Pain in the gut

Good morning everyone. :blush: I’m asking for prayer for both healing and peace of mind. :heart:

Since April I have experienced the most merciless stomach pain. At best it’s a low-grade gut ache…at worst it’s sent me to the ER with nausea beyond belief and pain that makes me run sweat (sorry, that’s really gross :unamused:).

A gastroscope that I had done about two weeks ago showed a hiatal hernia (guessing it’s large and possibly the cause of the pain…?). The surgeon also took biopsies of three different areas along my G.I. tract. I do my best to not borrow trouble but my imagination adores running wild. :sweat_smile: Due to my family history, a biopsy is more of a “thing” than it ought to be.

Anyway, thank you for the prayers. Whatever happens in this life–good or bad–we know Whose we are, and we know the outcome of the next. :heart:


Ever Loving and Merciful Heavenly Father

Lord, we petition You to help Sigrid in her time of health need and we ask that you please heal her of this hernia (along with everything else being tested for at this time). Please revitalize and invigorate Sigrid’s health and let nothing being tested for be an issue within her.

Please bless her heart and mind with peace and calm and not let her worry anymore. Mend her heart, we ask O Lord so she will remain full of joy and not filled with a spirit of fear today, tomorrow, or when she receives the results!

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Praying WITH you, @anon43521308 Sigrid and @Jon. Praying right alongside you. :cherry_blossom::heartpulse::hibiscus:


Had me worried there as I looked to the side and only saw a reflection in the mirror. :smile:


Thanks Grace :hugs::heart:


Loving, Heavenly Father, pour out your healing mercies over and in and all through your beloved daughter, Sigrid, we pray. We know that you love her beyond measure, that nothing she is facing is a surprise to you, and that she is held safely in your hand. You’ve blessed her with another of those Romans 8:28 seasons of life and that you will work this to her good for your glory, even if she can’t see how just now. She loves you so . . . And she is living her life to bless others, Father, so we ask that you would pour out your blessing upon HER! Father, the pain and discomfort. . . Oh, melt it all away, we pray! The news she awaits following medical tests, Father, let it be GOOD news. The calm and peace she longs for as she waits for your deliverance from pain and anguish, let it flow like a river in her and through her and around her. . . Let that peace and calm and comfort be a river that NEVER runs dry. Father, as Jesus encouraged us, may she have all of this and all she needs because we ask, in Jesus’ precious name. And to YOU, we give all glory and honor and praise! IN You, we place our hope and trust, now and forever! Amen :pray:t3::blue_heart:


And the prayer in a song that sang itself in my heart for you today . . . Not sure why . . . But pray it is the Spirit’s whisper to encourage you that there IS great blessing to flow from this trial . . .

Robin Mark “ Lost and Found”



Prayer in a song, take two. . . Also a Robin Mark song . . .” Garments of Praise” May you dance!! for the JOY of the Lord is your strength!!



LOL…@Jon. Be afraid…be very afraid. :joy:

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Also agreeing, Amen.


Praying for you, dear sister Sigrid :heart:


Sorry to hear that. Hernias of any kind are a pain one way or another. I have had one repaired twice now and because of work it is a mess. If they go in now to repair it again I will be out of work for 6 months to give it full time to heal. That is not gonna happen. I don’t have that much leave built up due to the two hernia surgeries and the triple bypass all of which I probably went back to work way to early. So if it is a hernia there are external supports you can used to mediate the pain some. It is something you might look into.

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Amen! Thank you, Brenda. :hugs: And thank you for the songs you shared, too. :heart: I’m reminded of a song I listen to often:

Oh, give me the strength to be able to sing
It is well with my soul

Even If, MercyMe


Dear Sigrid,

Praying for no guts and all Glory.



Oh, I’m sorry to hear of those troubles! @BayouBushi You’ve said elsewhere that you have trouble sitting still so I can’t possibly imagine you have an issue with taking time off…:grin: Appreciate the practical advice. :blush:

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Thanks, Jason. :grin:

Don’t make me laugh too hard or you’ll hurt me. Then it’d be all guts, all gory. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Love that song! Hard to get there sometimes, when we know He is able and we know that He can, but in His sovereignty His answer to our prayers looks so different than what we had hoped. Please forgive me if I’m mistaken, but did I read somewhere here that you are a widow? (I’m reading so much and so many that sometimes I find myself confused about who is who!) . . . If so, I can truly relate. A bit of the backstory. . . My first husband, and the father of my two children passed away suddenly on June 3, 2009. Though is death was totally unexpected, he had been struggling with many health issues for about 8 years, and my prayers long prayed weren’t answered at all in the way I’d hoped. Still, there were many things that happened that gave me great assurance that God had heard all of my prayers and was in control of all things, even though the outcome looked so very different than anything bId hoped or imagined. During the years when my grief seemed it would overwhelm me, I played Robin Mark’s “Garments of Praise” and danced alone before God in my living room. Our God was especially tender and close during that time. . . So . . . That’s especially why I shared that prayer in a song with you . . . Just an assurance that our ABBA, Father is in all of this with you and . . . It’s going to be alright. . . :two_hearts:



Oh, Brenda…my dear heart. :hugs::heart: When the Lord answers our prayers in ways that are unexpected and not at all how we’d hoped, it is so difficult. It’s tempting to throw the whole praise idea out the window! And then lock and bar the door, too. And maybe throw the towel in while we’re at it.

Yes, you are correct–I was widowed nearly eight years ago. In the accident that took my husband’s life, my son also died. I understand your feelings of overwhelming grief. I spent a lot of time with a friend who would talk to me about anything. Literally. It kept me earthbound and mostly sane. :wink: But God, right? :heart:

I join with you in praising God–He was close and very present in that time of trouble. :relaxed: And He continues to be! It was somewhere around 5 A.D. (5 years after death :wink: ) that I found this song that changed my life.

Brenda, may I say that it is very evident that you are still dancing? You are very much in the attitude of praise. :heart: What a wonderful testimony!

Thank you so much for reminding me that He’s still here and that it really is going to be all right…


That’s a beautiful yet hard song. I’ve seen the “love of the world grow cold” in these last days of life as we know (knew) it. I wondered about the love for God growing cold as well or maybe that’s exactly what the scripture is saying. It’s hard to maintain a love and a trust when your life has been derailed, perhaps especially if you lived faithfully to The Lord before. That song sounds like it’s a stone of remembrance for you. I can remember coming to similar forks in the road of my life where I was either going to continue to follow Him or, due to my broken heart, “chuck it.” I never really had a choice because I belonged to Him and here we are today, right!

I can’t deal with medical issues well especially for others. I lost a 2 yr old brother when I was 9 and it traumatized me. Makes me weak in that area now to where I’m not a good nurse. When our kids are sick I’m almost in the fetal position. I am strong enough to pray though and will do so fervently for you and your health issue.
Having just learned of the loss of your husband and son as well, I am still in my heart and it breaks for you. Makes me appreciate you even more, soldier :wink:


Dear Sigrid, Praying for you right now, and joining all here in their beautiful prayers. :heart: I’m so sorry you have been through such painful anguish in your life and health. May all this pain and discomfort to vanish forever, and that you soon hear good news that all is clear and well. May the Lord’s will prevail above all to your joy and rejoicing; leaning on the mighty promises and arms of Jesus. Dear Father God, please bless dear Sigrid with your abundant peace, comfort, and Holy Spirit presence every day, in Jesus name, Amen. :hugs: