … well, I sensed that there was something very deep there that gave you the knowledge you have. That you and Pastor JD are a team that is unmatched.

I have many family members in the military and they were forced to take the JAB. I can’t tell you how that has angered me and I’m having to just trust that the Lord has His reasons, and I know he does. But, it doesn’t stop the pain of it all, especially where my young son is concerned.

As if that weren’t enough for one day, I heard the testimony of the RECOVERING cancer lady … WOW! Was her name Judy? Thank you for sharing!

All of it brought me to tears today! It was beautiful!!



A____ T_______


B______ H________

Both accept USA Govt version.


Just out, full version of Judy’s testimony:


Dear Pastor JD,

9/11/2001 seems an age ago to me now. But you are spot on when you say it is a wake-up call to many that are or have been deceived!! I can testify and give witness that this singular event provoked me to re-examine my relationship with God. Right after witnessing the events of that day my thoughts ran to an old Orson Wells movie I had seen in the 80’s. “The Man Who Saw Tomorrow “. It was a dramatization of the life of Nostradamus. I couldn’t believe the similarities between the film and its interpretation of his predictions with the reality I had just witnessed. As I sought further prophecy I revisited the book of Revelation. Around 2005 I watched Fahrenheit 911. That really opened my eyes and I began to question everything I believed about the world and our government. For years after that I continued to search for answers from God about the truth of what was really happening in the world. Ultimately I was blessed by the Holy Spirit to find your little church on an island in Hawaii!! :blush::pray:I will turn 50 in a few days and was first born again at 17! In all those years up till 2020 I always called myself a Christian. But God rewarded my faithfulness by sending me to you! Your teaching taught me for the first time what it truly was I believed in! And why I believe and what it means to believe!! I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done to shape my life these last few years! Please know that you are precious and loved and NEVER give up! NEVER surrender!! You are a true man of GOD! He is coming and bringing his rewards with him!! Of which I know MANY will be bestowed upon you!! I pray always for your peace and joy and that God will continue to strengthen you !

Thankyou is really not enough… Maranatha



God loves the humble heart and opposes the proud.
In our weakness God is made strong.
So, for Judy Suzuki and for @AngelWarrior Rebecca Samonski,
God Bless you both for having a humble heart, and for Loving the Lord.
From all of us.


This IS perfect @cuddlesam
I join in your thankyou and would add Pastor Leitus.
The newest addition to their team, another true man of God who’s love and humbleness is simply astounding.
Needless to say Pastor Mack you are in our prayers.


There is another deception I found in 1990s


Michael Drosnin, Who Found Clues in the Bible, Is Dead at 74

His best-selling “Bible Code” books claimed that historical and future events were encoded in the Old Testament, although he couldn’t explain how or why.


G R E A T update , pastor JD!!! Can’t wait to watch the links that you mentioned. I’ll make sure to watch them! I am glad that you don’t let ‘them’ frighten you into staying silent. God bless you. Standing with you in prayer!!! :heart:

And I think you’re absolutely right when you say that the ones who don’t want to hear the truth, still love the world too much…


I’m going to watch your Sunday sermon now “When you’re being attacked” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Praise God for His work & healing in Judy Suzuki’s life! Praise Your Holy Name Jesus!

Will be keeping my precious sister Judy in prayer. :pray:


I truly appreciate how difficult it must be for him to prepare these updates every week. I only dip my toe into the nightmare of current world events occasionally- but I cannot imagine the emotional trauma of having to deal with that to the extent he must need to.
Pastor JD…thank you for being willing to do this for us every week. You are in my prayers.
On a related note - Though I was sorry to hear Pastor JD wade into the “no planes” controversy again… given how much muck was stirred up last time… I wonder what happened to all the passengers on those planes.
Anybody have any info on that?


The video in the resources/links by the flight attendant explains very well what actually happened. There’s another video there too, but I haven’t watched it yet. I started feeling a little bit ill watching the other one - you’ll see why if you watch it.


I am about to delve into the vids now, Janet

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