🍰 One Year Anniversary of the JD Farag Forum


:candle: The little slice of cake next to the @JDForumTeam name tells me that it was one year ago today when they registered the username on this forum which means that, give or take a bit of cake, the JD Farag forum celebrates it’s One Year Anniversary.

8 But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand posts years, and a thousand years posts as one day topic.

2 Peter 3

Loving Heavenly Father we thank You and give You all the praise for the abundant blessings provided through this forum:

For Your Glory Lord, and for as long as You will.

In the forever name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.


I am thankful for this forum, it’s the first Christian social media site I have ever been on where I actually got something out of it that didn’t require me to step back and de-stress, or calm down. Actually a place to really learn, grow, find real encouragement and not just a bunch of hostile arguments about whatever the hot button topic of the day is. I have seriously thought about just deleting my other social media accounts since I’m on here more then them honestly, I may still do that before too long here.


God bless Pastor JD and his amazing team for this much needed service. Words cannot express my gratitude for the safety provided and the kindness and respect I have found here. All to the glory of our loving Saviour Jesus! MARANATHA


I didnt know when I joined here that I would meet such amazing
people and form such wonderful bonds and friendships.

Love you to all of my JD Forum family.


Thank you @jasonacts177
Wouldn’t miss Cake Day :grin:
Y’all know I love ya. :heart:


I :heart:Love this place!



eternally grateful for JD Farag and this forum. Thank you for allowing God’s radiant love shine through you. :yellow_heart:


I have only been here since April 27, from the bottom of my heart and soul I thank everyone who has listened and prayed for each other. JD has brought us all together in ways that I could not have envisioned. THANK YOU JD. May God bless you and keep you always safe in his arms. :pray::pray::pray::pray:


Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. - Proverbs 16:24

Celebrating all of the sweet, healing conversation & encouragement shared here over the past year right along with you!!! This forum has truly been a God send for those of us who do not have a local church that is actively engaging in end time prophecy teaching/discussion. I truly appreciate how JD lovingly and respectfully acknowledges the CCK online church as an extension of his local ministry–during his sermons, starting this forum as a way to fellowship & his willingness to help no matter how far away we are (prayer support, reading & sharing our ABC stories, writing exemption letters, etc. for ‘online church’ members). I’m missing his updates/sermons right now but glad he took some time off. :heart:


:partying_face::heart::tada:Happy Birthday :tada::heart::partying_face:


My old church was famous for its after church pot lucks. I miss seeing all of my old church family . . . But truthfully, I was always disappointed with the pot luck conversation, which was often a bit like fluff! I much prefer the “meat and potatoes” I receive here under Pastor JD’s and Pastor Mac’s teaching . . . And the conversation, prayer support, information, and LOVE shared here on the forum is dessert with a cherry on top! Thanks so much for those who moderate and work behind the scenes to make this work for all of the remnant believers without a physical church to call home. :blue_heart: and :pray:t3:

And here’s a song that sums up how I feel about this place and this body of believers. . .It works on a couple of levels for me. In it I can hear Jesus saying “just hold on to me and ONE DAY I’ll make this place truly “Home” for all of you! In THAT day you’ll live and reign with ME! Just wait! You’ll see!

And looking at it from a different perspective, the support of like minded believers makes this forum like “home,” where we can hold on to each other while we wait for our rescue. Maranatha, dear brothers and sisters. (but please keep praying for my unbelieving, wandering, lost in the world ones. . . I just can’t bear the thought of leaving without them! And I’ll keep praying for all of yours!)


Brenda you are such a dear sister with such a warm spirit in The Lord. I love that song! :slightly_smiling_face: One day we’ll have a real potluck and a real cake day together as a family with real cake as well as the real Bread of Life.
Homeward bound!! Keep looking up and no, we will never stifle the groaning prayers for our lost loves. God knows, sees and hears us.
~Brother Tony



It’s a wonderful unexpected blessing! I can’t wait to read the posts when I wake up and I rewatch the prophecy updates. Some several times. We will make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all together on our way up!


Dear Tony,

This is why I missed you when you were away for a little while! Your words have blessed my heart again! THANK YOU for sharing your gift of encouragement! God bless you BIG! :two_hearts::pray:t3:


Thank you Brenda. You have in turn blessed me! I’m glad I was missed! Very sweet of you!


Big Anniversary blessings to JDfarag team…and to Pastor JD for affording to us this wonderful place of fellowship.
To have contact with so many believers is such a blessing!
I have made really fantastic like minded sisters and brothers here!!
Heartfelt Thanks!
Kariena South Africa.


I agree. I am thankful too. Actually the JD Church represent pretty much the only Christians I know in the world and I have never met a single one of you. I know people who are awake to the tyranny but they seem to be mainly New Age. And there is a local Church of England church, but that is totally ‘infiltrated’ - the very definition of Laodicea. They did a sermon on ‘Speaking into the Silence’ so I sent them an email re the Rapture. Of course they didn’t reply. They pray prayers for the UN and for our leaders and for the people in poor countries that don’t have access to the V (!!); the prayers have clearly come from Church of England Central, which for sure is Satanic. On the one hand I want the Rapture, but then not, because my husband and children and family are not saved. So I am trying to save them but take abuse and ridicule daily. This is not fun. Luckily the Lord has given me the game of tennis and for an hour or two a day I get reprieve by hitting tennis balls and trying to forget what is going on. It’s a desperate time and very disorientating. Talk about changing from the inside out. But not a gradual change, a massive destruction and start again…


Dear Erica, thank you for your reply I love talking to other Christians. I live with my elderly Mom who is saved, Don’t see anyone else unless I go to the store for food. I am so sorry for what you are going through. I have unsaved family members too and some who have taken the jab.it’s heartbreaking. I believe the Church of England is much like our Anglican and United Church in Canada. They are in lock step with mandate. I love listening to JD. Are you following the prophecy updates? They are wonderful! I bet Tennis is a great way to work off stress. I used to spend many hours riding my horses before I had a non horse related accident. Now I enjoy walking my dog while singing hymns to God. I visited England 10 years ago to discover my roots. Both of my mom’s parents were born there. I spent time in Jarrow Newcastle South Shields are and berwick. I loved it. I hate to think what is happening to the lovely people I met. Please message me any time. I am always here. God Bless.


Thank you Pastor JD and Calvary Chapel Kaneohe family for this forum!!! And everyone on here! It’s an island of sanity in a whole sea of crazy!!! Happy Anniversary! :tada::heart: