Open Heart Surgery

I have AFIB.

I have been dealing with this for a about 4 years now. About 4 years now. Recently I was flown via medi-evacuate heli flight with heart failure to a heart facility for treatment.

Once stable and testing to see all the damage it became
Apparent that surgery was absolutely necessary.

I have a amazing cardio team. Headed by the Good Shepherd Himself.

I need and covet your prayers. Laying in the ICU gives a pause about ones life. Have I lived it to Jesus standard, well done good and faithful servant.

My real recovery will be long and hard, and I can use your prayers. I need prayers for my children and my ex-wife for healing. I Also need prayers frinancially. Thank you brothers and sisters :heart::pray:


Prayers on the way!


Praying for you. So sorry you’re going through this. Call on and trust our Lord Jesus.


I will tell you this. I had a triple bypass back in October of 2015. I was out of the hospital in 4 days and back to full work in less than two months. It does not have to be long and hard. With lots of prayers from family and friends and the will to get moving again, you can shorten your recovery, time. Ignore the early discomfort of walking with a tube in your chest, IV in your arm a on a rolling rack with your O2 bottle and start walking right away. Once the tube comes out, the IV comes out and there is no need for additional O2 keep walking a little more each time. You will be surprised how fast you can recover.

If I could do it anyone can. Now that is barring any complications. I had none. If you have none then chances are good. As you said your chief physician is the Good Shepherd Himself.


Praying for you :heart: M


Praying for your healing and for your family, @Jmurman Jerry. With the Great Physician leading the team, you are in good hands, brother.
May your family use this time to draw closer to the Lord. May those who are in need of a Savior hear the message loud and clear.

In Jesus’ name,




You will be in prayer, brother. Praying as you have requested


Lifting you in prayer this day!

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Thank you

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Much prayers continually for you.


Thank you and prayers sent to you.


Keeping you in prayer :pray::purple_heart:


Welcome to the prayer community, Daniel. :handshake: I am sure you will find it a blessing to belong.


I am praying for you - your physical heart needs surgery and healing, but your spiritual heart is so healthy and beautiful - I was drawn to your thoughts as you lay in ICU - how had you lived for the Savior?, would He say “well done”?Your thoughts reveal your heart for Jesus.:heart:


Praying for a quick recovery and the peace of our Lord to be with you throughout.
Healing prayers for your family
In the might name of Jesus :pray: :heart:

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