Only by the Hand of God

October 16, 2019 started my revival with the Lord as my dad went to be with the Lord due to throat cancer at the young age of 58. I will start my story from the beginning so you can get a good understanding of who my dad was because without it, my story is incomplete. My dad was born on May the 4th be with you :smile: , however he was prematurely born due to the umbilical cord wrapped around his throat. He suffered some brain damage, and was later compounded at the age of 5 by a traumatic brain injury from a bicycle accident that led to acute blindness. This lead to some learning disabilities through the school years and attributed to anxiety and depression. My dad still did a great job in history and science, sports, and aspired to join the military. However, his child hood included many dark memories of his father who beat him physically and mentally, fought with his mother continually, and his alcoholic fits that led to many threats of life with a weapon.

After graduating high school, my dad decided to not go any further with his education nor join the military. As his depression continued, my dad decided he was going to take his own life by suffocating himself. At his final breaths, he heard a voice tell him not to do it…so he stopped. (Note: at this point in life this was the second time a major crisis happened involving his oxygen supply and throat). My dads history had many dark moments that God used for his good but for the sake of time I will not include them.

But then in 1987 my dad met my mom at an appointed time where both were suffering from traumatic and depressing lives, fell in love and soon got married. Unfortunately, they got divorced after about 5 years. My mom had custody but I could see my dad often. They kept a relationship and he stayed in my life. He would always take me to sports and every car ride sounded like a Proverb written by Solomon himself. My dad would teach me the Gospel of Jesus Christ, speak positive affirmations over me, and give me so much wisdom that I couldn’t stand it. I listened to him though. But he did this because of the way his father treated him and he didn’t want the same with me, and also he knew that the atmosphere at my house was not the best being a single home with 3 kids. My dad wanted a life for me that he never had. He knew he needed to teach me about Jesus because my mom was taking us to a Catholic Church where I was baptized, had communion, and was confirmed. I never took that church seriously because of all my dad taught me. He was thrilled when I finally left and got saved at a youth basketball event with my friends church when I was in 9th grade.

My dad eventually got remarried in October 2010, just 3 months before I got married. About three years later cancer was found on his tongue and he had it cut out. He refused any further treatments, because he has no faith in the medical industry and does not believe that chemo or radiation would have helped. Well, unfortunately, as both my dad and I got married and had new lives around the same time, we did not stay in contact or see each other as often as I would have liked. We talked maybe a couple of times a month, if that, and saw each other a handful of times throughout the year.

Over the years my dad always talked about the rapture, Jan Markell, and many others he watched. He would tell me some of the craziest “conspiracy” updates, prophecy updates, and things that only I could listen to because nobody else would listen to him. Well with all that he was telling me, it was hard for me to believe him so I understood! I thought he was crazy, and so did my wife. I am pretty sure he watched you JD!

Well summer of 2018 rolls around and my dad calls and tells me his tongue is getting worse again. He decided to try to treat it himself with home remedies, and only continued to get worse into 2019. He started to look really sick, and was losing a lot of weight. His tongue was literally disappearing and had open sores in his mouth. August 2019 he got surgery to have more tongue removed. The doctor said he thinks he got it all…Well 2 weeks later they went to review the scan, the cancer proliferated into his lungs, neck, and face. My dads health drastically declined quickly. My dads faith in the Lord was strong and believed that God would heal him. He accepted the fact that it was going to get really bad before it got better. Until the day he went with the Lord he believed that if God was going to heal him, then he would. Well unfortunately but fortunately, I caught up on some time I missed with my dad those final 4 weeks of his life. I was so sad.F My dad was dying, and it was killing me. He was staying strong though despite his inability to eat, the headaches and pain around his mouth and face, and lack of energy.

NOW…if you have read this far already, this is where it all comes together. A week before my dad passed away, he called me and my sister over to talk to us. I knew this was going to be his “goodbye”. He told us he had some news to tell us, and that what he was getting ready to tell us was so dramatic that he wanted us to know that he always loved us. He says to me…”Josh…when I met your mother…she was already pregnant with you…” Did you get that? My dad just told me that he is not my biological father. I just sat there thinking, I cried, but when I left his house that night, the peace that surpasses all understanding entered me. I had no remorse, no hate, no bitterness. It all made sense actually. This was the way it had to be. It reminded me of Psalm 139: 13-18…THIS MAN told my mom that he would raise me as his own. HE CHOSE TO BE MY DAD, when he could have walked away. I could have instead had an entirely different life, but God had something else planned for me.

That divine appointment between him and my mother was just that…divinely put together by the God of heaven and earth. But wait there’s more…come to find out, my mother wasn’t even supposed to have children; according to her doctor she couldn’t!!! I was born next to a 10# tumor on my mother, and this is why they named me “Joshua”, God’s salvation. I now understood that my whole life was a miracle, I had an angel, a man of God, God’s love and grace over me and I failed to fully grasp that, and even took it for granted, until that moment I heard the news by my father, and then my mother. I now understood that if a loving Heavenly Father can give me an earthly father by his grace, a life that wasn’t “supposed to happen” he also gave his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ for me. That was the day I decided that all that I can do is give my life FULLY to God…but I had some catching up to do. My heart has been full of thankfulness unto God, so much that the every time I sit and think on this, I cry to God with thanksgiving. It is beyond words. It is interesting to note that my dad was born by water choking, given a second chance of life after nearly committing suicide by strangulation, shortly was reborn after that, and then was taken by throat cancer, that then woke up the son he chose to be his. Amazing.

If 2019 never happened to me, I don’t think I would have been ready for 2020. When the pandemic hit, I didn’t really understand what was fully going on until somehow I came across your first updates about all that was going on. Then it hit me…all that crazy stuff my dad was telling me, wasn’t crazy after all. It was now coming all to a head and he was right about everything! JD thank you for your prophecy updates. We have been watching you since and we share them to whomever the Lord puts on our mind. Since my eyes opened…by the blood of Jesus…, my wife’s eyes opened, my mother in law (who was lost in Catholicism) got saved, and we have been sounding the alarm, giving out bible tracts, preaching the Gospel to whomever we can, and telling people that Jesus is coming back soon! We are walking with the Lord faithfully now devoting time everyday to Bible Study, prayer and staying up with prophecy updates. Even Our kids (8, 5, and 3) have even been telling their friends, schoolmates, and teachers about Jesus and the rapture!!!

I encourage anyone who reads this to turn away from this world and turn to Christ FULLY. It is impossible to have a foot in the world, and a foot in Christ. That was me, and It just doesn’t work. They are at enmity with eachother! I used to idolize exercise, and was taking my life way too seriously until God woke me up, by his love and grace. I have walked away from this world and the lusts thereof. Life has never made more sense, and I have never been more at peace. I now strive to live my life as an honorable vessel to the Lord, who continues to sanctify me daily.

Galatians 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.


I would like to welcome you to the forum, you have an incredible story. May God bless you on your walk with Him brother.
Warmly Doc


Thank you God’s Salvation. And welcome to our forum. That is a wonderfully powerful and endearing story. Thank you so much for sharing. Such a perfect time for this encouragement. God bless you brother Joshua. :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your story, Joshua. So much of what you say resonates with me as I really work up also this past year. God Bless you and your family.


What a beautiful heartfelt testimony as the true witness of God working ALL thing out for the good AND HIS GLORY.
Thanks for becoming a part of our forum family.
Sincerely in Christ…Vicki


Joshua, crying while I’m reading this… thank you for sharing your beautiful testimony. God bless you, dear brother in Christ, and welcome!


God bless you and your family, Joshua. Thank you so much for reminding us of God’s faithfulness.

Amen, brother. And for me as well. I suspect when we meet in glory every one of us will admit this! Only by the hand of God indeed. :heart:

Giving praise for the fact that we and our brothers and sisters are here, awake and alert, looking up. Maranatha!